The Dreaded Blue Screen – The Sight That Is Unbearable For Computer Users


Most of the computer users would have definitely come across blue screen problem, from where the system becomes unusable without reinstalling the operating system, or by changing the required hardware. Once the blue screen appears, your system will keep rebooting and you will not be able to use it. This problem is a very critical issue, and many users often complain and discuss about it on online forums.

Some of the issues experienced by users related to blue screen are:

In one of the tech forums, an individual posted a comment saying that her laptop was showing blue screen for the last few months while turning it on, and she has no clue about what was happening. It often hung showing a NMI parity check. Even after changing the motherboard, formatting the HDD and updating the BIOS, she is still unable to fix the issue.

  • Another regular computer user pointed out that his laptop keeps rebooting after displaying a blue screen after and there is nothing he can do to stop it. Thus, he keeps his system switched off most of the time.
  • One of the users was also facing similar issue with his Dell laptop. Whenever he tried switching his laptop, he was being prompted with a message stating if he wanted his laptop start normally or in the safe mode. On selecting either of the options the laptop was showed a blue screen with a error message “STOP: 0X000000F4 (0X00000003,0X84BA04D0,0X84BA061C,0X81290330)”. He was not sure about what to do like most of the other users facing similar issue.
  • Some computer users have tried reformatting their hard drive to resolve the blue screen issue. While it may have worked for a few, but it just does not seem to work for others. Obviously it looks like the problem does not just lie with the corrupt OS alone.
  • Some of the people have blue screen issue while working on a particular applications or program. Out of nowhere, their systems showed an error message that the system memory is full, and the computer screen turned blue. Many gamers also faced similar issue while playing. When they removed and placed the laptop battery back, the problem seemed to have resolved on its own, but it did create a doubt about the efficiency of their laptops in their minds.

Effective Solutions:

Many users have tried fixing this problem, while some of them did succeed, others were not so lucky. Those who were able to fix it stated that the problem occurred due to the following reasons, as mentioned below:

  1. RAM is not fitted accurately
  2. Less space in the OS drive
  3. Virus has affected the system

You can try troubleshooting the above mentioned issues, but if you are still unsuccessful, you might want to look for more answers in this link. Hopefully, your computer should be up and running smoothly in a matter of few minutes.

Extra Software Could Be the Reason behind Your Slow PC

It often gets annoying when you are working on something important and your PC slows down. There could be many factors behind this. One of the reasons for your PC slowing down could be installation of extra software. Software requires some amount of memory to get started. Thus, the more number of software you install on your PC the more memory they need.

For an individual who uses computer for most of his jobs might certainly require separate software for each job. This does not imply that he needs all the programs installed by the software. While installing software one must carefully go through the installation process and see which programs are being installed along with the software.

So what is important and what is not?

Most of the software you use, provide you with three options during installation –

  1. To install the complete software
  2. To install the most commonly used programs in the software
  3. To choose the programs you want to install.

It is advisable to choose the third option if you use advanced software as you would have a better idea of which programs you want to install. If you are a new user, the second choice is better as that option installs programs that are commonly needed by new users. The first option is advisable only if you want to study the software or know its complete usage.

Also, software comes with additional programs that you might not need at all. For example, when you download a YouTube downloader, it comes with additional anti-virus software. You do not need this software if you are a typical PC user as you would have advanced anti-virus software already installed on your PC. It is important to take care to check what is getting downloaded along with the software and if it is something you do not need, avoid them.

What if we need all the software that is installed?

There might be times when your PC gets too slow because of installing too much software but you need all of them. A solution to this problem is to increase your RAM memory. Whenever you start any software, it gets loaded onto your RAM memory. Thus, the more software you have, the more RAM memory you need.

You can check the specifications of software installed on your PC and find out the maximum amount of RAM required for the software to run smoothly. If you do not have enough RAM memory for software to run, your PC tends to run slow. Even if you manage to start the software, you cannot use any other application while running that software. If you try to do so, neither of your applications would work and your PC may hang.

For example, Oracle database software requires 1 MB of RAM to get started while a Visual Studio can do with 512 MB. This means that your PC needs minimum 1MB RAM if you are using both of these software. If you try to run Oracle using a 512 MB RAM it won’t work. Anti-virus software that uses powerful scanning tools also requires more RAM memory to scan your PC completely and effectively.

What is Windows Freezing?

Reasons and Solution For Windows Freezing

It is possible for you to avoid computer program, which has ceased functioning simply by pressing these keys “Ctrl+Alt+Del” at the same time. This will start Task Manager which will enable you to close a program simply by clicking end task button. In case you have problem with the software, then you will be able to solve this problem many times by opting this method. If the issue continues, then there might be permanent problems with the hardware or software. In that case, different measures have to be taken for solving the windows freezing problem.

If the software freezes up while opening it, then it might be possible that the programs need update to function properly. To update software there are two options either click the software button in the software or visit the software developer website. Furthermore, if you face the freezing problem just after installing a hardware then just uninstall that particular hardware and see if the issue is still persisting. Defective hardware such as modem, webcam, or video card leads to the computer freezing.

A hardware, which does not have the latest drive updated can also lead to the problem of freezing. You can update the driver of the device simply by driver manager. For updating the driver of the device Click > Start Menu > My Computer > Right Click Properties > Device Manager > Double-Click Device icon > to update right click. If it does not work, you will have to go to the device manufacturer website and get the update from there.

Computer heating up can also lead to freezing. This happens whenever your system temperature goes beyond the requirement of the computer to work. These can be because of the defective processor, dust or issues with the computer fan.

If you have checked all the above mentioned tips and you are still having problem of freezing, then backup all your data and format your computer and install a fresh copy of windows.  Also, remember that it can be because of the defective computer components such as motherboard, RAM, power supply etc. so to proceed with this initially identify the problem and then take the steps to fix this issue.

This problem is among the most irritating problem of the computer. To get rid of this issue you should take the effective steps. According to us, you should keep your PC cool every time, keep it updated with driver update, take out the defective components. For cooling purpose use high-speed fan and CPU heat sink paste, this will keep your processor cool for working efficiently. Clean the registry of computer using software such as Fix it, Registry Mechanic, RegCleaner etc. and tune up for making your computer components clear.

CleanMem To Optimize Or Reduce Windows RAM Memory Usage

Use CleanMem To Optimize Or Reduce Windows RAM Memory Usage

Mostly all of the computer users ask for a solution which could lower or reduce the RAM memory usage in Windows. Even if you have installed much higher amount of RAM been into your computer, the computer makes full use of your RAM memory. However, with comparatively lower price of RAM modules, it makes affordable for you so that you could fill up all of the RAM slots to get even more speed. It helps particularly when you run lots of applications at a time, making your computer too slow and you may feel too sluggish while using PC.

CleanMem is an optimization utility which specifically optimizes cache and memory. It is also termed as memory optimizer or memory cleaner. CleanMem operates with the help of Windows API EmptyWorkingSet and easily instructs Windows OS. By this, it tends to clean all the running programs and processes and removes lots of unnecessary pages (memory) from the set of working programs.

The EmptyWorkingSet cleanup API easily cleans the memory by removing unneeded programs from the used portion of memory. This recovers the memory (because sometimes the memory may not be released due to bad programming) so that this cleared memory gets used for other running programs. By doing so, the paging of the hard disk drive is avoided. If the program has been ‘squeezed’ then it simply requires more memory and extra memory address.

CleanMem could no be used as background process for memory-resident. It does not stay in the system tray (notification area) which could be then used to clean up the memory. Instead of this, this app gets triggered at every 30 minutes by the Task Scheduler. When it gets triggered, you will not get any pop-up window frame and it works silently. When the cleanup process completes, it shuts down automatically and turns on in the interval. So, this app in itself doesn’t tend to utilize any memory space, which is one more plus advantage.

The latest version of CleanMem has been recently released. This edition also clears the system file cache which is available in space of kernel address. The buffer access is used by it and makes the hard drives slower. It makes the mapping of the all the open files under the system cache which is based on the application requests, access patterns and I/O demand. Conversely, when the file system cache develops too large, it )While Get may use cookies to track your visit to Get web sites, and our Web servers automatically log the IP/Internet address of your computer, Get does not generally use this information to identify you personally. surely causes too much paging I/O to disk.


After downloading, the CleanMem could be installed automatically. After installing it will be executed by the Task Scheduler. In the CleanMem, you could also exclude the processes in order to reduce or optimize the RAM usage. To do so, you just have to specify the particular process name in the cleanmem_ignore_list.txt. Otherwise, you could simply select a particular process which you have to clean. Just enter the process names in cleanmem_only_list.txt.

The above two files are installed to

%SystemDrive%\Windows\System32 (for 32-bit OS) or

%SystemDrive%\Windows\SysWow64 (for 64-bit OS)

CleanMem works well with both x64 and x86 versions of Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003, Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008. You will get the CleanMem as ZIP package or an installer for manual or portable installation procedure. The setup installer of CleanMem automatically installs the only list and ignore list with the installation process. It also automatically configures the Task Scheduler in order to execute in every 30 minutes automatically.

ZIP package includes all the CleanMem configuration files, batch command scripts, and executables and Task objects for Task Scheduler. However, if required, you have to manually install them afterwards. CleanMem.exe is able to execute separately with no extras at all. It could be also execute with thumbdrive, flash USB drive, DVD, CD or with the help of networks. Use the following links to download the CleanMem utility.

• CleanMem v1.4.2 Installer: cleanmem_v1.4.2_setup.exe

• CleanMem v1.4.2 ZIP:

Techniques To Install Windows 7, Server 2008 Or Vista On A System Having RAM Less Than 512MB

Techniques To Install Windows 7, Server 2008 Or Vista On A System Having RAM Less Than 512MB

You might be aware that most of the recently released Microsoft Windows operating systems require your system to have some precise specifications before you try to install them. Sufficient RAM (512 MB or more) is once such key specification necessary for installing recent Windows OS such as Windows 7, Server 2008 and Vista on your PC.

In order to ensure quicker system operation, the official requirement of RAM is 1 GB. However, if the RAM in your PC is less than 512MB, the setup wizard will not allow going through the setup process and if the RAM is less than 1GB you won’t be able to continue the setup process.

While the installation process is on, setup file verifies the system requirements. If your PC does not meet the necessary requirements, the setup wizard will stop, thereby stopping the installation process. It will show the below mentioned error message.

Windows detected that this computer has <YOUR RAM SIZE> MB of RAM, but 512 MB is required for installation. Installation cannot proceed

This happens as these recent Windows OS consume a lot of system resources. If your system doesn’t possess enough memory to perform certain system tasks, it may lead to system slow down, halt or freeze. Although having sufficient RAM is a technical requirement, it is possible that you install Windows 7, Vista and Server 2008 on a PC with RAM less than 512MB.

You may use any of the below mentioned techniques.

Technique 1: Add Physical RAM to make it at least 384 MB

Although it is said that Windows 7, Vista and Server 2008 require at least 512MB of RAM for proceeding with the installation process, technically they consume only 384MB of RAM for running the setup procedure.

For instance, if the RAM of your system is 256MB, you approximately need another 130 MB memory to meet the minimum requirement. In such a case, you can add a physical RAM into the RAM slot. If you happen to use a virtual machine, simply increase the limit of allocated RAM to make it 384MB.

Technique 2: Increase Memory during Installation by adding Memory Stick

You need to make the necessary changes in your system specifications in order to meet the basic requirements while trying to install Windows 7, Vista and Server 2008. If you use a virtual machine, use this brilliant trick so as to run the installation procedure without showing the low memory error message.

You need to simply increase the virtual or physical memory of your PC to 512MB by making use of a memory stick. The moment RAM becomes 512MB, run the setup and complete the installation procedure. Once you have installed Windows 7, Server 2008 or Vista on your system, you may take out the memory stick to get the RAM back to original level.

Technique 3: Use a winsetup.dll Patch

winsetup.dll is the file that verifies your system memory. It is present in ISO images or DVD disc. This file basically gets activated at the beginning of the installation procedure and checks for the necessary system requirements. You may patch this file so as to bypass or avoid this memory check during installation process of Windows 7, Server 2008 or Vista.

You need to follow the below mentioned steps in order to path the file “winsetup.dll”.

  • Firstly, you need to copy the contents of the DVD or extract the DVD ISO image contents to your hard disk drive.
  • Then, download AptEdit Pro, a HEX editor and install it along with the HEX Editor plugin.
  • Locate the file “winsetup.dll” within the installation files that you had copied and open it using HEX editor.
  • Within the file, look for the below mentioned HEX string:


  • Once you find it, replace it with the below mentioned HEX string:


  • Save the changes made to the file.
  • Now, run the file “setup.exe” and you will notice that the installation process proceeds without showing any error message.
  • Incase you wish to use bootable DVD to start the installation process, you may simply replace the file “winsetup.dll” within the ISO with the patched “winsetup.dll” file and copy the ISO to the DVD.

Few Tips To Make Your Computer’s Booting Time Faster

Few Tips To Make Your Computer’s Booting Time Faster

With age the OS and RAM in our computers get old and take time getting started. This extra time becomes longer and longer and it can be very frustrating. There are certain things that you can perform to make your PC faster and working efficiently.

One thing you need to remember is that a computer’s performance depends on may factors. If we can modify the factors, then the computer’s rebooting time can be made faster.

Firstly you need to remove all the programs in your computer/ laptop that you do not require. It is no use cluttering the memory space of your computer with unnecessary things. So it is better to remove the unused applications by uninstalling them.

You also need to use the updated versions of Antivirus. Sometimes we forget to update them and think that they are working their best. If you do not do this, then your computer will get malwares and the booting time slows down considerably.

Many Operating systems are slower than others. Windows Vista is a grade better than Windows XP in style and certain features. However it has a slower rebooting time than XP. Well you cannot change that so be careful of which OS you are purchasing.

One more thing that shall help making your rebooting time faster is keeping your registry files cleaned. If you do not perform this, you will notice that your PC also behaves weirdly. Therefore, you need to get a good and strong registry editor for your PC. One of the good ones in the market is the Registry Victor. It comes highly recommended.

With these simple steps you can make your computer working efficiently and the rebooting time faster. These extra technical modifications require no extra expenditure and works well.

Use RAMRush To Free Up RAM And Optimize Memory

Use RAMRush To Free Up RAM And Optimize Memory

Random Access Memory (RAM) or the working memory of your computer preserves the operating system, data and applications that are currently in use to allow easy access to the PC’s processor. Data can be much easily read and written to the RAM as compared to various other storage types in a PC.

However, when you run too many processes or applications simultaneously, the RAM gets overloaded thereby affecting the performance of your PC or even causing it to crash. In order to enhance the performance of your PC’s RAM, you need to use a good memory management tool. RAMRush is one such useful utility that efficiently optimizes the memory usage in order to improve system efficiency.

RAMRush intelligently frees up your computer’s physical RAM so as to increase the availability of memory. Running RAMRush periodically saves your system from frequent crashes that occur due to memory problems. This memory management tool also removes memory leaks and defragments your system’s RAM thereby improving system performance.

After you have downloaded and installed RAMRush on your PC, it will appear in your system tray. You just need to move your mouse pointer over the tray icon and it will show RAM and CPU real-time usage, free memory space and last optimize time. You may double-click on the RAMRush icon in the system tray, click on the option “Start Optimize” or press the Ctrl+Alt+O hotkeys.

You can easily download RAMRush from Here free of cost. It works well with Windows Operating System like Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000/2003/2008, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. Before installing this tool you need to make sure that your PC has a disk space of at least 1MB and 5MB – 8MB of RAM.

In case you have a Windows 98 or Windows ME OS, GDIPLUS.DLL needs to be available on your PC.

AVADirect Nano Cube – Compact, Powerful And Reasonable – Perfect For Gaming

Here is the AVADirect Nano Cube, a personal gaming computer, assuring you high quality functioning. It contains some reasonable hardware qualities and one of the first mini ITX gaming systems that was released. It consists of hardware that goes from dual channel memory to the latest processors.

Let’s see what its unique features are, even with its compact size:-

  • Form Factor – Prior mention has been made that this is a Small Form Factor PC[SFF PC] measuring upto 8.7” X 5.1” X 13” only. Good things do come in small packages, but it is also attached with few drawbacks.
  • Processor – Users of AVADirect Nano Cube can choose between the Intel Core i7 or Core i5 LGA1156 processors. It is the i5 processor which has the default configuration, but you can opt for the upgraded one containing the i7 processor.
  • RAM[Memory] – It supports RAM upto 8GB and the default option is 2GB from Kingston. For a better performance, it is always wise to choose 4GB of RAM.
  • Graphics Card – All kinds of graphic cards, inclusive of ATI and NVIDIA are supported by AVADirect Nano Cube. The users has the choice o f selecting any card like the GeForce GT220; NVIDIA GeForce GT x 260; the NVIDIA GeForce GT 240; or the ATI Radeon TM HD 4200 graphic cards.
  • Storage – This cube is accommodative with 2TB hard drives. Here the default configuration will fetch you only a 320 GB hard disk.
  • Optical Media and Blu-Ray – It comes with a dual layer DVD burner, but it is your choice if you want to choose an upgraded option, adding Blu-Ray compatibility to your desktop.
  • Price – It is priced at $821, but with the addition of some upgrade options, hard disk Blu-ray support and much more, the price touches $1700.
  • Warranty – It has a 1 year warranty on labour and parts.
  • Now to talk of its drawbacks – There is no doubt that this small factor desktop gaming PC is quite advantageous with its great features, bit it is not all satisfying, mainly because there is no fire wire port available with this case. Also, a point noteworthy is that there is problem with Fan Wiring and Noise, maybe due to the crammed up space and internal wiring.

The Cube can be altered and designed to suit the user’s needs and the AVA technicians are well versed in bringing about such alterations. But that is only if your intentions are to satisfy your gaming needs. Therefore it is not very helpful for home users. Like we say, looks may be deceptive; the desktop may not look very attractive, but sure offers many facilities.

You may find other gaming options but this mini gaming console AVADirect Nano Cube has earned a great fan club for itself. To put it in other words, this gaming PC integrates the power of a gaming notebook at the price and value of a desktop and thereby bringing to you the benefits of both worlds.

It is handy/portable enough to easily be carried to any friends house or a party, but powerful all the same, enough to mesmerize your friends and win the game. Small in size no doubt, but big in features. It has options for wireless-N network and all the current technology like Blu-ray and amazing large 2TB hard drives.

In order to obtain best results, opt for a solid state disk SSD for the quickest read/write speeds of any hard drive. But change is always welcome, and alterations can be made accordingly!

Get Free Genuine License Key Of SpeedUpMyPC 2009 With 1 Year Validity

Get Free Genuine License Key Of SpeedUpMyPC 2009 With 1 Year Validity

SpeedUpMyPC 2009 by UniBlue is the speed-up software that possesses a selection of advanced level tools which help in optimizing the performance of your computer system and cleaning up the hard disk. This speed-up utility also comes with tools that protect the privacy of your system.

SpeedUpMyPC 2009 efficiently monitors you PC and scans it thoroughly in order to correct any issues related to slowing down of startup process and overall operation. It automatically scans, cleans and optimizes your system settings, disk clutter, internet usage, CPU and RAM to ensure peak performance.

SpeedUpMyPC 2009 finds and deletes obsolete or unnecessary files in order to reduce cluttering of the hard disk. With the help of SpeedUpMyPC 2009, you may also optimize internet connections and user network for boosting the bandwidth which in turn offers quicker downloads and faster surfing.

Key Features of SpeedUpMyPC 2009:

  • Helps you in pulling out a better performance from your system.
  • Allows you to Maximize Internet settings in order to facilitate faster browsing.
  • Offers enhanced Privacy and Security features
  • Provides you with a detailed metrics on the performance of your system.
  • Offers automatic cleanup and optimization.
  • Possesses a Quarantine manager.
  • Provides CPU profile management.
  • Allows you to undo any changes with its recovery center.
  • Gives you a System Overview and offers Recommendations.
  • Performs an Automatic Performance Scan.
  • Comes with specialized GUI features.
  • Is simple, secure and trusted.
  • Offers LiveUpdate feature.
  • Requires Microsoft .NET framework version 3.5 installed on your system.
  • Works well on Windows Vista (32-bit) and Windows XP.

In case you have failed to get the free serial number for SpeedUpMyPC 2009, you need not worry as you can install this useful utility software with a genuine license that is been offered free of charge for 1 year. With this license you get Active Protection (product support and upgrades) free for one year.

SpeedUpMyPC 2009 is actually priced at $29.95. You can however, go for a 30-days trial version. To have genuine and free license of SpeedUpMyPC 2009 for 365 days, you need to follow the below mentioned steps.

  • Visit the URL and register so as to generate your license key.
  • You need to fill in the details such as name and email ID into the online form and click on the button submit.
  • You will then receive an email with all the necessary information on the email ID that you just provided. The information will contain the download link, serial number which would be valid for 1 year and the instructions for installing the software. Just copy the key provided and save it at a different location.
  • Click on the download link to download SpeedUpMyPC 2009 and install it.
  • Once the installation process is over, the software will ask you to register using the license key.
  • Now, click on the button “Register Now” which appears at the button left corner of the window. You will see the registration screen.
  • Within the Registration screen, enter the license key provided in the email which you have saved in step no. 3. Click on the button “Activate Now”.
  • The software will prompt you saying that the PC will be restarted for it to be fully functional.
  • You need to simply click on the button “Finish” to complete the registration of license key.

Now that you have followed the above mentioned procedure, you will be allowed to run genuine license of SpeedUpMyPC 2009 for one year.

The Technology Behind Restarting Computers

The Technology Behind Restarting Computers


Shutting down and restarting computers is the most common application of any computer. Understanding the process of shutting down computers is pretty simple. Each one of us are habituated with this process in our home theatre systems, television sets etc. The process of restarting a computer is one which needs some thinking.

How does it manage to shut down all its running applications before getting shut down, then disconnecting the motherboard and the most curious part is that how does it manage to restart all its applications again all by itself.

It might be sounding like a maze, but the answer is not that confusing. Whenever we click the Restart command or press the restart button, the O.S shuts down all running and active programs. This is done in order to make its RAM free.


After regaining all the resources of the RAM, the OS issues a message command to its CPU in order to make the BIOS to take over and control over the booting process. BIOS load the first five hundred and twelve bytes of the detected device and then jumps to the boot loader before restarting the machine.

It is a misconception that shut down is a safer process, but the above explanation shows that the process of restarting is much simpler and safer.