Alternative Software For Borland Delphi

Alternative Software For Borland Delphi

Borland Delphi is a RAD IDE from Embarcadero. Using Delphi, users can develop ultra-rich and ultra fast applications for Windows platform. For example, have you heard about Skype? If you did not know, then Skype was built using Borland Delphi.

If you’ve used Skype, then you know how quick it is and how effectively it works.

This is the advantage of using RAD’s. Developers can build applications in much shorter time, as the coding time will be reduced. Delphi claims that your development increases as much as 5 times, from that if you had resort to the component-based development route.

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List of alternative software for Borland Delphi

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Free Data Management Application For Linux / Unix – Like Microsoft Access

Kexi is a Rapid Application Development (RAD) tool used for development involving databases. It can be used for designing forms to create, modify and manipulate your data in the same way as any other full featured application will do. Essentially Kexi creates a comprehensive environment for managing and manipulating data.

Kexi has its own database engine embedded inside and all that you create such as forms, queries and tables are stored in this database. Kexi is compatible with other popular databases such as MS Access from which the files can be imported and exported.

Being an open source software Kexi functions perfectly well with Unix, Windows and Linux platforms while MAC OS X version is scheduled to be released soon works with Fink. Kexi is a part of the Koffice suite, but can be installed and used independently without installing the other components of the suite. However you must install version 3.2 of KDE libraries and their development environment for proper functioning of Kexi.

It is also important to install the full version of Kexi in order to ensure that you get proper error reports. The latest release of Kexi has several improvements such as previewing the image within simple print out and the creation of a “Find” window that works within basic functions such as form views, query and tables.

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