Download iBook Version For Your Apple Device

Latest iBook Version 1.2.2 Is Available to Download

Unarguably, iPhone users use iBook app to read e-books on their Smartphone devices. The iBook is the best ever app for iPhone users, but recently it has been updated to the latest version 1.2.2 with several other advanced features and operational performance. Apart from the performance enhancements, it allows users to play videos incorporated with iBook from the iBookstore.

Ultimately, the font size display problem is fixed and the application responds more instantly than before. Users can easily navigate to the numerous iBooks from the table of contents, which you can directly download it from the Apps store.

Our Opinion

There are several other applications available in the market that allows users to access the iBooks instantly from their iPhone such as iOS kindle app and Barnes & Noble NOOK app to read eBooks. All these eBooks reading apps are well designed and are developed to support iOS platform. Thus, you can download and install them on your device to enjoy the eBook reading without any interruption.

Learn Hacking Tricks By Reading “The Secrets Of Hacking” Book

Learn Hacking Tricks By Reading “The Secrets Of Hacking” Book

It is an arguable issue if hacking is ethical or not. However many people truly believe that hacking is an immoral activity and the people conducting in it should be punished.

On the other hand some experts mention that hacking is not such an immoral activity. It depends on the individuals on how they use hacking tricks. Hacking is not immoral but use of hacking in a destructive manner is immoral. However it is still issue of debate.

Hacking can be used in both ways either constructive or destructive. Many people use hacking to defend themselves from being hacked. Therefore it is very important that you must know hacking tricks work in order to protect yourself, your mail accounts or websites from the evil eyes. There are many books and online books available that claim to teach you hacking tricks but not all of them live up to their promises.

You need to know hacking tricks from basic i.e. A to Z of hacking tricks. There should be a hacking tool kit which contains every thing related to hacking. However before having this book you need to keep one thing in your mind firmly, and that is you must never use hacking tricks illegally. There is a book named “The Secrets of Hacking” which contains every thing about hacking. There is a terminology in hacking ethical hacking. Here you will learn about ethical hacking tricks only.

This book will help you realize all the loop holes, and once you are aware of the techniques, you will be in a better position to understand the vulnerability and hence protect yourself from being vulnerable to hacks.

Find the book here

You will get tricks to protect your email addresses and websites from being hacked. This book is a package of tutorials. You will get two DVDs of tutorial guides. There is 1400 security tools i.e. setup files of security tools with 200+ hacking tutorials e-books.

You will get to understand these following points in elaborate manner

  • Introduction of real hacking
  • Hacking tricks to hack windows
  • Password hacking
  • E-mail hacking
  • Website defacement & Domain hacking
  • Computer and mobile hacking

Few Key features of this toolkit

  • How hackers get access your gmail,yahoo email accounts
  • How to hack windows, Linux etc
  • How to hack computer remotely through ports
  • How net-banking passwords and credit card passwords get hacked
  • How hackers get access to any restricted websites

These points pinpoint that this toolkit is the best tutorial ever regarding hacking tricks.

Reading Or Sending Gmail From The Desktop Of Windows

Reading Or Sending Gmail From The Desktop Of Windows

After waiting for a long time, Google, the world’s giant search engine is finally ready for bringing Gmail to desktop. The credit goes to the effort by the gadgets team of Google Desktop that add new and much anticipated gadget that allows users of Google Desktop to check the Gmail accounts by not having to access the Gmail site.

The new introduced gadget is able to allow the users to read, to star message, search, and send the mail straight from the Google Desktop. Additionally, it offers other useful features such as keyboard shortcuts, contact auto-complete, multiple account, etc which provides the user with a friendly environment. Free Download Here

Savory In Amazon Kindle 2 To Read And Convert PDF And Epub Files

Savory In Amazon Kindle 2 To Read And Convert PDF And Epub Files

The latest Kindle 2 is one of the most popular e-reading devices with which you could read e-books (electronic books) from Amazon. This latest Amazon Kindle 2 works well with TXT, Audible (Audible Enhanced (AAX) and formats 4), DRM-restricted Kindle (AZW), unprotected MOBI, PRC, MP3, PDF, DOC, HTML, JPEG, PNG, GIF and BMP file formats. An extra support for the PDF files could be gained by a difficult email-conversion, whereas the ePub does not support such conversion.

Jesse Vincent, user of Kindle 2 has created a software program namely, Savory for Kindle 2. It natively runs on Kindle with which you could convert .epub and .pdf files into .mobi file format. This .mobi file format is supported by ebook reader in Kindle 2. In addition, Savory can easily execute conversion of various file formats itself with Amazon Kindle. So that, owners of Kindle 2 device don’t have to convert ePubs and PDFs manually via desktop or web-based tools. They can now download e-books into Kindle 2 directly by using 3G or WhisperNet.

The limitation of Savory is that, it only supports the Amazon Kindle 2 device. It does not supports Amazon Kindle 1 device at all. Moreover, the ePub and PDF ebooks should not be locked and they should be DRM-free. Savory unable to transcode and convert license and DRM restricted ePub or PDF files to the insecure MobiPocket format.

Once finished the installation of Savory, the browser of Kindle 2 gets configured and it will be automatically allowed to download ePub documents and PDF (containing picture-perfect capability) files. Savory verifies the ‘Documents’ directory for latest having extensions like ‘.epub’ and ‘.pdf’ and to do so, it runs a small program. When such file is noticed, Savory runs program for open-source file conversion termed as Calibre. This program converts such documents into MobiPocket format.


You could install Savory into your Kindle 2 device.

  • First of all, download and extract it.
  • Connect your Kindle2 to computer via USB.
  • Now, merely drag savory-image.ext3 file into the “system” folder in Kindle2 device.
  • You should also download and apply Kindle Update namely update_Savory-0.06.bin. To update copy the update file into root directory.
  • After copying update file, disconnect Kindle from PC. Go to “Menu” then “Settings” and then “Menu”.
  • Later, just click on “Update Your Kindle”.