Google Chrome Now With Real Player

Google Chrome Now With Real Player

Google chrome is lagging way behind in the world of browsers quite some time. Only for the enhancing their market share, they are tying up with the Real Player Network to provide them with installation bundle.

The market share goes like this:

  • Mozilla Firefox – 45.5%
  • Internet Explorer 7 – 25.7%
  • Internet Explorer 6 – 18.5%
  • Google Chrome – 3.9%
  • Safari – 3.0%
  • Opera – 2.3%
  • Internet Explorer 8 – 0.6% 

When you are going to install any product of Real Network, you will be asked to install Google Chrome. It is not at all compulsory to click on Yes, as you may also choose to take on No. It is entirely at your discretion, and it will not affect your installation in any way.


This idea is already been adopted by Yahoo in the past. You may have noticed that on installing any specific third party software, you are prompted to install a Yahoo toolbar or something. It has been a great success for Yahoo. Let’s see how Google gets benefited with this.

Use Different Media Players To Play Lyrics And Song Simultaneously

Use Different Media Players To Play Lyrics And Song Simultaneously

Use MiniLyrics to run and play lyrics and songs at the same time in two different media players. Its features are mentioned as below:

  • It is works with 21 different media players and some of them are windows media player, iTunes, Real Player, JukeBox, Winamp, Jet Audio, VLC Player and many more.
  • As soon as the song starts playing, the lyric is displayed automatically.
  • Although, it is a trial version but it never expires.
  • Lots of customized skins are available for free.
  • It has got a huge database or collection of Hindi and English song lyrics.
  • It automatically searches for the lyrics of the song being played and also gets downloaded automatically.
  • The synchronization between the lyrics and song is really smooth.

  • Last but not the least, it runs on windows 7, vista, XP, 2003, 2000, ME and even Windows 98.

Download RealPlayer For Free – Direct Link

RealPlayer 11 is an improvement on the earlier version RealPlayer 10 with reference to some of the features like the facility to have your own playlists and the provision to burn the CDs and DVDs with the downloaded music or video. The player is compatible with most of the devices available in the market and works with almost every format in which an audio or a video has been recorded.

The player comes in two version, one is a freely downloadable and the other is at a price. The facilities available are almost the same except for a better equalizer and the media writing capability in the paid version of the software. For all practical purposes the free version is more than sufficient and one may feel that there is not enough stuff to justify the pricing for the paid version.

The RealPlayer 11 makes itself as the default player and gives a facility for instant downloading when you are browsing the sites for audio or video contents. While this feature gives a useful down loading option, some may feel constrained that they are not allowed to use their favorite player.

The RealPlayer 11 is one of the best options to enjoy video and audio contents of high quality in almost all the formats in the world. On the flip side, the installation is a little difficult making the user to select too many options some of which may not be relevant at all. It may not work with some of the older windows versions.

The general recommendation is to go for the free version which is good enough for almost all purposes.

[ Download Free Version Of RealPlayer ]