Scan Hardware Drivers that cause Windows Reboot Suddenly with WhoCrashed

Scan Hardware Drivers that cause Windows Reboot Suddenly with WhoCrashed

Whenever you experience some problem in which your computer displays the windows reboot automatically all of a sudden. At that moment you need to analysis the reason or cause of that problem. Probably the problem problems could have been caused due to the malfunctioned hardware drivers or kernels.

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You can scan it with the WhoCrashed tool. WhoCrashed is a tool that analysis and scan all malfunctioned hardware drivers which are causing that problem at single click. In layman language this tool scans thoroughly your computer and presents all gathered information and details.

This tool relies on windows debugging package. If it is not installed in your computer WhoCrashed will download it automatically. Normally, debugging files are responsible for scanning all crashed and malfunctioned drivers.

However, WhoCrashed can scan thoroughly your computer without having debugging files. It does not require debugging files. All you need is to install this tool in your computer. You can download it here.

Once you installed it you will enable to handle your computer all malfunctioning problems on your own. Once you get notified about the cause of the malfunctioning, you can resolve the problem by selecting best solution for that problem.

Get rid of Irritating Notifications of Reboot after Upgrading Window

Get rid of Irritating Notifications of Reboot after Upgrading Window

Microsoft windows operating system has a very useful feature of upgrading windows Operating System automatically to enhance its performance and efficiency. However once you upgrade your windows operating systems it will start notify you to reboot your system now and then.

This notification message becomes very annoying in some case especially when you are working your important task on computer. These pop ups will be appear on your screen within timely intervals.

However there are two approaches to fix this problem. You just need to follow one of them at a time.


Disable Temporarily – Using Run Command

  • Initially go to Start> Run> type “net stop wuauserv”> Click on Enter option.
  • This command will disable windows updating until next system reboot.
  • That’s it you have completed this task.


Disable Permanently – Using Group Policy

  • Navigate to Start> Run> type gpedit.msc> press Enter button.
  • Now group policy editor will be opened.
  • Navigate to Computer Configuration> Administrative Templates> Windows Components> Windows Update.
  • Now double click on “No auto-start with logged on users for scheduled automatic updates installations” then enable this option.
  • Save this settings and exit from the Microsoft group policy administration window.
  • You have completed this task.