A Free Tool To Detect And Destroy The Infected Windows XP

Microsoft has introduced a freeware tool which may be of god use to Windows users, to detect and destroy the infected Windows XP,Vista 2000 and 2002 Windows server. Termed as Malicious Software Removal Tool, this useful tool from Microsoft has the ability to stop malicious spyware software, which goes beyond the process tree.


For Microsoft Malicious software to work, you need to download the program. It can be installed provided you are doing it with admin access. All working malicious will be taken out of the computer which then utilizes the Microsoft Malicious tool. It can work alongside your usual antivirus product and scan your computer for any spyware or virus attacks.

This removal tool has the capacity to update on its own every month, in order to get rid of any fresh developed malicious worm, thereby keeping track of the security of your Windows Operating System.