Tips to Search and Erase Music/Movies Duplicates On iTunes

Tips to Search and Erase Music/Movies Duplicates On iTunes

Apple iPad/ iPhone is at developing trend being an overall multimedia mobile device. So that as you store a growing number of media data files such as music and also movies in it through various media sources, your iTunes library can become unpleasant with some duplicate files that might take up your hard disk place unnecessarily. Should you wonder the way to course as well as remove them from a database, here are a few easy steps that one could stick to make it happen.

First, start iTunes. On the still left pane beneath Library, click either Movies or If there is one thing that can easily and naturally help you to Natural Detox Drink your body, it’s definitely water. even Music in which you imagine the duplicate copies may possibly exist.

Next, navigate to file menu and through the dropdown cascading menu, click on show Duplicates and it starts researching the entire database as well as filter out of duplicate copies for even more action.

As an alternative, press Shift button although holding that straight down, repeat again step 2.will allow users to be able to select Show Exact Duplicates which could precisely limit the research just in case you have too enormous listings even with attempted within step 2.

Now, cautiously compare the Name, Some time and whatever information as soon as you are sure that they are duplicated, highlights your databases then Remove option press will be sending these to recycle bin.

When completed, click on the ‘Show All’ button at the bottom from the page provides the particular show back to complete list.

Download Safe’n’Sec Personal to Remove Malware with One year Registration for free

Download Safe’n’Sec Personal to Remove Malware with One year Registration for free

Safe’n’Sec is one of the amazing anti-spyware software program, which is able to provide users complete solution of security to protect against the threats of Trojan, Malware and Viruses etc. This extensive protection software is developed to perform Microsoft Security Essentials along with other security applications to provide thorough defense for computer. Safe’n’Sec has a entirely different methodology by preserving user’s system in a “Known Good” phase instead of discovering and overcoming individual dangers. This methodology implies that a user does not have to depend on regular updates to maintain their PC virus free, and they will not reduce system overall performance to resource intensive scanning activities.

Safe’n’Sec provides the user assurance towards harmful activities and safeguards them against potential risk such as:

Internet worms, virus, and Trojan horses – Harmful programs contaminating or eradicating user data.
Spyware – Programs, which forwards information from out of your computer to a third party without having users’ permission.
Rootkits – Programs covering the existence of intruders or destructive codes on your PC.
Keyloggers – Those programs who monitors the shadow of the operations of your computer, while working on them. This is called prohibited off-site control.
Private data, credit card number leakage and passwords.
Exploits.exe files triggers malfunctioning operation on your PC such as software attempting to install confidentially on your PC.

If you want to buy Safe’n’Sec usually, it will cost you $14.95. If a user does not want to spend the money to acquire this then they can get the complimentary copy of Safe’n’Sec along with one year registration code, with the special promotion offer by Avanquest. To grab the special promotional offer, you can follows the below mentioned steps.

Go to Promotional Sites and register names, email etc.
After filling the required information you just have to click “Proceed and receive your serial code” button to proceed.
After that, you will be redirected to new page containing valid registration code.

Download  Safe’n’Sec

Auto Advance Feature of Gmail for Effective Email Archiving or Removal

Auto Advance Feature of Gmail for Effective Email Archiving or Removal

Usually Gmail goes back to your Inbox once you have done with email removal

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or archive, which is not successful particularly when it involves multiple emails processing. Consider, how you can successfully archive or remove emails in Gmail without having to shuttle in between inbox? With “Auto-Advance” function from googlemail lab, it is possible to enable the function according to your usage and preference.

From your Googlemail account (assume that you have logged in) go to the setting, which is positioned at the upper right corner of your screen.
Then go to select Labs, and scroll downward to Auto-Advance. To enable this feature click the enable button. Now to save the settings click “save setting.”
Now once again access the setting, within General tab, browse to “Auto-Advance” and then select the desired setting. For example, users can easily alter it to next(newer) or previous(older) conversation.

Use PDF Unlocker To Decrypt Password Protected PDF Files And Remove Restrictions

Use PDF Unlocker To Decrypt Password Protected PDF Files And Remove Restrictions

It is widely accepted that the PDF is a best format which can be used to distribute and display documents. The PDF file format keeps the originality and quality of the documents so that it is now been used by lots of people. Today, you’ll find plenty of professional manuals, tutorials, papers; ebooks and etc over the internet in the PDF format. You could easily download these files and read them with appropriate viewer program like Adobe reader.

However, sometimes you may have face problems while copying or printing texts which are in the PDF document. The downloaded PDF files may prevent you from doing so. Now, here is a simple trick which could help you to unlock the restricted PDF file. Mostly, the original author of each PDF file tends to encrypt and impose the file along with some restrictions which is responsible to prevent you from editing, modifying, printing, copying and etc.

You’ll find couple of standard encryption techniques which are also treated as security measures for the PDF file formats. If you are PDF owner then you could select to secure your PDF file by simply applying “owner password” or “user password”. When you protect your own PDF file with password then no one can modify the protected PDF file even you could prevent it from opening. If you would like to just impose some of the restrictions such as disable copying, printing, editing of text content, you could simply place an owner password for it. By doing so, you could also disable modifications for the graphics.

The PDF files protected by the ‘owner’ as well as ‘user’ passwords are quite difficult to crack and you could use force open for these files. However, if you are still stuck with such problem then there are lots of useful applications which can help you out of this problem. Mostly, in such situations the PDF unlocker shareware is the best solution. PDF Unlocker is very useful and absolutely free tool with which you could crack the PDF file which are password protected.

After installing this tool on you system, a small icon of PDF Unlocker will be created on the desktop. What you exactly have to do is, only drag the password protected PDF file to the icon of PDF Unlocker. Immediately the software application proficiently decrypts the password of the owner and removes all the restrictions imposed. After that, you will get the new unrestricted copy of the PDF file. You will then modify, copy, print and etc without even recognizing the password.

You will find unlocking of the restriction that imposed by the ‘user’ password quite tricky. If you would like to remove the password of user of the PDF file, you just have to right click once on the link “Remove PDF Password” and then select “Edit”. Now, you have to use the actual open password of the file straightly next to the prefix ‘-sPDFPassword=’, use it without quotes. Finally close and save the password removed PDF file. This PDF Unlocker tool is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download PDF Unlocker

Use Freeraser To Easily Shred And Erase All Your Confidential Files Permanently

Use Freeraser To Easily Shred And Erase All Your Confidential Files Permanently

Basically, when you delete any files or folders from you computer, they gets transferred into recycle bin temporarily. To remove them from recycle bin, you have to select option such as “remove files immediately when deleted” or you have to use the “Shift-Del” key combination. You get relaxed after removing all of your sensitive data when you make your recycle bin totally empty. You are WRONG! When you clear your recycle bin wholly then doesn’t means that the data is removed permanently. Temporarily, the system moves all the files and tends to place them into the hidden folder and after that it renames all the files.

All such files and folders are stored into the hidden index file named as INFO2. These files obviously could not be recovered by the Windows OS still the contents remains in the hard drive. Only, they can be completely removed when the particular part of the disk space occupied by then gets overwritten with some other files. If you need to delete some of the highly personal and confidential files, it will be better to use one of the safe deletion programs like Freeraser. Freeraser application removes files completely fro your computer system.

This tool is quite different from other deletion tools. Freeraser is absolutely free to use and you select either for portable/standalone or standard installation. If you use some f the portable devices such as a pen drive frequently to transfer your confidential data, then you could select to install a free program it. By this, you could get plus-point of this tool to delete the data permanently.

This is a great “Shredder” application which executes many data overwriting processes with your files previous to removing them from your system. Due to this, your confidential and sensitive data gets disappeared and shredded entirely. It will prompt you to select the installation mode during the installation process. You could choose Standard or Portable installation mode.

After completing the installation process, a trash bin will be located on the desktop for temporary use. You could easily adjust and resize the transparency according to your own preference. To do so, just right click and open the shortcut menu.

Simply, by dragging and dropping the particular file into trash bin will result into the deletion of that file. A warning notice will be prompted in which you have to confirm and then your data will be deleted permanently.

 After placing the specific file in the trash bin, the specific data file will be removed permanently. Freeraser gives three demolition styles with which you could select your preferred way for removal process.

• A quick destruction (normal 1-round filling of casual information)
• A forced removal (standard DoD 5220.22M of 3 rounds filling)
• An eventual destruction (Guttman algorithm is used for 35 rounds of filling data).

Depending upon the confidentiality and sensitivity of the particular data, you are totally free to choose your preferred destruction style.

Remove Data from your Computers securely so that No One can restore it

Remove Data from your Computers securely so that No One can restore it

Removing data from your computer by pressing delete button is not enough because anyone can restore it directly from the recycle bin. Some people use Del + Shift button to delete the files or orders permanently from the computer hard drive. However it is not quite secure also because there are many restore tools available in the market that can restore your data easily.

If you want to delete it permanently from your computer without leaving chance for recovery, you have to use Prevent Restore application. This application allows you delete your files and data from your system securely so that no one can restore it again.

Key features of Prevent Restore

• It prevents files to recover by overwriting on disk space
• It is an user friendly application and easy to use
• It works on your flash drive, SD cards etc.
• It removes any temporary and cached files associated with deleted data.

Download Prevent Restore

Removing and Deleting A Route Rule from the Windows Routing Table

Removing and Deleting A Route Rule from the Windows Routing Table

IP routing table is responsible to manage and controls he flow of data packets. It means when you connect to a network routing table, it controls how data is being forwarded and communicated with the host computer.

Windows operating system manages all rules of the routing table automatically. However, route rules could get defined incorrectly, especially in complex networks. Such networks normally have multiple adapters, and they are quite difficult environments to manage. People sometime add incorrect route rules which would then mean deleting them. The final solution of this problem is the deletion of incorrect routing table and adding new routing table.

Follow these steps to delete routing tables from windows:

1. Click on start then open run and type cmd to open command prompt. In vista and windows 7 use search option to get command prompt.
2. The syntax for deleting routing table is: route delete [destination]
Example: route delete:
3. Now press enter to execute the given command to delete that route from the windows
4. View routing table after deletion to ensure that it has been deleted properly from the computer.

Alternatively, you can remove routing table using routing and remote access management console:

1. Click start and go administrative>routing and remote access console
2. Now open the computer node in console tree. If routing and remote access management is not configured, then you can configure it easily by choosing configure and enable routing and remote access.
3. Now the IP routing child has to be expanded
4. Right click over static routes and for ’show IP Routing Table’ from the menu
5. You will get static routes in right pane, locate the route which one you want to remove.
6. Now right click on it and select delete option.
7. Finally static route will be removed from your computer completely.

These are two basic ways of removing static IP routing tables

VLite To Remove Unnecessary Components In Vista

Use VLite To Remove Unnecessary Components In Vista

In comparison to other MS Windows operating systems, Windows Vista is the first OS which requires some precise necessities (such as a PC with high specifications) to run smoothly. If you are running a Windows Vista operating system on your PC, you must have noticed that it consumes loads of resources. This basically affects the speed of your PC.

Therefore it is very important that you get rid of the unwanted components to free up some memory space and increase the speed of your system. The ideal tool to remove all the unwanted and unnecessary Vista components is vLite. This useful tool not only cleans up the unwanted components but also creates a bootable ISO and applies the tweaks directly.

Apart from being a free application that is compatible with Windows Vista, vLite has the ability to customize the OS before it is installed. You need to recreate the ISO and install vLite before reinstalling Vista so that vLite configures and installs Vista without the unnecessary components. This is basically an easier and logical method.

vLite should not be mistaken as a hacking tool as it protects and maintains all the important files as well as registry entries intact as they would have been if you would have installed the unedited version of Windows Vista. It will only remove the unnecessary components.

Free downloads of vLite v1.2 Beta, the latest version of vLite are available online. You need to note that, you should have Framework 2.0 installed on your PC for vLite to run smoothly.

Below mentioned are the key features of vLite:

  • Language pack, driver integration and hotfix.
  • Removal of components.
  • Set up that is unattended.
  • Tweaks.
  • Split or merge installation CDs of Windows Vista.
  • Create an ISO and burn the bootable CD/DVD.

Hide Confidential Data in Your Windows System by Using Hide Folders

Hide Confidential Data in Your Windows System by Using Hide Folders

Similar to “1 Second Folder Encrypt”, a freeware that protects your files and folders form being accessed by others, there is another free utility called “Hide Folders v2.2” which preserves the files and folders in your PC by making them invisible so that no one knows that they even exist. This tool is quite useful if you happen to share your PC with other users.

Hide Folders v2.2 eventually safeguards your confidential data from being accessed without your consent. Using this application is undeniably a better way of hiding you confidential data rather than locking it, which is likely to catch somebody’s attention and tempt him/her to hack it out of curiosity.

Hide Folders is extremely easy to use. You need to download the utility from the internet and install it. Simply launch it and add the folders that you wish to make invisible or hide.  Anytime in future, if you wish to make these hidden folders visible to everyone, you may highlight the folders and click on the button “Remove”.

You need to make sure that no one else can access “Hide Folders” utility and identify the folders that have been hidden. To take care of this issue, you have an option of setting up a protection password. You may easily download this freeware from Here.

Uninstall Microsoft Office 2007 Suite By Complete Registry Removal

Tool For Uninstalling Microsoft Office 2007 Suite By Complete Registry Removal

Many times you might have faced a problem while uninstalling Microsoft Office 2007 Suite from your PC using Uninstall Program or Add & Remove Program options from the Control Panel. Windows shows error messages saying setup has failed and it is in a process of rolling back changes. There might be various different reasons behind this un-installation issue.

The reasons may include invalid or corrupt components, leftovers from trial or pre-release version of MS Office 2007, invalid or illogical registry values left after an attempt of hacking MS office 2007 full version or installation of various editions of MS Office numerous times.

If your attempt of automatically uninstalling MS Office 2007 Suite fails due to any of the above mentioned reasons, you might try uninstalling MS Office 2007 manually. However, the procedure of manually uninstalling MS Office 2007 is quite lengthy and time consuming.


If you want to quickly delete all the registry values, keys and entries related to MS Office 2007, you may use “Microsoft Office 2007 Registry Complete Removal Tool”. This tool deletes or removes all the MS Office 2007 related registry values, keys and entries from your system registry and restores it to the original state (the state before MS Office was installed).

You may also use this tool as an additional utility for completing the un-installation procedure of MS Office 2007 Suite, before you delete the installation folders and files of MS Office 2007.

You need to note that this tool deletes numerous registry keys which might affect your system stability if you do not reinstall MS Office 2007. Therefore, you have to use this tool only if you want to reinstall MS Office 2007 as reinstallation is not possible until and unless Office 2007 is properly uninstalled from your system.

You may download this tool by downloading the file “” from Here.  Unzip the contents of the file to a folder. Run the file “Uninstall.exe” and click on the button “Uninstall” to uninstall MS Office 2007 Suite by complete registry removal. Before you start, remember to take a backup of your system registry by accessing the Registry Editor.