How to remove a Bluetooth device from My Computer In Windows Vista

Everytime you pair your computer with a bluetooth-enabled device or send a file to such a device, Windows Vista creates an icon for that device in the My Computer window. It can be nagging if you are the kind of guy who sends every other pics or mp3 with friends.

Here is a how-to to remove it.

1) Open Control Panel from Start -> Control Panel.
2) Change the view to Classic View from the left hand side menu of the Control Panel.
3) Select Bluetooth Devices from the listing in the Control Panel.
4) This opens a new window with a list of all Bluetooth Devices that you have connected with so far.
5) Select the device that you wish to remove and right click on the icon.
6) Select remove from the menu. And then the icon on your My Computer is removed.

Alternatively you can also click on the Remove Wireless Device on the top bar after selecting the bluetooth device.