Repair as well as Fix Avi format Videos

How you can Repair as well as Fix Avi format Videos

The movie or even Television show documents which are recently been down loaded fromonline specifically by means of Bit-torrent (BT) or perhaps eDonkey2000 (eD2K) sites may be found damaged or even unplayable. Additional, potential problems along with videos could not be replayed within Windows Media Player along with error message, video clip play stops or perhaps gets frozen all of a sudden, deformed, or disoriented photos, damaged or roughish video clip flow, prematurely finished, or even partly down loaded files, movie cannot be seeked etc.

The error throughout actively playing videos documents, specifically when we have spent hours in order to down load the mass media, can be aggravating, and annoying. Re-downloading your files will take long time again, and a whole lot worse if your movies are no longer accessible elsewhere.

There are many software package utilities offered that will test and then try to fix, restore and retrieve broken as well as damaged Avi video clips. Right’s a directory of free of charge Avi repair utilities. Although a few names from the applications provide similar to “DivX”, the fixing along with mending associated with video files need to work with the majority of videos inside .avi report extension. Additionally, most packages can immediately generate one more backup associated with “fixed” video without adjusting or altering original data files. Nevertheless, that’s encouraged in order to back-up your individual copy associated with video clips ahead of start off mending to prevent random damage.


DivFix++ boosts the DivFix the revolutionary AVI Video repair application to repair the glitches and secures the performance. DivFix++ came into existence as command line interface and has been given GUI.


DivFix has been designed for the ability to view partially downloaded AVI movies simply by reconstructing or burning the index section of the movie, which is at the end of the video.

DivX Repair

DivX Repair can easily restore damages AVI files also eradicate freezes. DivX Repair is dependent on VirtualDub and it immediately finds bad frames that are undecodable subsequently re-assemble the particular AVI format.

Digital Video Repair

It is a cost free application for fixing AVI files. It has ability to identify bad files, repairs the index file.

How To Recover Cell Phone / Mobile Soaked In Water By Drying It In Microwave Oven

I came across an interesting post at MyDigitalLife today. I dropped my cell phone in water by mistake and I was not sure what to do. I could see water all inside the screen and some blue lines running across the display.

Though I wouldn’t try repairing it on own, I tried searching if there were any quick solutions to save some important data that was in my water clogged cell phone. I came across MyDigitalLife, where the author claims that there is a way to recover and repair the water soaked cell phone.

According to the post, the battery has to be removed from the cell phone immediately, kinda sensible as the water might just short circuit the connections within the phone. I did that, and I dismantled the phone to the bare minimum I could, starting with removing my datacard which had a lot of important data (I normally back up most of my data on my cell phone’s memory card, just in case I see these kinda days, and boy was it really useful !).

I must admit that I tried drying the water off, using mild hot blow from my hair dryer, however I did not try putting it in the microwave oven as suggest by the author at MyDigitalLife, instead took it my nearest Nokia priority repair / service center. Though the phone was under warranty, the servicemen told me that they would try recovering my phone, but did not guarantee anything.

But seems like drying the dismantled cell phone in the microwave oven does work, according to a few other posts on the internet.

So if any of you guys are reading this, I’d suggest remove the battery and your memory card immediately, these two will save your cell’s life, and then take it to your nearest nokia repair center. If you have a lot of money to spend and don’t mind losing the cell phone, then you can mess around and dry the cell phone your microwave oven, but do so at your own risk !