Setting To Replace Lost Address Bar In Windows XP SP3 Using Muvenum

Setting To Replace Lost Address Bar In Windows XP SP3 Using Muvenum

If you are using Windows XP service pack 3, you may notice that the address bar of the Windows has been removed. The address bar can be started generally by going through Taskbar and then Toolbars. However it could also have been removed because of antitrust legal problem.

As a solution, you should get the substitute program. You can also obtain the add-in to put back or re-establish address bar into the task bar. The Address Bar named as MuvEnum is one of the substitutes.

MuvEnum Address Bar is undoubtedly the important substitute intended for replacing the lost address bar inside the Windows XP Service Pack3. This utility recreates the feel of the innovative address bar as well as provides lots of latest features for the browsers like Firefox 3.x, Internet Explorer.

There are lots of features for instance system-wide hotkey, where it lets you to open websites quickly, start programs, and navigate to favorites, internet searching and so on.

It has the ability to mix and display the bookmarks, favorites and histories from Internet Explorer or Google Chrome or Firefox 3.x.

It has additional features such as centering the address bar by means of a universal system-wide hotkey, and this unique address bar provides other features for System Locations, Environment Variables, Quick Search Aliases, Favorites, History as well as Inline Auto-Completion.

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Fix The Notepad ++ Find And Replace Tab Transparent Errors In Windows 7

Fix The Notepad ++ Find And Replace Tab Transparent Errors In Windows 7

There is a weird error occurring in Notebook++ text editor, which is a well-liked notebook replacement, in Windows 7. This problem hits the Close and exit functioning of Notebook++, so whenever users click on close or exit button, it will not get closed properly. Instead of closing there is a transparent window of notepad++, which will be remain opened inactively i.e. it will not respond to mouse clicks or keyboard until Notebook++ program is restarted.

Probably non-existing problem of Find and Replace tab, in Notepad is the responsible bug. Usually this transparent feature of Notepad++, which allows users to keep Find and Replace option transparent or less visible while working on Notepad++. It helps user to focus on work so users mostly keep this option transparent at predefine transparency level.


In order to fix this problem you need to turnoff the transparent feature of Find and Replace in notepad++. You have to uncheck the box of transparency located at bottom right corner of the find and replace dialogue.

By doing this, you will be free from the bug, which doesn’t allow you to close the notepad and keep open a transparent windows. Keep the transparent feature disable until you feel it is essential to activate it. Once you change the settings of the transparency, the problem of notepad will be fixed. Try to keep this feature off whenever you work on notepad++ in order to prevent errors.