Resize Your Web Images With WebP encode

Reduce Your Web Images According To Your Choice

Google applications are more famous worldwide, as all the web programs developed by Google are very user-friendly and can be used by everybody, including non computer literate users too. Apart from Google being known as fast search engine, now Google has introduced one more innovation in the world of internet and announced a facility of formatting images that enable users to reduce the image bytes and size significantly on the web and it facilitate websites to load even faster than it was before.

The name of this new facility is WebP mostly pronounced as “weppy“, is a technique of compression of photographic images, which make an image more lighter in weight and it enables an image to upload or download more quickly. The WebP file reside in VP8 image data and is receptacle based on RIFF.

The WebP encode an image with prognosticate coding with same technology used at the time of compression in video by VP8 video codec system.

Perform Batch Conversion Of Picture Images Using ArtResize

Perform Batch Conversion Of Picture Images Using ArtResize

There might be number of occasions when you have to share picture images with your friends on social networking sites like Facebook, Orkut etc. When it comes to uploading images on web, sometimes there is a size limit which might force you to resize your images. In such cases, ArtResize turns out to be quite handy.

ArtResize offers batch conversion and delivers excellent images at the right resolution within the maximum size limit. Therefore, if you have 100 images to be resized, you don’t need to resize/ convert them individually, one by one. You may choose a preferred format and size and convert all the images together in a batch.

You need to download ArtResize and install it. Once it is installed, launch it and click on the option “Add Images” (you may alternatively use the shortcut “Ctrl + D”). Browse and locate the picture images that you wish to convert.


Within the right window panel, you will see some options that you can configure. The options include Resize resolution, Output destination folder and Conversion format (PNG, TIFF, JPG, BMP etc.). The output resolution will be set to 640 X 480 by default which fits well with most websites including Facebook.

The main advantage of this free utility is that you may choose to convert any number of images and ArtResize will do the conversion efficiently as per your settings. You may also rename the images by just ticking the rename option. ArtResize will rename all the images within the batch in a sequential increasing order. You may download ArtResize for free by going to

Perform Photo Conversions in Bulk Using PixResizer

Perform Photo Conversions in Bulk Using PixResizer  


Many times you feel a need to resize images. There might be several reasons for doing so. You might want to share your photos on a social networking site like Facebook, Orkut etc. or you might want to email it to your friends. Whatever might be the reason, you may resize your original image files by converting them to a smaller resolution in different formats using PIXresizer.

PIXresizer is a file conversion tool which allows you to convert/ resize a single image file or do a bulk conversion of multiple image files. This tool shrinks down the overall file size without compromising much with the original quality. Whichever way (single or bulk) you wish to do it, you need to follow only four simple steps.


  • First of all, you need to load the image that you wish to convert. If you have multiple images to be converted, you may browse to source folder and the destination folder so that all the images in the folder are converted together.
  • You need to choose the new file size that you wish the images to be converted to. It may be in terms of resolution or shrunk percentage.

For Example, you may choose the output to 1632×1224 resolution (if the original image has 3264 X 2448 of resolution) or 50 percent.

  • Then, choose a preferred file format amongst JPEG, TIFF, BMP, PNG and GIF. You may choose not to change the format and maintain the original file format.
  • Finally, save the converted image files either to EXIF data or output GrayScale.

 This freeware can be easily downloaded from Here.

Quickly Resize Your Digital Images With Some Useful Tools

Quickly Resize Your Digital Images With Some Useful Tools

Most of the times, the images captured by the digital camera or scanned by means of a scanner are very large to transfer in the networks or to upload on websites or blogs. You should reduce the image size prior to uploading or posting them.

Large photos take some more time than usual to upload, and if the dimensions of image may be extra bigger to display in the chosen page or frame. However, the ideal way to resize these digital images is using specialized image editing software like Adobe Photoshop.

You have to pay some big money for getting such expert image editor software. Also, the starting stage of such programs is pretty slow, plus it takes up plenty of system resources. However, if you want to reduce and resize your images, then you could also try some other free image editing tools which can carry out the task efficiently.

A plain AIR application named as Shrink O’Matic can perform fast image resizing. You have to drag and drop your photos to Shrink O’Matic application in order to resize them. From there, the resizing tool will carry out rest of the task. The tool is available for free along with some simple features and anyone can use it with no trouble whatsoever.

It operates in both Windows and Linux OS. The only one disadvantage is that it only supports GIF, JPG and PNG image file formats.

Shrink Pic is one more photo editing and resizing tool available for free. When you send the photos via email or upload to the website or blog, the image will automatically be resized by Shrink Pic. This program automatically detects the large photos while sending and performs the size reduction process in the background.

You can choose the automatic resize stages such as low compression stage, medium compression stage and high compression stage. You can resize them into your own custom sizes. The whole thing will be completed in the background. The Shrink Pic resizing tool operates only on Windows.

You can as well make use of image resizing tools online to reduce the dimension of your images. Resizr is one of the online image resizing tools which resize images only. All you have to do is upload a JGP image file to Resizr and then the tool will automatically perform the resizing of image. With this online service, you don’t have to be waiting for a long while uploading an image on the website or blog from your computer, and most importantly you will not have to install any resizing application on your computer.

Tile And Resize Your Monitor Screen With Winsplit Revolution

Tile And Resize Your Monitor Screen With Winsplit Revolution

To get the work done efficiently, one should use multiple monitors instead of using a single for numerous works. However, if the addition of some more monitors in your work is going out of budget, then simple software applications will surely help you. The utility named, WinSplit Revolution will allow you to manage your work more systematically. This helps you to view and make cross reference among all of the windows in a very easy way.

The installation process can be carried out in two ways. The first way is to install this program as usual and as a second way, you could just copy all the utility files in a specific folder and use it as a portable application. You could also transfer this folder to the removable devices so that, it can be used in other systems.

After normal installing, a small icon will take place on the system tray. When you click on the icon, a small pop up menu will be displayed. With this pop up menu, you could resize any window to the top right, center, bottom left and etc and thus, to do so, there is no need to adjust them manually.


Now you can change the layout of windows with your own choice. While going to combine them with hotkey settings, the program simplifies the necessary steps for moving a particular window to its desired location. All you have to do is just hit the specific hotkeys and you’ll get all your working windows arranged nicely on your tiny monitor screen.

WinSplit Revolution works great with Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Vista including 32 bits and 64-bits OS. The software is absolutely free to download and you could download it using this link.

Resize Images With The Faststone Photo Resizer

Resize Images With The Faststone Photo Resizer


Reducing and resizing images is a very common application amongst computer users. Images need to be resized in order to make it easier to upload them or attach them to e-mails. There are a number of applications or programs that help you reduce or resize the images. Most of the applications have the same functionalities but they differ in the efficiency and simplicity of the program.

The FastStone Photo Resizer resizes images easily and efficiently. This resizing tool comes along with a bouquet of options which can be needed today or tomorrow. The other functionalities of this freeware is that you can change extensions of files, rename files, resize images, add logo or watermark and reduce the images in accordance to pixels. This application is extremely user friendly and can be used with ease.


Some of the most used features of this application are

  • Simple and efficient to implement.
  • Add text, watermark, and logos to images.
  • Crop, rename, convert, resize, and rotate pictures within batch mode.
  • Apply or change depth in color easily.
  • Images can be renamed in a sequence.
  • Supports various formats like BMP, PNG, JPEG etc
  • Replaces texts and searches for them in file names.

Resize Images with just a Single Click

Resize Images with just a Single Click

Resizing and playing with images is an extremely common and important function performed by a computer user. There are a number of instances when you have to send images as emails or upload them to a social networking site. But if the size of the image is pretty big or contains too many resources then it can be a hassle to upload images or send them as attachments to emails.

 It is an extremely simple process to resize and reduce the image with some of the common applications required to edit graphics. Some of such most used applications are PhotoShop from Adobe, Picture Manager from Microsoft, Photo Paint from Corel and lots more. Resizing and reducing images with these applications can be full of hassles too. We have to open the required image, load it onto the application, resize it and then save it to get its reduced format.


It is not as tedious as it seems to be, but you can opt for a more easier and convenient way to resize and reduce images using the Image Resizer Powertoy Clone. It is an extension that allows us to resize one or more images with just a single click of the mouse. After being installed in your computer system, a command called “Resize Image” is added to the right click short cut key.

Not just efficient but this application is extremely simple to implement too. Suppose you are using the Power Point application to make a presentation and need an image to be inserted in one of the slides. On clicking the insert command followed by the photo tag, a small window opens which shows the images that you can browse from. Simply right click on the desired image and the “Resize Picture” comes as a shortcut. Just click on it and the image automatically gets reduced and resized.


After clicking the “Resize Picture” command you will be asked to select the desired size of the image. Some of the default sizes are 640 x 480, 800 x 600, 1024 x 768 (all in pixels). You can also customize the size of the image as per as your own requirement.


Once the image is resized, the new image is saved with the same name along with a size tag, e.g. if a file named Sunset is resized then the new image is stored as Sunset (small), where small indicates the image been reduced.