Resolve the Problem of Quick Launch Disappearing when System Restart

Resolve the Problem of Quick Launch Disappearing when System Restart

It is quite frustrating for users when quick launch disappears once they start their system. It is very common problem which is being encountered by many users nowadays. It may be appears once you manually select show quick launch icons, however it will be disappeared once you restart your system again.

You will have to manually select again and again to show the quick launch icons. It is going to be a very irritating and bothersome activity, which prevents you from working smoothly online casino on your system. The major cause of this problem relies is on registry entry files that might have been tampered or changed incorrectly. However you can fix it by altering registry entry values.

Normally, system restores all changes made by the users in registry entry files including program settings, desktop settings, taskbar settings, shortcut settings etc. However, when these changes are not properly saved in registry area, then it starts the disappearing of quick launch icons.

Follow these steps in order to fix this problem:

1. Navigate to Start> Run> type Regedit> press Enter.
2. Browse HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Current Version\Policies\Explorer.
3. Select NoSaveSettings from the right hand side of Window and alter value to 0.
4. You are done.

After this resolving technique your system will start saving all changes before shutting down.

Restart or Resume Windows Indexing Services after Pausing

How Restart or Resume Windows Indexing Services after Pausing?

Windows indexing services is an automatic process of scanning and storing files to create a database. In simple words it enhances the search option’s speed by creating database of files and folders.

However, running windows indexing services slows down speed of the computer. If in case, you find your computer getting slowed down, then you can choose to temporarily stop the windows indexing services for a while.

As a matter of fact, many people choose to disable windows indexing services temporarily. You can simply ‘pause it by clicking on the paused option in indexing options. However, there you will get no resume button if you so desire to resume it. Therefore, to resume indexing services, you need to either restart the computer or restart windows search service.

The procedure is very simple:

Go to control panel>Administrative tools>services>windows search>restart service.

This is the complete process with which you can easily resume the windows indexing services in your computer. It means whenever you wan to disable it, you can do it. Likewise whenever you want to activate it, you can easily do so with a click of a few buttons..

Start/ Restart cPanel’s cpsrvd Service Via SSH

Trick To Start/ Restart cPanel’s cpsrvd Service Via SSH

cPanel is basically a popular control panel which offers user-friendly interface and tools for web hosting. It performs a variety of vital tasks including security checks, maintenance and offers WHM (WebHost Manager) interface. Any web server that is running cPanel will have cpsrvd, a cPanel service running at the backdrop.

WebHost Manager will go down if cpsrvd stops running and will thereby not allow the user to connect to, access or login to WHM. If the cPanel service, cpsrvd is down or not working, it is not possible that you restart the server using WHM and fix the issue. Even though, cPanel offers a built-in mechanism for restarting the cpsrvd service automatically, it sometimes does not work.


In order to fix the issue, administrator or webmaster need to sign in to the web server using Telnet or SSH secure tunnel in order to restart the cpsrvd service. You need to logon to the web host as root user via SSH. Now, you need to run any of the below mentioned commands.

service cpanel restart

/etc/init.d/cpanel restart

/etc/rc.d/init.d/cpanel restart

These commands will first stop the cpsrvd service and then start it back again. It will also stop and restart all other services associated with cpsrvd. If you are already aware that the cPanel service has stopped running, you need to simply replace “Restart” in the above command with “Start”.

Reduce Firefox Tab Width to the Size of Its Favicon

Reduce Firefox Tab Width to the Size of Its Favicon

Mozilla Firefox allows users to open multiple tabs in a single Firefox window eliminating a need for opening multiple windows and constantly switching between them. Firefox tabs have a fixed tab width which seems to be excessively long and the whole space gets occupied the moment you open about six tabs in a Firefox window.


However, it is possible that you change the tab width to make it equal to the size of its favicon. For doing so, you need to use a Firefox plugin known as “FaviconizeTab”. Simply follow the below mentioned procedure to install FaviconizeTab and enable it to resize the Firefox tab width.

  • You need for download FaviconizeTab and install it on your PC. 
  • Restart the Firefox browser to make the plugin active. 
  • Once you restart/ reopen Firefox, you will notice installed extensions listed within add-ons pop-up window that appears. If you do not see any add-ons pop-up window, you need to go to Tools menu and select “Add-ons” to open the add-ons window. Locate “FaviconizeTab” and click on the button “Options”.


  • In the Preference Window of FaviconizeTab, under the section “Quick Faviconize”, set the method for activating FaviconizeTab feature. The options include Alt + Click, Ctrl + Click, Shift + Click and Double Click.


For instance, select “Double-click”, if you wish to activate the FaviconizeTab feature by double-clicking on the tab.

  • Now, to check if the settings are working, open a new Firefox tab and just double-click on it. The tab width will reduce to its favicon size.

Install Applications without Restarting Windows XP/Vista

Tips To Make Applications Take Effect after Installation without Restarting Windows XP/Vista

Usually, when the user installs fresh software or any program in computer, they are prompted to restart the PC in order to make the applications take effect or to have them running correctly. However, some times restarting the computer could be exasperating and annoying particularly when you are in the midst of doing your important work, and currently there are lots of applications that will help you in executing the same.

You may be forced to stop your work mid-way, along with saving and closing all applications and documents before restarting the computer which can be really inconvenient for the users. Now there is a method of creating the program to start taking effect, without having to restart your computer following the installation of program.

You can attain this by starting the Explorer again rather than restarting entire windows. In order to restart Explorer, you may go after the traditional technique via going to task manager, after that go to Processes option and select applications with clicking on the application file names. Try to find explorer.exe and destroy all of them via clicking End Process key.

On the other hand, to create the steps straightforward, copy the commands given below into the notepad and save it by naming it as KillExplorer.bat

@echo off
taskkill /f /IM explorer.exe

Now, all you need to do is run the KillExplorer.bat, and the batch file will exterminate each and every running explorer.exe within hardly any seconds in Windows. This will help the people who like to automate things on the computers, as they should be able to run the batch file with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Restart The Crashed Applications In Windows Automatically

Restart The Crashed Applications In Windows Automatically

Most of the computer professionals face the common problems of applications crashing out suddenly without getting restarted automatically. You have to check and update the applications periodically. Sometimes, you would not know that the application is corrupted until you actually get the need to use it.

This is not efficient in any way because you are not able to notice the corrupted applications in real time instance and restart it right away. Now, a freeware utility “Application Monitor” will assist to check and restart the applications instantly and automatically, if crashing out of system is detected.

  • You have to tick the checkbox to initiate monitoring for the added applications. If not, it will be seen only added in a list, with no monitoring.
  • The applications which are added in the monitoring list should be ended by *.bat, *.exe, *.scr, plus the extension have to be in small letter.

The test out time is the monitoring a reminder service, which is utilized to analyze how common you are interested in running the Application Monitor to supervise the pre-defined operating applications. To create a better effect, it lets you to enter an email address to receive automatic notifications. You will receive an e-mail whenever the software detects any kind of inaccuracy, in order to restart the monitored applications without you having to intervene manually.

 All actions that occur throughout the monitoring time are stored as output in a log file, and therefore you can look at the log file to evaluate the application crashing and auto restarting number of times.

Application Monitor is extremely useful mainly for those serious applications for example web server, mail server, client applications, database that exists in local computer environment.

This application will undoubtedly assist you to restart automatically without any delay whenever the application crashes, and hence it prevents negligible or apparent downtime for the end users. The service is compatible with the operating systems like Windows ME, Windows 98, Windows NT4 (SP 5), 2000, XP and Vista. However, you will need to install Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 or higher version in your computer.