Check Out RHUB’s Web Conferencing Services

Check Out RHUB’s Web Conferencing Services

Real-Time Collaboration HUB or RHUB is quite popular for providing remote access, remote support and web conferencing appliances to organizations and service providers. They also offer other services including conducting webinars and are well-known for their remote file transfer, recording and multi-tiered technical support services.

Their high-end products and services have won them several prestigious recognitions and awards as mentioned below.

  1. NGN Leadership Award in 2009
  2. Recommended by CRN Test Center.
  3. Finalist at Tech Innovators Awards held by Var Business in 2007.
  4. USA Today
  5. Best Product & Service by Network Products Guide in 2008.
  6. Global Product Excellence Award [Customer Trust] by Info Security in 2008
  7. Recognized by CRN in 2008 as an emerging tech vendor.
  8. Product of the year award by Communication Solutions in 2007 and 2008.

Below mentioned are the main features of RHUB’s remote access, remote support, remote desktop and web meeting appliances.

  1. Excellent for giving product demos and sales presentations.
  2. Great for conducting remote desktop technical support for computer or Mac clients.
  3. Enables customers to provide seminars and online training.
  4. Allows hosting of secured internal web meeting amongst employees.
  5. Facilitates customers to access their office/home remote desktops.
  6. Offers audio conference service by RHUB for free.
  7. Doesn’t require any kind of maintenance from customer’s end.
  8. Customer owns the product and manages it.
  9. Doesn’t require any third-party downloads or software.

If you are in need of any of the above mentioned services, RHUB is definitely the finest option. Moreover, it is technically advanced, trustworthy, dependable and above all, cost effective.

Avail Web Conferencing Services from RHUB

Avail Web Conferencing Services from RHUB

One of the most renowned online leaders in providing web conferencing services are RHUB (Real-Time Collaboration HUB). They provide a wide range of services and products to cater to individual needs of the users precisely.

Their services are normally used for conducting webinars, web conferencing, remote support, remote access to computer and Mac capability.  They have won so many awards because of their world quality products and services.

  • Communication Solutions – Product of the year 2007
  • Communication Solutions – Product of the year 2008
  • USA Today
  • NGN Leadership Award 2009
  • Var Business – Tech Innovators Awards Finalist 2007
  • CRN Test Recommended
  • Network products Guide – Best product and service 2008
  • And many more…..



Key features of RHUB services

  1. You can give online presentations and demos of your sales easily without any hassle.
  2. You can conduct remote computer desktop support
  3. Easy access to your home/office computers
  4. Free audio conference service of RHUB
  5. You can conduct online web meeting among your employees or clients instantly.
  6. No need to install any third party application in order to avail services of RHUB
  7. There is no need of maintenance
  8. You will control all the working of this service on your own.


It is a trustworthy, reliable, dependable, cost effective, technically improved web conferencing service provider who is committed to deliver best quality products and services to their users. If you are seeking for web conferencing services then it is the best option for you.