Download Running Applications with Free Valid license for Mac

How to Download Running Applications with Free Valid license for Mac

Running applications is definitely a program-launching tool for Macintosh operating system, which can enlist all the running applications in a menu format in menu bar. This program is simple to utilize and it has extremely small impact. It enables users to easily change among number of applications on daily basis.

With the help of single click, you can open all the windows of an application to the front, makes changes among application a piece of cake. Users particularly designers, who need to operate in several conditions such as web designing, graphic designing, spreadsheets etc will discover it extremely helpful. They are able to simultaneously release, hide, or close several programs at the same time.

Running application coming from Altomac, are costs $14.99 to buy a personal computer license. However, Mac users who require a free copy of this well-known launching tool are able to obtain promotional bundle provided by iUseMac. iUseMac is offering their free promotional package for Running Applications. Mac users who are interested in this program simply need to visit iUseMac, to join website newsletter. After the confirmation of subscription, the users will receive an email-containing link to download this app and a license key.

Windows 7 – Registry Trick To Accelerate Taskbar Thumbnails Preview

Windows 7 – Registry Trick To Accelerate Taskbar Thumbnails Preview

Windows 7 users must be quite familiar with the taskbar thumbnail preview feature. This useful Windows 7 feature has ability to generate preview thumbnails of taskbar items whenever the user moves the mouse pointer over the application/program icon. However, it takes some time to show the preview after the mouse pointer is moved over an icon.

You may use a simple registry trick to accelerate the taskbar thumbnail preview in Windows 7. You just need to follow the below mentioned steps.

  • Click on the “Start” button to display the Start Menu and go to “Run”. Type in “regedit” and press “Enter” to open the Registry Editor.
  • Navigate to the below mentioned registry Key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Mouse

  • Within the right window pane, locate “MouseHoverTime” and double-click on it. Alter its value data to “0” and click on the “OK” button so as to save the new value.

  • Exit the Registry Editor. Now, restart your system to make the changes effective.


Once you have made the above changes in the system registry, you may move your mouse pointer over any program icon on the taskbar to verify whether the thumbnail preview is generated faster then before.

JustCloseSomeTasks – To Close Unnecessary Programs Running On Your System

Use “JustCloseSomeTasks” To Close Unnecessary Programs Running On Your System

Many times it so happens that you get too busy with some task and tend to forget about several programs that run on your PC simultaneously. Such situations might occur when you might be interrupted by a phone call, suddenly asked to be present for a meeting or you might have to attend some client.

Although it doesn’t create any major problem, it could possibly congest your operating system or bring it to a halt. For closing such unnecessary applications, you may simply right-click on respective tabs on the Windows Taskbar and close them. You may alternatively close the applications by going to Task Manager.

However, there exists a free utility which offers an easier method of closing any running applications on your system which are no longer required. JustCloseSomeTasks is basically an AutoHotKey script that allows you to select multiple inactive applications and close all of them together with a single click.


The moment you press a hotkey, JustCloseSomeTasks pops up and displays all the running applications along with the total time for which the application has been inactive. You can decide and configure how long you want JustCloseSomeTasks to wait before it closes any inactive applications.  

JustCloseSomeTasks has ability to point out the applications which have been inactive for a particular amount of time and automatically close such applications. This freeware is simple to use and pretty handy and portable for being stored on your flash drive.

Although many people might feel that this utility is quite irrelevant to their style of working, there might be many others who tend to open multiple applications and eventually forget to close the ones which are no more needed. Even if you remain occupied by some other important task and forget to close some running applications, JustCloseSomeTasks efficiently does the job for you.

Workaround In Order To Run Bar Style Sidebar Of Windows Vista In Windows 7

Workaround In Order To Run Bar Style Sidebar Of Windows Vista In Windows 7

Modernization of Windows Sidebar can be seen in Windows 7. Gadgets can roam free anywhere and they can locate in Windows 7 on desktop. We can replace the latest version of the sidebar component and by installing Windows Vista Sidebar in Windows 7. Similarly, they have provided a solution to fix the gadgets that are not working while UAC is has been disabled.

Gadget of Windows 7 will run in the area of sidebar. The sidebar is a bar which can be located at the desktop side of your PC or laptop.

You have to close all the gadgets on desktop.

You take ownership as well as give full permissions to Administrators group for following files:

C:\Program Files\Windows Sidebar folder:

  • settings.ini
  • sidebar.exe

Inside the folder of en-US:

  • sbdrop.dll.mui
  • Sidebar.exe.mui

For the purpose of overwriting, you need to first backup those 4 files those are listed above.

Then download the

After that extract as well as copy those contents which are present in ZIP file into their subsequent folders: C:\Program Files\Windows Sidebar folder, thus overwriting and replacing the existing files that are applicable.

Then you can again add gadgets on desktop.

Super, this will enable the sidebar application on the Windows 7. It can be opened, exited, and closed, together with all the gadgets added to it.

Workaround Or Trick To ‘Unpin’ System Folders From Windows7 Start-Menu

Workaround Or Trick To ‘Unpin’ System Folders From Windows7 Start-Menu

Computer programmers have found a new trick on Windows7 Operating System to support individuals in removing or unpin the standard Icons if user wishes to, like Control Panel, Recycle Bin, Computer and Network.

These are the major icons present on the desktop screen with other folder shortcuts or application programs. These cannot be removed or unpinned from Start-Menu in Win7 Operating System, once the user has pinned it to Start-Menu.

Removal of these Icons from the desktop screen is subjected to deletion of the registry key files named “.Favorites.” in “.Start Page.” Registry Key and there is no alternate command or option to remove the program from start listing.

To remove or unpin these programs few set of steps required are as follows:

  • First of all an individual needs to Run-Registry-Editor (‘Reg-Edit’), and then locate or navigate to the below registry key: (“HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\StartPage”)
  • Now, on the right hand side’s pane, Select and delete the Favorites Registry Entry.
  • Then Reboot the computer for changes to take effect.
  • Hence, the start menu will be automatically reset to factory settings without any of the user’s pinned programs.
  • In lieu, simply make a back up of the registry files: (“”) and (“run reset_pin_to_start_menu.reg”) as administrator for auto deletion of the registry values.

However, it is necessary for individuals to know that all pinned programs on Start-Menu can be unpinned or deleted. Individuals are required to Re-pin the programs which they want to view on their Start Menu for good.

Trick To Run Outlook Express And Internet Explorer 6 Of XPM Virtual Machine In Windows 7

Trick To Run Outlook Express And Internet Explorer 6 Of XPM Virtual Machine In Windows 7

Windows XP Mode and Windows Virtual PC offer an enhanced experience in your Windows 7 Operating System by enabling backward compatibility. XPM or Win XP Mode is a virtual application mode in which you can run applications in Windows 7 native desktop as if you are running them locally using a service resembling Terminal Services RAIL (Remote Applications Integrated Locally) components.

With this seamless Windows XP Mode, you can install an application in Microsoft’s XPM virtual machine and publish the shortcuts of these applications automatically to Windows 7 host in order to access them easily without a need of opening VXP window. This enables you to run the applications directly from the Start Menu of host OS. These applications are launched by seamless application launcher, vmsal.exe.

All applications that you install in XPM virtual machine can be published to start menu of the host OS (i.e. Windows 7). However, XPM virtual machine comes with two built-in pre-installed applications, Outlook Express and Internet Explorer 6. Therefore, it is not possible that you install these two applications manually to XPM virtual machine and publish them as virtual programs on Windows 7.

In case you wish to publish Outlook Express and Internet Explorer 6 in Windows 7 start menu and access or run them seamlessly from Windows 7 desktop, you need to follow a simple trick.

All you need to do is, drag and drop Internet Explorer 6/ Outlook Express shortcuts or simply copy these shortcuts into the “Start Menu” folder under “All Users” folder which is normally placed at the location C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu folder.



The moment you add the Internet Explorer 6/ Outlook Express shortcuts to Start Menu for all users, you will see a new folder under the Virtual PC folder within the Start Menu of Windows 7. You will be able to see the shortcuts of IE 6/ Outlook Express in this new folder.

When you initially try to launch these virtual applications, it might take some as your system need to power up XPM virtual machine though it won’t show VM desktop window.  Also even when you close all the virtual applications, the system will not power down the VM state instantaneously. Instead, the XPM Virtual machine will still run for some more time waiting for the user to run other virtual applications.


If the user does not run any virtual applications during this time, the system will put the XPM virtual machine into saved state or hibernation mode. However, there are a few other applications such as Windows Media Player9 and HyperTerminal, which cannot be published in the start menu of Windows 7 without using a hack.

Open Run Command Prompt In Multiple Tabs

How to Open Run Command Prompt in Multiple Tabs

If you need to use command prompt frequently and want to open in different tabs (tabbed feature in command prompt), then console utility is the best alternative. Usually command prompt opens in multiple separate windows that could me irritating for users to work on them. Sometimes users need to do their work in multiple commands prompt, and then they have to open multiple command prompts in different windows.

You can get rid of this tiresome work using Console utility application that allows users to get access to various command prompts in multiple tabs of one window.

Console is completely freeware that allows users to open command prompt in different tabs instead of opening in new separate window. It will reduce crowd of the taskbar which will be flooded with different windows if you open command prompt in different windows.

It allows users to customize style of cursor, font color, transparency level for both active and non-active windows, etc. It let you make your working more easier by providing hot keys such as Shift + Insert to paste text, Ctrl + Insert to copy text, Ctrl+F1 to open new command prompt in next tab and many more. Additionally you can change hotkeys according to your convenience and preferences. These all features come with the installation package of this utility.

It does not require any kind of installation because it is a standalone utility application. All you need to do just download it from here and launch it. It is quite portable to run from anywhere such as USB flash drive.