Now Download Security 10 For Bullguard Internet

With Six Free Months License, Now Download Security 10 For Bullguard Internet

BullGuard Internet Security is a simple-to-use, effective security suite, which is developed by BullGuard. It is particularly designed to safeguard computer systems against latest cyber crimes that take place by using spyware, virus, malicious threats, and cookies, malicious, scripts and spam.

With BullGuard Internet Security, users are able to store or backup all-important documents, music files and photos online. They get up to 5GB online data storing capacities.  Additionally, the latest version of BullGuard Internet Security 10 is now included with new attributes like safe browsing, owner password protection, inspector and behavioral detection.

Features of BullGuard Internet Security: 

  • Safeguard against zero day exploits
  • Anti-Spam feature is capable of identifying image spam and malicious emails
  • Personal firewall protects against many forms of internet attacks
  • Behavioral Change Detections
  • Anti-spyware for safeguarding your identity from online frauds
  • Anti-phishing to obtain webpage and email authentication. It helps you to browse, shop, and conduct safe net banking.
  • Online backup of up to 5 GB for storing critical files.
  • 24X7 online support, email and remote access to your PC.

To obtain the free copy of this software go through the promotional page and fill the required field and then click “Submit” button.

In this world where Internet policing is not very stringent due to the mast usage of the World Wide Web, this security suite can be very beneficial. If you use your systems for shaving critical information or for online banking, this package can come extremely handy.

My Lockbox To Hide And Safeguard Your Confidential Folders

My Lockbox To Hide And Safeguard Your Confidential Folders

There are lots of software utilities for Windows to safeguard/hide all your confidential data in your system. Now, here is one more simple software utility named as My Lockbox with which you can fulfill the same purpose. A freeware utility My Lockbox is able to lock your private folders. Eventually, it also makes all personal folders invisible or inaccessible by remotely or locally, and also by system administrators.

While installing this utility, you will be prompted to set your password. This password will be then used to unlock your any private data folder. After completing the setup, when you start the program, a simple GUI will be displayed and you can easily select the specific folder to lock.


Merely by few mouse clicks, you would lock and keep your personal folder invisible from any other person or even from system administrators. To unlock this folder, you should just click ‘Unlock’ button and your folder will be brought back to the normal form.

You can even simplify this job by configuring some hotkeys to start the program with simple keystrokes. This feature makes it more efficient folder locking software for all the users. My Lockbox is free to download and you can use the following link to download it.