Download Steganos Privacy Suite 11 (2009) with Free License Code

Download Steganos Privacy Suite 11 (2009) with Free License Code 

Steganos Privacy Suite 11 (2009) is a expert, simple-to-use and award-winning file encryption and data protection program, which has been meant developed for the protection your private data together with the help of 9 premium tools.



Features of Steganos Privacy Suit

  • Data saves (up to 512 GB) that suit everything
  • Steganos Portable Risk-free makes mobile files safe on the move
  • E-mails in a post office safe and sound
  • Steganos Shredder for 100% data eradication
  • Completely routinely erases digital signs
  • Easy-as-pie password administration
  • Steganos Password Power generator produces robust private data protection
  • Password security search for the most secure codes
  • Open your risk-free your personal approach
  • Exclusive faves stay individual
  • Supports hotkey, automatic sign in and also drag-and-drop
  • Keyloggers failures with the help of virtual keyboard
  • Secure e-mails the simplest way
  • 256 Little bit AES stability algorithm
  • Steganography hides delicate files in photos along with tunes

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Download installer of the Steganos Privacy Suit:Enter the License key, which you receive in your email.

This software is compatible with Windows XP, Vista

Panda Cloud Antivirus Pro Edition – Download for Free with One Year Activation Key

Panda Cloud Antivirus Pro Edition – Download for Free with One Year Activation Key

Panda Cloud Antivirus Pro Edition is enhanced protection software and it is based on cloud technology, which provides complete protection shield against spyware, virus, and rootkits. It is having real-time connection with Panda labs for Online Collective intelligence servers to safeguard more quickly against the latest spyware variants while slightly influencing PC performance.

It is designed to turn off the Autorun feature that will help to safeguard users from infections that multiply by means of flash drives. Additionally it consists “Automatic USB Vaccination” to retain users from drifting down to destructive activities. Several users do not mind paying out to obtain superior antivirus to keep away from spyware, virus, spams, and harmful activities and provides them peace of mind. But why to pay, if you are able to obtain this fantastic antivirus for free, which costs $29.95?


Users will therefore need to type their first name, last name and a valid email id and after that click the Continue button. After filling all, the information users have to confirm and verify email id by click the link in your inbox.

 After that, users will be redirected to a new website where they will find one-year activation key for your antivirus software. After installing their copy of software, they have to activate their copy with this activation key.

Hide Confidential Data in Your Windows System by Using Hide Folders

Hide Confidential Data in Your Windows System by Using Hide Folders

Similar to “1 Second Folder Encrypt”, a freeware that protects your files and folders form being accessed by others, there is another free utility called “Hide Folders v2.2” which preserves the files and folders in your PC by making them invisible so that no one knows that they even exist. This tool is quite useful if you happen to share your PC with other users.

Hide Folders v2.2 eventually safeguards your confidential data from being accessed without your consent. Using this application is undeniably a better way of hiding you confidential data rather than locking it, which is likely to catch somebody’s attention and tempt him/her to hack it out of curiosity.

Hide Folders is extremely easy to use. You need to download the utility from the internet and install it. Simply launch it and add the folders that you wish to make invisible or hide.  Anytime in future, if you wish to make these hidden folders visible to everyone, you may highlight the folders and click on the button “Remove”.

You need to make sure that no one else can access “Hide Folders” utility and identify the folders that have been hidden. To take care of this issue, you have an option of setting up a protection password. You may easily download this freeware from Here.

Preventing Windows Live Mail From Blocking Unsupported File In Attachments

Preventing Windows Live Mail From Blocking Unsupported File In Attachments

The users who are in habit of using Microsoft’s Windows Live Mail sometimes gets annoyed when the emails having the following attachments are stopped when they are receiving or sending a file. Those attachments will be blocked for security reason.

The attachments or files that are prevented are pre-defined setting of Windows Live Mail which have the extension mainly as “.com”, “.lnk”, “.hlp”, “.msc”, “.vb”, “.scr”,  “.chm”, “.exe”, “.cpl”, “.msi”, “.tmp”, “.reg”, “.bat”, “.inf”, “.cmd”, ”.url”, etc.

When the user tries to send files having one of the extensions mentioned above, that email will be rebounded and as a result it will not be delivered. Again, if somebody tries to send files to the user having those extensions that file will not be delivered, and the user will be notified with a message which will tell users that the file they are trying to access is dangerous so it has been deactivated. You can solve this problem just by reconfiguring the setting. Just follow the simple following steps and get rid of this problem.

First select “Tools” then go to “Safety Option” which is present in Menu Bar. Then go to the “Security” option and search for that option that will not allow the attachments which are to be saved and will consider them to be virus. Just deselect it. Then apply it and you have done your job. You have prevented Windows Live Mail from blocking your emails that are attached with the file extensions mentioned above.

Now Use Internet Explorer 8 Password Protected

Now Use Internet Explorer 8 Password Protected

When it is about using internet, then privacy must be the prime and ultimate concern for all the internet users. If there is no proper privacy maintained, then a few of the uninvited troubles such as identity theft, password hack, hacking personal information and lots more may take place.

The best thing to do in this case is the make the Internet Explorer password protected. Let us see how to do that:

  • Open the browser, Internet Explorer, and then click on Menu, then navigate to tools, internet options and then to Content

  • Click Enable under the Content Advisor option

  • Select Settings, the General Tabs, and then check the option called “Supervisor can type a password to allow users to view restricted content
  • After you’ve clicked on Change Password you have to provide the password and hint
  • For maintaining enhanced privacy, set the bar to none
  • Hereafter, IE8 will prompt for entering the password once anyone tries to log on to the internet
  • Finally you are all set

Manage User Names And Passwords More Efficiently

Manage User Names And Passwords More Efficiently

Many of us today have accounts in various web portals, networking sites and mail ids. At times it becomes extremely confusing remembering all the user names and passwords for every particular site. It is also recommended to create strong passwords for security reasons, but these strong passwords can be easily forgotten and thus make us helpless.

Web Services like MashedLife helps manage passwords and user ids efficiently. Similar to this just mentioned service, ALPass is another extremely useful tool that securely stores and manages your user ids and passwords. The extra feature of this tool is that it can also be installed in any storage device like pen drive or iPod and thus carried anywhere we want to.

ALPass can be easily downloaded for free. You can install it in your personal computer or a removable device. After installing it you can store and add any number of user ids or passwords into this application. You can also access your subscription details, online membership details, and bank account details with just a few clicks.

The only limitation of this useful tool is that it runs only on Internet Explorer and is not supported by other web browsers like Opera, Firefox, and Safari etc. The utility of this application can be understood best when you have numerous ids and passwords to manage. This application speeds up login processes and helps you avoid mixing of complicated and strong passwords.

The latest version of this application ALPass 2.80 has been just released a few days ago. It can be downloaded from Here:


Some of the key features of this application are that it is portable and can also be installed onto a portable drive, it allows login to more than one website with just a single click. You can also add unlimited number of ids and passwords of your accounts, it also allows easy access to your accounts and allows you to edit, add, manage and delete login details.

The best part of this application is that it is totally safe and secure even for unlimited users on a single machine. Passwords for your user ids can be masked as * or can even be displayed as plain text as per your choice.

The ALPass 2.80 is extremely intelligent as it gives automatic prompts to add new websites with desired settings and also provides extra security by setting log out limits.

Check Out These Useful Techniques To Prevent Your Personal Wikileaks

Check Out These Useful Techniques To Prevent Your Personal Wikileaks

Wikileaks is a widely popular subject in news as well as an interesting topic for general discussion all around the world. Due to Wikileaks, a huge amount of information related to world governments which is generally hidden is revealed to the public.

The general public is normally either unaware or prefers to remain unaware of what is happening behind the scenes. The main reason behind this is that, some find it too difficult to keep a watch on what’s going on while others are too frightened to follow. However, in a society that believes in democracy, people deserve to know about what is happening in their government.

Let me make it very clear that this blog has nothing to do with politics. The above mentioned example is only to show how confidential information can be released to public due to a break in security chain, even though it is meant only for some intended recipients.

If you look at this issue on a personal level, you can imagine how such security failures can ruin careers, destroy relationships and lead to issues such as stolen identity.

In a recent write up on Personal Wikileaks, Jason Perlow explained how he received a Smartphone for evaluation only to learn that the earlier user was sophisticated technology journalist who had direct attention of popular technology industry leaders.



Many such incidents occur in tech journalism and there are a lot of instances where personal devices are used, evaluated and sent back without purging personal information. Moreover, these devices are not even wiped or purged by the vendor. This is nothing but complete carelessness.

Jason believes that this is an epidemic issue. However, it looks to be more of a systemic issue which is inbuilt in our personalities. People normally do not think about the safety of their personal information until and unless they deliberately focus on the issue. Humans still believe that all they need is food, shelter and protection from predators.

However, in today’s world, predators are no more interested in eating your carcass. All they want is your personal data.  Internet is full of articles related to accidental data leaks that include celebrities losing their mobile phone containing some personal pictures, government employees misplacing their laptops etc.

Email accounts of various political candidates get hacked as they make use of simple, easy-to-guess passwords.  Some malicious users hack databases of commercial websites in turn revealing critical financial data of their clients that is finally sold to some black market group overseas.

This issue related to information leaks is not going to end until and unless people start protecting their personal information in the same manner as they protect their money, families and homes. Jason Perlow has suggested a lot of ways of protecting personal data present on your Smartphone. You need to simply wipe the information on the device as well as the storage card before you give it to others.

Enhance your phone with remote admin capabilities so that you can wipe out your personal data from the device even in case you lose it. Always make use of a screen lock password or PIN as well as SIM lock password if possible. Most phones allow you to dial the local emergency number even if your phone is locked so that you do not have to waste time in unlocking it while trying to dial the emergency number.

However, the issue related to information leaks is not just confined to your Smartphone. You must be having critical data at various other places like your home, at work and on websites.

The major mistake that most people make is using the same password everywhere. Your passwords are the main thing that can strengthen the security of your critical data. Rather than using one password, you need to have around six of them. Create your passwords in such a way that they are difficult to crack.

An ideal password should contain not less than 8 characters. It should have at least 1 number, 1 capital letter and 1 special character like %,!, $, @, #,etc. Your password should not contain an actual word or should not have anything related to your life. Remember to change or rotate your password regularly. Keeping the password unchanged for over 90 days is not wise.

Allowing others to access or use your personal devices or computer is another thing that can lead to information leaks. Many people like carrying their phones with them. A number of times they leave their phones at their desk at the workplaces and disappear for sometimes only to realize that in their absence, their battery contacts have been taped over.

If you need to walk away from your seat leaving your cell phone behind, you need to make sure that you lock the screen of your phone with a screen lock password. In case you have a laptop or other portable computer hardware and there are visitors who walk in directly without any interception by the security, it is wise to keep it locked in your desk when you are not around.

You need to also secure or protect your cloud data when you check your emails. You must be having email accounts with Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo! or any other email clients which generally use cloud storage. You do not have to worry if you access your email using your home PC.

However, if you access your emails from Internet cafes or Libraries, you need to be very careful. Computers at such places may have keylogger or even if they don’t, you might not be very sure that you can purge all the saved passwords from these systems. You need to avoid accessing any personal/ financial data on the computers that you do not completely trust. 

Some people do not understand the seriousness of information leaks until they unexpectedly realize that somebody has bought something expensive using their credit card details.

Nevertheless, taking care of small things like choosing proper passwords and preventing others from physically accessing your PC or devices can certainly make a difference. Data thieves are often seen following easy targets. In case you do not offer an easy target, they are bound to change their route.

Also, it is very important that you keep your anti-malware and anti-virus software up-to-date on your system.

Storing, Sharing Microsoft Office Word, Excel And Powerpoint Documents Online With Password Protection

Storing, Sharing Microsoft Office Word, Excel And Powerpoint Documents Online With Password Protection

Microsoft Office Live Workspace, a unique innovation of online addition of Microsoft Office lets you and the people around you, with whom you work with, share and store Microsoft Office documents under a high security environment from almost anywhere online.

Microsoft Office Live Workspace offers:

  • Store space of over 1,000 Microsoft Office documents on the Web
  • Synchronize contacts, tasks, and calendar events with Microsoft Office Outlook
  • Set permissions to control who can view and edit documents
  • access large documents from anywhere, online


Uploading a file (can even be large in size) and easily sharing it with group members can be easily done with the help of Office Live Workspace. The sharing file can even be updated by the group members and can send it back.





Online storage – Microsoft Office Live authorize users to save information in many file formats. For this purpose it offers up to 5 gigabytes (GB) of memory space which can be utilized from any PC with a net connection, even if Microsoft Office is not installed.


Information sharing –Workspace is intended to facilitate computer users for sharing a single file or a workspace holding multiple documents.


Software compatibility –Office Live Workspace has software compatibility as it works with MS Office programs such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Microsoft Outlook. It also facilitates user to save documents of other file types.


Resources and support – For supporting the users, a Community Support website, which includes a blog, how-to videos, wiki is created by Microsoft. This gives the opportunity to the customers to ask questions about Office Live Workspace.

Easy And Secure Sharing Of E-Mails On The Net

Easy And Secure Sharing Of E-Mails On The Net


It is a very common practice to share emails through sites like Twitter, Skype, and Facebook, but this convenience can come at the cost of safety of your email accounts.

Numerous email harvesters and spam robots are ready to access information from these networking sites. Clicking on a spam accidently can lead to your information being accessed by a third person and lead to misuse of your personal account. is a service that allows users to share and access their emails safely and reduce spam. This Internet service converts the email address into a safe and short URL.



You can also define a URL on your own, thus making it simpler for you to remember the new and safer address.  It is extremely simple to implement. If your email id is [email protected] then you can define your own URL as, which is closest to your personal email address.

On clicking the new URL, you will be directed to a check page which will reveal your protected and safe email address.

Emails are extremely vulnerable these days and n order to have a secure and safe email account, is the best thing you can bet on.

Prevent Window Closing Unintentionally using NoClose Utility

It is quite obvious that sometimes people close current windows accidentally which causes loss of work. There is feature “Auto-Saved” available in Microsoft windows operating system that saves your work automatically, if these kinds of incident occur.

However what if, this feature is not available? In such a case, you must have to find out the different way to prevent closing windows unintentionally. Sometimes people have itchy kind of hand and navigate to the close button on the right side of open window accidentally and press it.

It could be a great idea if you were to disable and block the close option for sometime until you finfish your work. It will surely help you to keep your processed data safe and secure. There is a utility named NoClose which is capable of disabling the close button on your instructions.


You just need to install it and you will see that this tiny application will be located into the tray area. Now you just activate it (Ctrl + 1), and once you activate it, “close button” (X) will be disabled immediately.

You can change this setting and enable close button according to your preferences.  You can keep your window open and safe from being closed accidentally by your children or other itchy hands.