Samsung – Microsoft Conflict Over Android Phone Manufacturing – Will The End Users Suffer ?

Microsoft Imposed Royalty Fees on Samsung for Manufacturing Android Based Hardwares

Undeniably, Microsoft has incredible reputation in manufacturing computers and IT industry. The Windows operating system by Microsoft is almost reining the IT industry. However, few of the other giant players such as Google has launched their Smartphone in the market and most of the mobile phone manufacturing companies have started producing Android based devices.

Microsoft has also made its presence felt in Smartphone section with its Windows Mobile phone running on windows operating system. Samsung deals with both the companies respectively, but the sale of the Android OS based Smartphone has increased tremendously, which has made the producer increase the production of phone running on this operating system.

This has come as a setback to Microsoft and they have imposed royalty fees on Samsung. Now let us get some insight on events happening between Microsoft and Samsung, and more:

What’s happening between Microsoft and Samsung?

  • Microsoft has taken a decision to impose royalty charge of 15$ on each of the Samsung Android based mobile phones.
  • Samsung has requested to cut down or lower down this royalty penalty from 15$ to 10$. It is currently being considered by the Microsoft, but they haven’t gone really public about their reconsideration on the loyalty fees as yet.
  • Microsoft has taken this step on the grounds of Patent troll activity or patent infringement. They argue that Samsung has misused its patent by under-manufacturing Windows mobile phone according to the volume as agreed. Samsung has also been accused of misusing the patent rights, in order to get a grip on bigger market shares.

What are the factors and facts behind Microsoft’s BIG decision to charge Samsung ?

  • Most of the people believe that Microsoft has wrongly filed a lawsuit against Samsung and used the advantage of being the most reputed company in the industry. People also think that the main reason behind charging a huge amount of royalty fee on each mobile phone is only to get back at the rival company.
  • There is another partners of Microsoft such as HTC, who only pay 5 $ as the royalty charge.
  • Few market experts argue that Samsung is only manufacturing the android based Smartphone to meet high volume of public demand. However, Microsoft has a valid reason to charge them with the royalty fee or have Samsung completely stop the manufacturing of android be smart phones.
  • The experts also conclude that this could be one of the reasons through which Microsoft is trying to win the market by eliminating their competitors.

How right is Microsoft ?

Critics are objecting Microsoft forcing Samsung to pay $15 huge on each android based hardware. They also state that it is unfair to penalize Samsung under the act of Patent Troll. It is very clear that Samsung deals with both companies and manufactures devices having two different operating systems. However, it is fortunate for Samsung that the android based mobile phones are high in demand. Microsoft must review and revise their terms and conditions before they could reasonably file a lawsuit against the partner company.

Make Skype Video Call On HTC Sensation And Samsung Galaxy S2

Very recently I was pointing out that it was not possible to make skype video calls on  Samsung Galaxy phones. I was bit too early in voicing my concern as I just read that Skype video calling is indeed possible now !

Read the news on iGyaan, and they also linked to Droid-life who apparently have found a hack to get Skype video calling work with HTC Sensation.

I need to update my friend who was looking to get it work. Oh btw did I mention you need to be on Android 2.3 to enjoy this feature ? The earlier apps were fine on Android 2.2, so upgrading to 2.3 is the only homework you need to do to use skype video calling.

Download Free Mobile AntiVirus For SamSung, Nokia, Corby, Pro, RIM, Apple Etc

It is quite common for mobiles to be affected by viruses and spyware. Then, what is the solution to that? Well, here is something special for you, as antivirus solution for your mobile. BullGuard Mobile Security is now reachable to all major platforms and branded mobile phone manufacturers. It performs dual functions of safeguarding your phone from cranky softwares or threats and also let’s you track and safeguard your personal details if your phone goes missing.

In addition to lock, wipe, backup, SIM card protection, alarm and GPS functions, BullGuard Mobile Security brings in many more interesting features too. It furnishes you with a web based interface that allows remote address to your phone when it is missing or stolen. It has the facility of real time detection and getting rid of spyware and viruses that come from direct download SMS, MMS, e-mail, Bluetooth, Infrared, making this software very special.

Other features are – parental control, anti-theft, spam filters, firewall and basic back-up facilities. It can be obtained for Android, Symbian, Windows Mobile, Black berry and various other devices and BullGuard claims a 24/7 support to its customers all over the world. If you wish to download this software, then go to the promo page, enter the email address and click on the continue button.

The license key will be generated in a few seconds. Then click on the ‘install manually’ button and enjoy a registered mobile security. New Year time is meant for rejoicing; hence BullGuard Mobile Security is given out for free! It also includes back up to save your contacts and calendar to your account online and even restores them if the device is damaged/lost or stolen.

It hardly matters what device you use as these malware can catch you unawares, hack your calling services even before you know it. Without your consent they send messages, steal and exploit personal information as data from credit cards, passwords and telephones numbers. The mobile security is the only answer because a smartphone without enough protection is worthless.

Download The Samsung PC Studio For Free

Download The Samsung PC Studio For Free

The Samsung PC Studio is also known as Samsung PC Suite which allows users to access their mobile phones via the computer. It helps them handle their data stored in the mobile phone in a better and efficient way.

The latest version of this Suite, 7.2.24, helps users to manage text messages, contacts, backups, multimedia messages, audio and video files from their personal computers. The user just needs to connect the phone to the PC via Bluetooth or data cable and access the information via this suite.

The file conditions and irrelevant files can be handled by this application as it helps you permanently remove corrupted files and data.

Some of the features of the Samsung PC Studio are mentioned below:

  • Internet connections can be managed via the networking wizard
  • Enables the phone to be used as a modem and connect to the internet
  • MMS Composer to create multimedia messages
  • Text messages can be managed with the Message Manager
  • Multimedia and Text Messages can also be sent while connected to the computer.
  • Dial up connection can be established using the PC Sync

There are a lot of other features other than the ones mentioned above. The PC Suite creates a bridge between your computer and your Samsung Mobile.

Watch World Cup Cricket Live In US / America On Android, BalckBerry, Symbian OS, PS3, Windows Phone, Boxee, Google TV, Samsung Internet TV, PC, Laptop, Desktop, Roku

All you cricket fans in America, there is a reason for you to celebrate. If you are not at home and you want to watch ICC World Cup Cricket Live then you don’t have to worry at all ! Willow.TV brings cricket to your web browsers, smart phone mobile devices, iPad, tablet devices and IP ready devices.

You can watch cricket on :

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Subscription link can be found here.

Steps To Check Whether The IMEI Number Of You Mobile Phone Is Invalid Or Original

Steps To Check Whether The IMEI Number Of You Mobile Phone Is Invalid Or Original

When Telephone Regulatory Authority India (TRAI) announced that all the mobile phones with invalid IMEI number will be blocked, it created panic amongst the users who are using such mobile phones. It only matters if the handset is a Chinese product, but if it is branded with names like Nokia, Samsung, and Sony Ericsson, then the users do not have to worry.

Still let us see how to check whether the IMEI number of the mobile phones is valid or invalid:

  • After you press *#06#, then press call button and jot down the IMEI number, it is 15 digit number.
  • Go to text message and create a new message, Type the IMEI number and then send the message to 53232.
  • You will receive a reply after couple of seconds. If you have been replied with “Success”, then it is valid device, else not.

You can easily get a new IMEI number for just Rs.199 by visiting here.

AES Bit Encryption On Samsung SSD’s Increases The Security

Samsung and many manufacturers are now leading the way with [SSDs now open] news that these SSDs will practice built-in full government grade AES 256 Bit-encryption for increased security to allow safety against loss of data. Corporates and professionals, who know the true worth of data, will be glad to acknowledge the high value of Samsung SSDs and give them a place of its own.

It is Samsung’s debate that they are the only ones who possess SSDs for Corporate users with TCG’s Opal Standard 256 bit-encryption.

Here are some of the most important features:-

  1. AES encryption extended to 256-bits – These Samsung SSD features are advanced hardware self encryption methods based on Trusted Computing Group’s Opan Standard.
  2. Protection against data loss.
  3. Protection against unauthorized access to sensitive data.
  4. Rugged, light and fast.
  5. 25%less weight than HDDS-perfect for laptops, notebooks etc.
  6. Sequential read/write speeds of upto 250/220 HB/s.
  7. Firmware and hardware can be securely updated.

The AES 256 Bit-encryption is placed on the top most position. User authentication and data encryption are done through the great security of drive controller rather than based o software. Software based encryptions utilize CPU and save data in unsafe memory areas. Samsung’s self encrypting drives SED encrypt data at the interface speed therefore ther will be no slowing of operations of the SSD. Hardware encryption allows the speed to increase 2.4 times faster than software encrypted devices and 3.7 times higher when it is compared to a hard drive with software encryption.

Samsung drive encourages management software which functions along with the SSD’s self encryption software to give a totally controlled hardware encryption solution Samsung SSD’s encourage Embassy Trusted drive Manager from wave Systems which allow backup and recovery of passwords and enhanced security settings. Other features found are preboot authenticity and a single sign on to Windows. Its feather weight, quicker functioning ad greater safety features are sure to push it to the top position, in the market in the forthcoming months!

How Can I Transfer Photos From Samsung, Nikon, Canon To My Computer And To My CD, DVD

Transferring Photos from Camera to an XP Computer and Burning them to CD

For the really uninitiated using XP computers, a simple job such as transferring the photos from a newly bought digital camera to the PC and then burning them on to a CD can a daunting task. However, if you follow the steps listed out below, you cannot go wrong.

Transferring the Photos to your XP computer

There are two ways to do this:

  1. The first is to use the default software that comes with your camera – be it of a Samsung, Nikon, Canon, or any other make.
    1. In this method, you use the USB cable to plug in your camera to a USB port on your computer.
    2. Make sure that your default camera software is already installed on it. After that your, camera is detected by the software, and it starts by itself. [In case it doesn’t, you should locate the program in the Start Menu -> Programs menu and start it manually.]
    3. Then, the software will guide you through the various steps of transferring the photos from the camera. [The exact details vary from case to case.]
  2. The other way is to use the memory card that is there in your camera. For this either you have to have a Memory Card Reader slot on your PC/laptop, or you need to have a Memory Card Reader that goes into a USB port.
    1. Plug in the memory card of the camera.
    2. It will be detected as a separate drive in My Computer.
    3. Simply open the directory, and copy-paste/move the photos as you would any normal files located on your PC.
    4. Eject the drive when you are done.

Burning the photos to a CD

There are numerous options to do this. You can either use the default application in XP – which is to first insert a writable CD in the computer, and then copy the folder contents to the new CD drive. This starts a Write Contents to CD wizard that guides you through the burning process.

Alternatively, you can also use different burning softwares such Nero, Roxio, etc. that are easily available on the web.