Automatically Save All the Files with AutoSaver

Automatically Save All the Files with AutoSaver

There are several software and applications, which does not incorporate the feature of automatically saving of those files on which users works on, and they are not even able to recover the unsaved work of earlier session. It implies that when user does not possess power backup with him at the time of power shutdown, failure, and unintentional exit while running of the software or unexpected PC shutdown, all of the unsaved work will be closed down and sacrificed. Therefore, if users are searching for a simpler solution to immediately save the alterations subsequent to every specified period inside a file, then they can achieve this by using this application names as AutoSaver.

AutoSaver is a portable and handy window based utility tool to immediately save the changes to an opened file. It works on those applications, which supports the Ctrl S hotkey to save the changes.

.NET Framework 3.5 is required to use this application.

Use following links to download the AutoSaver

Download zip file
Download EXE file

Extract and Save Images From Power Point Files Easily

Extracting and Saving Images from Power Point Files is no more Complex Task

Some people didn’t find difficulties when extracting pictures from PowerPoint files. If anyone would like to save specific pictures from power point slides then he/she has to follow complex process to save it. However now there is no need to follow that complex process. It takes to much time to extract images from power point files. Here you will get tips to explore and save your favorite files from power point files easily.

  • There is a key on the keyboard “PrintScreen”. Once you press that key your favorite image or picture will automatically save on your desktop. 

If you want to extract a lot of pictures then this process will be a headache for you. Pressing again and again PrintScreen button consumes much of your time and effort. Even quality of images will be low because in this time consuming process.

Extract and save images using HTML exporting option:

  • Run your power point slides on the screen
  • Navigate to File>Save As to save file as a web page(*.htm,*.html)
  • Now locate that folder where you saved your favorite images in HTML format.
  • Here you can get your images and pictures
  • Finally you have completed the task of exporting images from power point files. 

These two ways of exporting HTML files from PowerPoint files in order to enable the user to get their images quickly. All you need to do is just follow these simple steps to extract and save images in your preferred location.

Windows vista and XP keyboard shortcuts

Windows vista and XP keyboard shortcuts

In Windows Vista or XP you can open, close, save, exit or even navigate anywhere within the system by the help of shortcut keys. Instead of dragging the mouse pointer here and there and then clicking on the file or option to open the documents or any window, it can be easily done with keyboard shortcut keys.


It makes the computing process real fast, easy and convenient. In the support section of windows, they have posted the complete tutorial of the keyboard shortcut keys for Vista and XP system. To know all the shortcut keys refer the support pages.

Windows XP Shortcut Keys

Windows Vista Shortcut Keys

Windows 7 Shortcut Keys


In Firefox use Passwordfox to see the saved passwords

In Firefox use Passwordfox to see the saved passwords

In Firefox once you give the detail information to login, it asks whether you want Firefox to remember the log in details or not. Once you click remember, you don’t need to fill up the details over and over again while logging in.

To see the saved passwords of all the sites you can use firefox master password in case you don’t remember the password of one site. Now what if you don’t remember the master password? Here comes the main role of PasswordFox.


It is third party tool which is used to see the saved passwords in Firefox. It is very handy and very easy to work with. All you need to do is to run the application after installing it. You can download the software from internet. Once you run the application you will be provided with the password of the profile that had been accessed last.

Save Title Automatically For Filling Up The Filename While Saving The Webpage

Save Title Automatically For Filling Up The Filename While Saving The Webpage

For saving the user’s time so that they do not have to retype that filename which appeared on the web page’s title while saving a page, users of Firefox can try the Title Save extension.

This add-on of the Firefox browser saves a webpage as well as automatically places that page’s title in that file name. The users need not retype that file name again and hence it improves the speed of the saving process. In addition to that, if that page is saved for “Complete” type, then the corresponding URL automatically is introduced as a content of HTML. You can download the ‘Title Save 0.1f’ from the link Here.

Changing File Saving Default Format From Docx Into Doc In Word Document 2007

Changing File Saving Default Format From Docx Into Doc In Word Document 2007

Word 2007 has introduced a new default format of file i.e. Docx. It is a format in which it will be saved and it is supported by XML and uses the ZIP compression in order to reduce overall size of file. However, you may don’t want to save the file under docx format, as many people are using Office 2000/2003/XP and Microsoft Office Compatibility may not be installed. So the new format of file is not fully compatible to the existing word versions. In order to change the .docx file format follow these steps:

First click Office button, which is located on left corner in word 2007 at the top. Secondly, on the menu, you should click Word Options as located at the bottom. Then click save as option as shown on the left panel. Then you should choose “Word97-2003 Document i.e. (*.doc).  Then click ok button in order to save that setting.

These simple steps if followed properly will give you file format .doc instead of .docx. I have given some effort for trying to locate these options in its totally new interface, e in order to get more fruitful regular piece of works.

Save Energy With PowerSlave – Start Power Scheme Automatically On Windows OS

Save Energy With PowerSlave – Start Power Scheme Automatically On Windows OS

You’ll find some of the power saving utilities which are already introduced in your Windows operating system. These utilities helps you to easily configure power saving measures and you could decide to exist in power saving mode or in full horse power mode depending upon the condition. In office times most commonly, you’ll need your computer to run efficiently for better performance. While moving to home you would possibly like to keep your computer in energy saving mode.

Isn’t it the helpful thing if your computer switches itself to power saving mode when you finish all your work? Now, you could simply set your profile to the computer and it will be switched automatically to the power saving mode at the predefined time. An effective solution known as PowerSlave will surely help you to do so. PowerSlave stores your configured power scheme profile with, which your computer will be switched off automatically without your intervention.

This utility has a simple user interface. With this, you could simply set the Day and Night time plans according to your preferences and for that you don’t have to go through complex steps at all. For example, you may select “Power Saver” and “High Performance” plan for day time and night time correspondingly. After that, you have to enter the ‘Start Time’ and then ‘End Time’ according to your schedule and finally click on ‘Apply’ button.

To use this pretty useful application, just go ahead, download and install it using the link given Here.

Save Backup Of Device Drivers Easily Using Double Driver

Save Backup Of Device Drivers Easily Using Double Driver

It is very helpful to backup all the computer drivers. When you fail to find original driver CD and you don’t have internet access to download drivers, the backup will surely help you. A tiny software utility named as Double Driver could make this job much easier. This utility tool allows you to take backup drivers and save with plain GUI in much efficient way.

First of all, you have to click on the ‘scan’ button for it to examine all the device drivers installed on your computer. When it finishes scanning, a long list of all the drivers will be displayed along with provider name, date, version number, hardware ID, setup section and etc.


All the non-Microsoft drivers installed are selected automatically whereas you could also select to take backups of particular drivers depending on your own choice. When you select particular driver, just click on the ‘Backup’ tab. Once you have done that it will prompt you to select the destination folder to save the backup.

Double Driver is pretty useful tool and takes only 2MB of the disk space. It is compatible with all Windows Operating Systems. To download Double Driver, just go Here.

Save All Attachments From Emails In Microsoft Outlook 2007

Save All Attachments From Emails In Microsoft Outlook 2007

We tend to normally get emails with attachment, and when we search for them in future, we tend look for emails with attachment individually. If you would like to combine and save them, you could use SaveAllAttachments rather than searching through numerous email lists to manually save them. SaveAllAttachments is an add-in for Outlook 2007 with which you could save all your attachments for future reference and delete them optionally from emails.

SaveAllAttachments is absolutely free to download. Once installed, a small button namely “Save All Attachments” would be displayed on the toolbar and in the File menu. After executing the add-in, you will be prompted with windows where you could select the path to save all the attachments. You could also select to leave a link in the massage body by deleting the attachments from emails. This link will be pointing towards the original location of the file so that you could overwrite the file if it already exists.


SaveAllAttachments is compatible with Windows XP and Vista operating systems for Microsoft Outlook 2007. To get the best results and proper functioning, you should install .Net Framework 3.5 for SP1 and Visual Studio Tools designed for office system 3.0 Runtime. Before downloading SaveAllAttachments, you could download the above two required components with the help of Microsoft website. Just go through the following link to download SaveAllAttachments.

Download MS Office Compatibility Pack To Open, Edit, View And Save Office 2007 Files In Office 2000, XP And 2003

Download MS Office Compatibility Pack To Open, Edit, View And Save Office 2007 Files In Office 2000, XP And 2003

Since the time Microsoft released and started distributing 2007 MS Office System in the year 2007, a number of corporate as well as retail customers have upgraded and switched on from Office 2000, Office XP or Office 2003 to MS Office 2007.  MS Office 2007 offers a lot of new enhancements including a whole new GUI (Graphical User Interface) with tabbed toolbar which is entirely task-oriented.

Among the new features that are included in MS Office 2007 business productivity suite, the major difference is the usage of new XML formats as default file formats. Whenever you create Excel 2007 workbooks and spreadsheets, PowerPoint 2007 presentations and Word 2007 documents, they are saved by default using the file extensions such as .xlsx, .pptx and .docx respectively.

However, these new XML based extensions are not supported by older versions of MS Office (XP, 2000 and 2003). Therefore, you are unable to open, edit, view or save any Office 2007 files using the previous versions of MS Office. The best solution to this problem is to upgrade to MS Office 2007.

Once you upgrade to MS Office 2007, there will be no compatibility issues related to spreadsheets, documents and presentations created and saved in different versions of MS Office. MS Office 2007 comes with a backup compatibility support which contains Office files of almost all older versions of MS Office.

However, not all companies and all users are able to upgrade to MS Office 2007 due to the price consent. In such cases, users who use the older versions of MS Office such as Office XP (2002), Office 2003 and Office 2000 will be unable to open, edit, view or save the files which are created in MS Office 2007.

Nevertheless, to take care of this issue related to Excel, Word and PowerPoint 2007 XML file formats, Microsoft offers MS Office Compatibility Pack. This compatibility Pack eliminates all Compatibility issues related to MS Office files and allows you to exchange files and documents between various MS Office releases.

If you happen to run MS Office XP version (i.e. Excel XP, Word XP ,PowerPoint XP), MS Office 2003 version (i.e. Excel 2003, Word 2003, PowerPoint 2003), or MS Office 2000 version (i.e. Excel 2000, Word 2000, PowerPoint 2000), you need to simply download this Compatibility Pack (FileFormatConverters.exe) from Microsoft website and install the same on your system.

After doing so, you’ll be allowed to open, edit, view and save workbooks and spreadsheets, documents and presentations in XML format of MS Office 2007 using your existing MS Office version (i.e. XP (2002), 2000 or 2003). You do not need to upgrade to MS Office 2007 anymore.

If you wish to open, edit or view any excel, word or PowerPoint 2007 file in MS Office XP, 2000 and 2003, you need to just double-click on the workbook, document or presentation. You can save the files by clicking on the button “Save”.

 In order to create a file in 2007 XML format, you need to simply open a fresh blank workbook, document or presentation and save the file or documents by clicking on the button “Save”. While saving Excel and PowerPoint 2000 files, you need to right-click on the Excel or PowerPoint file and choose the “Save As” option.