Free Software For Scientific, Numerial Computing, Algorithms And Visualization

Numerical computations are done with Octave which works on an interactive basis with the users. While the application is written in a language specifically used for mathematical computations, the functions which are user defined are written in more common languages such as C, C++ and FORTRAN or in Octave’s language.

Octave is freely licensed software,and the usage of Octave is easily understood by the user community especially the students. The program is also used in solving many practical commercial problems and find use in many areas related to research and teaching. The functionalities of the software are improving on a continuous basis in line with the needs of the user community.

Octave can successfully do many complex mathematical functions such as scalars and matrices based on integer, real or complex values. It can work on ordinary and algebraic differential equations. It finds solutions for nonlinear algebraic equations and does integration over finite and infinite intervals.

Octave has got an extremely good and helpful manual. Whatever you cannot find in the manual is available through a mailing support. Octave also has built in math functions, powerful function libraries and support for complex numbers. With all its complexity, Octave is very user friendly software which is an ideal fit for students to learn programming.

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Powertoy Calculator / Calc For Windows 7

Check Out The All New Windows 7 Calculator- Powertoy calculator for Windows 7!

Looks like Microsoft has tried to build one of finest OS ever released in the form of Windows 7. With Windows Vista having such a beautified graphical user interface, nothing much could have been upgraded in that area.

So now, Microsoft has started updating and upgrading long pending functions and features of applications and programs that are packaged free of cost with Windows. One such basic and important program that has been upgraded is “Calculator”.

In Windows 7, new features have been added to enhance the Calculator. Users can now call history and perform unit conversions with ease using this new upgraded Calculator. Unit Conversion option allows you to convert 11 types of measurements including area, volume, velocity, angles and more.

This calculator also has the ability to calculate the total time between two given dates. You just need to input the two dates and the calculator reports number of days, weeks, months and years between the given two dates.

Moreover, two new modes namely “Statistics” and “Programmer” have been introduced besides the usual Scientific and Standard modes.

The programmer mode comes with the ability to make Oct, Hex and Bin conversions. This mode also helps you to perform Word length and size calculations.

The Statistics Mode can make various types of statistics calculations including Standard Deviation and Summation. This Windows 7 Calculator also has 4 inbuilt worksheets to enable you perform more complicated calculations.

Now users no longer have to buy third-party calculator software or make use of downloaded calculator powertoys like Calculator Plus.

Now you tell me, is there any need for a Powertoy Calculator For Windows 7?