Steps to Run or Start Full Screen of Window XP mode

Steps to Run or Start Full Screen of Window XP

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Normally while running Window XP using start menu, the virtual window XP screen will appear within the desktop of window 7. One of the invisible attribute of Window XP mode is the fact that it is feasible to optimize the virtual Window XP screen to full screen mode.

The capability to open and run Window XP mode in full screen is important for some programs to work properly, which requires the execution at full screen mode. Additionally, opening of virtual window XP screen also enables larger display screen to completely support the resolution of screen, so that the entire screen can fit into monitor, it helps the user to view the whole screen at the same time without even scrolling up and down.

Follow the below given steps to start and run Window XP mode to Full Screen mode.

Launch Window XP Mode.

From Menu bar, click Action>view full screen

Suggestion: you can also modify vmc files, which are Window XP mode files, and can set the VM ‘s resolution, position whether or not to run in normal mode or full screen mode.

You can find the vmc file at:

C:\Users\user name\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Virtual PC\Virtual Machines folder.

The following are the modifications

<window_xpos type=”integer”>188</window_xpos>

<window_ypos type=”integer”>77</window_ypos>

<full_screen type=”boolean”>true</full_screen>

<resolution_height type=”integer”>600</resolution_height>

<resolution_width type=”integer”>896</resolution_width>

Creating Customized Twitter Backgrounds

Creating Customized Twitter Backgrounds

Creating customized twitter screen backgrounds, attracts more people which in turn accounts to more people following you. A customized twitter screen background is a way of showcasing your style quotient, professionalism and speaks a lot about your organization skills.

Creating free customized twitter screen backgrounds is easy and fun too. The status of the account holder should be good enough to begin with. One can project oneself, one’s blogs, brand, sites freely using twitter generator tool.

This feature of creating a customized background is supplied by twitter’s “Twitter Image”. Twitter Image is ready to provide you with all the above services provided you have at least 5000 followers. They provide this service for free by only crediting themselves on the screen background. There certainly is no harm in doing so.

They consider many factors before providing a free customized twitter screen background. Factors that are kept under consideration are status of a person’s blog, site, tweeting frequencies and many more. They receive many applications every day, so all they say is please fulfill the above factors before applying.

If one fails to fulfill their criteria to apply for a free customized screen background, one can still get a customized background by paying $100. However, it is best to improve twitter status by getting a free customized background rather than pay $100.

Successfully Fix The Windows7 Screen Flashing Error

Successfully Fix The Windows7 Screen Flashing Error

Users of Windows7 might occasionally face some screen flashing errors after optimizing the systems shut down speed. This symptom mostly occurs when the user selects any folder or accesses any web page. The desktop pop up or jumps forward the browser and shows a “Not Responding” message. This error message is always displayed on the corner (top – left) of the window.

The probable reason of this problem is due to optimization of the systems shut down speed. Whenever the user optimizes these changes, the OS faces lack in buffer time and other lacks. This takes the system into the Not Responding mode and the error message is thus displayed.

In order to fix or get away with this problem of screen flashing, the user needs to follow the steps given below:

  • Go to the Start Menu
  • In the text space of Run, type in “RegEdit”.
  • This will run the Registry Editor.
  • Delete the following registry keys
  • HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\Control Panel\Desktop\HungAppTimeOut
    HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\Control Panel\Desktop\WaitToKillAppTimeOut
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop\HungAppTimeOut
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop\WaitToKillAppTimeOut
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop\WaitToKillServiceTimeOut

Restart your system and the issue is solved.

Tile And Resize Your Monitor Screen With Winsplit Revolution

Tile And Resize Your Monitor Screen With Winsplit Revolution

To get the work done efficiently, one should use multiple monitors instead of using a single for numerous works. However, if the addition of some more monitors in your work is going out of budget, then simple software applications will surely help you. The utility named, WinSplit Revolution will allow you to manage your work more systematically. This helps you to view and make cross reference among all of the windows in a very easy way.

The installation process can be carried out in two ways. The first way is to install this program as usual and as a second way, you could just copy all the utility files in a specific folder and use it as a portable application. You could also transfer this folder to the removable devices so that, it can be used in other systems.

After normal installing, a small icon will take place on the system tray. When you click on the icon, a small pop up menu will be displayed. With this pop up menu, you could resize any window to the top right, center, bottom left and etc and thus, to do so, there is no need to adjust them manually.


Now you can change the layout of windows with your own choice. While going to combine them with hotkey settings, the program simplifies the necessary steps for moving a particular window to its desired location. All you have to do is just hit the specific hotkeys and you’ll get all your working windows arranged nicely on your tiny monitor screen.

WinSplit Revolution works great with Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Vista including 32 bits and 64-bits OS. The software is absolutely free to download and you could download it using this link.

Capture Screen Animation Including Audio And Share With Others Using Goview

Capture Screen Animation Including Audio And Share With Others Using Goview 

You might have been using ScreenCastle application in order to capture screen animations directly from the web browser. The latest application, which is similar to the previously released ScreenCastle, has been introduced in the market. This application allows you to capture screen animation with audio recording.

It is the latest advanced feature that is associated with GoView Online web service. It is a free web service which enables you to enjoy Screen animation with audio recording. Another plus point of this service is that you can share your screen animation with others via online in easy steps. 

Initially, you’ll need to create an account which is free then download and install the software on your computer to launch it. Once you installed software, you will see a small icon appearing on your system tray. Whenever you want to record screen animation with audio, right click on the icon followed by “Record Screen & Audio”.  

You can easily stop the recording process whenever you want. These files will be stored in a secure Citrix data center. Now you can share these screen animations using URL link with others online according to your preferences. 

In case you are encountering problem in recording the audio, then you just right click on the Icon>> Preference and you will get few setups for audio settings. Then, select the “Digital Audio – Microphone” to process your audio recording and screen animation properly.

Since the GoView utility is web based services, you must have stable and fast speed broadband connection in order to get rid of errors in the uploading process.

WinSnap Is Another Screen Capturing Tool

WinSnap is another screen capturing tool

Every personal computer or laptop has a built-in function called PrintScreen (prt sc) to capture the screen in a snapshot, and then we can edit it according to our purposes. Due to lots of shortcomings of this feature, like you can’t capture a non rectangular window nicely, and so we need something advanced. Here comes the main role of WinSnap.

It is a tiny but yet very powerful software to make things simpler and easy. We can edit any screenshots in very simple steps, and the interface is completely user friendly. Taking a screen snapshot of a non rectangular screen is way too easy with this smart tool.

With this tool you can make the background transparent, canvas transformation is simple and advanced, you can put shadows, clear the reddening of eye, give colour effects, and it also has auto copy and auto save options.

WinSnap supports lots of formats like bmp, png, jpg, jpeg, and many more. For the home uses, download the WinSnap version 1.0 for free, and the version 2.0 of WinSnap is a shareware.

WinSnap is available in two editions 32 BIT edition and 64 BIT edition which takes 436KB and 463KB space respectively.

Take a Shot of your Desktop Screen with Snapshot Screen Capture Tool

Take a Shot of your Desktop Screen with Snapshot Screen Capture Tool 

Now it is very easy to take a snapshot of your desktop with screen capture tool named SnapShot. It is a freeware that allows user to garb a best screen shot of your desktop and save it as image in PNG or JPG format. Beside this it allows editing and customizing option to the users. Additionally you can attach these screen shots in email and send to anyone.

 Key features of SnapShot application:

  • It allows user to capture screen, rectangular area, and window.
  • Options to save your output in any location of your hard disk.
  • It includes global hotkeys that allows user to directly activate screen capturing.
  • You can minimize this application in tray area to continue your other task.
  • It plays sound during capturing screen or windows shots.
  • Automatically store captured screen shots.
  • Auto-send images to editing program so user can easily personalize captured screen.
  • It supports numerous monitors and Dualview
  • It has inbuilt feature of to upload images.
  • It sends captured screen shots to build-in email function, in order to attach it in email easily and quickly.

So just download this freeware on your computer and capture your best shots of desktop screen.

Remove / Disable Unread Messages Mail From Welcome Screen – Windows XP, Vista, 7

Excellent Tricks To Hide Unread Messages Notification On Windows XP Welcome Page

Windows XP users must have noticed that the moment XP boots up and Logon Screen or Welcome Screen appears for users to logon to the desktop, a message is displayed on the Welcome page. This message notifies that the user has specific number of unread emails, together with user’s email address. For E.g., “2 unread email messages”.

This count of unread messages appears even when the PC is locked and the user has to type in the password to re-enter the desktop. The unread messages count is displayed individually for each user and is normally shown once the user starts using Microsoft’s email services like Windows Live Hotmail or Microsoft Outlook.

All unread messages from applications such as Outlook Express, Outlook, Windows Live Hotmail, Windows Live Mail etc are taken into consideration while calculating the unread messages count depending on the setup and usage of these applications. This message is quite useless and sometimes irritating, especially when the user’s email address is displayed together.

However, it is possible to get rid of this message from the Welcome page by using the below mentioned tricks:

Method 1

The easiest way to remove the message is by using TweakUI PowerToys.

1. You need to download the setup file “TweakUiPowertoySetup.exe” from the Microsoft Download Center (download link). Once downloaded, you need to install TweakUI and run it.
2. Now locate “Logon” option present within the left pane and select it.
3. Click on the option “Unread Mail”.
4. Just uncheck and unselect the option when it prompts for your choice for showing the emails that are unread.
5. Users are allowed to apply new setting (i.e. without unread mail message count) either to their own account or all user accounts on the system.

Method 2

You may stop the unread messages count from appearing on the Welcome page by modifying the registry. To follow this method, go to “Run” option in the Start menu and type in “regedit.exe” to open Registry Editor.

For present logged on user, locate the registry key mentioned below:


For all user accounts on the system, locate the registry key mentioned below:


Within the right pane, check for value data by the name “MessageExpiryDays”. If you are unable to find it, you need to create new DWORD value data, name it as “MessageExpiryDays” and fix its value to 0 ie Zero. Then, save the setting.

Now you will no longer see unread messages count notification on the Welcome page.

Exit / Escape Full Screen Firefox?

How can I escape / exit full screen in Firefox?

My cat accidentally jumped on my keyboard and at that point Firefox browser was open. I have no idea which keys it stepped on, but my Firefox changed mode to full screen.

However, I managed to come out of the full screen mode of Firefox.

To exit full screen mode of Firefox, please press the “F11” (Function 11) key.