Directly Record Screencasts Via Screencastle

Directly Record Screencasts Via Screencastle

It is very convenient for users to record the screencasts directly from their browser and further share it with others. This not so easy task can now be effortlessly done via ScreenCastle. This service is absolutely free and can be easily accessed too.

The application doesn’t require users to undergo complications of a setup installation. The only thing required is to visit the website of ScreenCastle, you don’t even need to sign up or create a new account even if you don’t have one.

Once the website opens you are entitled to start recording. There will be a red icon present on your page. The button reads the message “Start Recording” and on clicking this button will start recording the screencasts.  


The application also allows you to set the resolution of the recorded video. This also helps you make the sharing and recording session all the more meaningful. After the completion of the recording process, users can view the media and then save it before further processing. The best thing about it is that you can view the recorded media directly or can even embed it into blogs.

The only prerequisite for this application is that you need to have Java installed into your system. The installation of Java helps launching the recorded session successfully. The service is most useful when the user needs to share or demonstrate certain media like some short tutorial teaching how to install a driver or configuring your system setup.

Capture Screen Animation Including Audio And Share With Others Using Goview

Capture Screen Animation Including Audio And Share With Others Using Goview 

You might have been using ScreenCastle application in order to capture screen animations directly from the web browser. The latest application, which is similar to the previously released ScreenCastle, has been introduced in the market. This application allows you to capture screen animation with audio recording.

It is the latest advanced feature that is associated with GoView Online web service. It is a free web service which enables you to enjoy Screen animation with audio recording. Another plus point of this service is that you can share your screen animation with others via online in easy steps. 

Initially, you’ll need to create an account which is free then download and install the software on your computer to launch it. Once you installed software, you will see a small icon appearing on your system tray. Whenever you want to record screen animation with audio, right click on the icon followed by “Record Screen & Audio”.  

You can easily stop the recording process whenever you want. These files will be stored in a secure Citrix data center. Now you can share these screen animations using URL link with others online according to your preferences. 

In case you are encountering problem in recording the audio, then you just right click on the Icon>> Preference and you will get few setups for audio settings. Then, select the “Digital Audio – Microphone” to process your audio recording and screen animation properly.

Since the GoView utility is web based services, you must have stable and fast speed broadband connection in order to get rid of errors in the uploading process.