Google Introduces Voice Search In Search Engines

Google Voice search was available as a standalone application for Android phones, however it’s now integrated into the search bar and is a feature in . This feature is available in US at the moment, not sure when it’ll be rolled out for other local search engines yet.

You’ll see a small microphone symbol within Googles search bar, pressing it will start recording your voice and the content you speak will be used as ‘Search Query’.

The accuracy is higher when you speak with the microphone held close to you, and also I noticed that it kinda shuts down Chrome (as I’ve tested it only on Chrome as of now), when you speak a lot of content, what I mean is, if the search query is too long the browser kinda hangs.

I’ll verify this in sometime and update if it was just a coincidence that my browser hung up on me, or if it’s a real problem with the new ‘Google’s Voice Search’. It’s possible that it might just be a browser issue or my internet service provider issue that’s acting up on me. I’ll verify this in sometime and report back again.

Till then, I guess you can enjoy the ‘Voice / Speech Search’ Google’s offering 🙂

Restart or Resume Windows Indexing Services after Pausing

How Restart or Resume Windows Indexing Services after Pausing?

Windows indexing services is an automatic process of scanning and storing files to create a database. In simple words it enhances the search option’s speed by creating database of files and folders.

However, running windows indexing services slows down speed of the computer. If in case, you find your computer getting slowed down, then you can choose to temporarily stop the windows indexing services for a while.

As a matter of fact, many people choose to disable windows indexing services temporarily. You can simply ‘pause it by clicking on the paused option in indexing options. However, there you will get no resume button if you so desire to resume it. Therefore, to resume indexing services, you need to either restart the computer or restart windows search service.

The procedure is very simple:

Go to control panel>Administrative tools>services>windows search>restart service.

This is the complete process with which you can easily resume the windows indexing services in your computer. It means whenever you wan to disable it, you can do it. Likewise whenever you want to activate it, you can easily do so with a click of a few buttons..

Steps to recover the files that are hidden in Windows Vista or XP

Steps to recover the files that are hidden in Windows Vista or XP

This is especially for the amateur users who may find it very challenging to recover the hidden files in their machine. Sometimes it happen to many of us that we hide any files and then after a long time back we just don’t remember the filename and then we intend to think that we have lost that file for ever.

Well many of us doesn’t know that Windows has a built in search system which will look for all the files, even if they are hidden. Among the load of searched files you can refine the search accordingly and you will get even more accurate results.


How to search the files that are hidden in Windows Vista or Windows XP?

  • Click on Start button from the taskbar.
  • Click on search option from the start menu.
  • Then choose the all folders and files option from there.
  • If you remember in which drive you have that file then you can mention it else another option is there which will search in all the drives.
  • Mention the file name
  • Click the option named more advanced options and then check hidden folders and files box.
  • Then click on search and within couple of seconds you will be provided with the results.
  • Your work is done.

 There are some other trick too which you can use to get more accurate results.

  • If you remember the first word of the file name then you can refine your search by giving “name*” in the name search box.
  • You can put more information like date or a phrase or a word that matches with your file.
  • If you know the size of the file, then provide it.

View Alexa Rank and Google PageRank Using Search Status

View Alexa Rank and Google PageRank Using Search Status

Evaluation of the worth and quality of a website is done by two major metrics namely Alexa rank and Google PageRank. Normally, you need to go to Alexa website to trace Alexa rank and similarly view Google PageRank using Google toolbar. However, now it is possible to trace the Alexa rank and Google PageRank for a website using “Search Status”, a Firefox plugin.

Alexa rank and Google PageRank for a website is displayed by Search Status on the right side of Firefox’s status bar. Once you install this Firefox plugin, you will see Alexa rank, Google PageRank, MozRank, Compete ranking, nofollow highlighting, keyword density, Alexa info, related links info and some other SEO tools.


Search Status turns out to be very beneficial to web developers and bloggers. Key features of the Firefox plugin are mentioned below.

  • Displays major metrics such as Alexa rank, Google PageRank, MozRank and Compete ranking.
  • Offers an option for viewing Meta tags and link popularity of a webpage.
  • Emphasizes Nofollow links present on a webpage.
  • Allows checking sitemap.xml and robots.txt of a website in a single click.  
  • Site history can be viewed in Whois and
  • Displays keyword density and many other SEO metrics.
  • Offers options for customizing the display.
  • Displays indexed pages along with the backward links for a website.

Everything For Searching Files/Folders On Your PC Instantly

Use “Everything” For Searching Files/Folders On Your PC Instantly

Whenever you need to find a missing file or folder on your PC, you normally use search function which effectively searches files or folders with the help of the criteria provided by you. But slowly as the storage capacity of your local files and directories grows bigger, things start getting complicated and the searching capability of the search function goes down.

If you feel that your search function is not delivering the desired output, you may try out “Everything” which is a powerful searching utility. “Everything” search tool offers a fast searching capability and is able to locate a file or folder by filename.

Its interface is quite user-friendly and you need to type a keyword or simply the partial file/ folder name and “Everything” search utility displays everything associated with it instantly along with other details such as directory paths, size and modified date. It allows you to match case, path or the whole word which in turn makes searching more accurate.

Apart from all this, incase you aren’t very sure of the proper keyword, “Everything” search utility allows you to enable “Regex” to enhance searching. In contrast to other searching mechanisms which take time to build up their database, “Everything” does it pretty quickly by indexing the file and folder names within seconds.


For example, “Everything” is said to have a capacity of indexing a newly installed Windows XP operating system at the rate of 20,000 files per second. So, you can easily gauge how useful this tool could be. This software is entirely standalone and can be easily carried along anywhere in a thumb drive for use with another PC.

“Everything” search utility is genuinely a great tool for searching files/ folders on your PC instantly. It supports most Windows Operating Systems including Windows XP, Vista, 2000 and 2003. This utility, being a freeware can be easily downloaded from Here, free of cost.

Portable version

Google Book Search Is Now Integrated With Magazines Search

Google Book Search Is Now Integrated With Magazines Search

By enhancing the Google Book Search service, Google is going to reinforce its place as leader in market of search engines. With Google scans, books, OCRs and other digital reading resources, some of the enthusiastic Magazine readers can use this search tool.

This tool helps you to search and get thousands of articles which are extracted from the magazines. Google is now working in partnership with handful publishers as well as authors for example Popular Mechanics, Building Systems, Popular Science, Ebony, New York Magazine, Prevention, Jet and etc.

Google Book Search helps you to search for articles which are present from the related magazines. These articles are available along with the current issues and backdated issues that are digitalized by Google. The articles are available in its original context along with the full colors.

You can also click on “Browse all issues” tab to display all the issues as of across the decades. In addition to this, each and every issue summarized by Google for example publisher name, number of pages, contents and etc for easy reference.

To make this service pretty attractive, Google is going to add more and more magazines. It undoubtedly is a great effort by Google so as to make knowledge and information handier.

Simple Fix To Avoid Computer Search Window Pop-Up

Simple Fix To Avoid Computer Search Window Pop-Up

Operational issues on computer are normal as it is a machine which works on the commands being encrypted on it. Sometimes we might come across issues as such as the need to re code.

Hence, one can’t anticipate it to be accurate day in and day out. Generally we tend to select twice on Folder to unfold it and get an access to its content  A fewer times when we select on a folder more than once to open up, a lookup icon surfaces rather than folder contents. This occurs merely due to internal error with in the Registry Files.

Set of steps required to restore computer operation i.e. (search window crop-up) are as follows:

  • Select windows start option and then select run option on computer.
  • Now, type in the letters as “regedit” and select “OK” option to commence.
  • Now, Locate to “HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Directory\shell”.
  • Select it by right clicking on the mouse and alter the content.
  • Now, type in as “none” under “value data box” and select ok.
  • Now, again duplicate steps 1 & 2. Locate to “HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Drive\shell” and duplicate the steps 4 & 5.

Once after completion of above shown steps, follow the steps shown underneath in the same sequence.

  • Select windows start option and then select run
  • Now, type in the alphanumeric code as “regsvr32 /ishell32.dll
  • Now, either hit enter on your keyboard or select ok to run the selected file.
  • Excellent, it completes the restoration
  • Restart your computer.

Here after there will be no lookup icons while navigating or selecting twice on any folder. Instant entry will be available to folder contents.

Google’s Unparalleled Brilliant Tool “Wonder Wheel” Promising Accurate Search

Google’s Unparalleled Brilliant Tool “Wonder Wheel” Promising Accurate Search

Google has created a new tool named as “Wonder Wheel” to make the search precise. Wonder Wheel is brilliant tool which helps in finding information automatically by segregating the information through a chain of many sub topics for a main topic.

Wonder Wheel is considered as a unique tool created by Google, as it produces a wide and knowledgeable spectrum of data. This data is used in procuring detailed information through many chains of subtopics. Its unparalleled feature makes it a prominent option for doing a research on any Subject.

Steps to follow in order to launch the Unique Wonder Wheel on Google platform:

  • Enter the link in address bar.
  • Once the Google window is launched type in the information to be searched in the search bar.
  • Now, select the “Show Options” located just above the searched results.
  • Then navigate through the set of options listed on the left Hand Side of the web page displayed to explore the Wonder-Wheel option.
  • Spectacular, now one can find and search any topic through the spectrum Wonder Wheel.

A list of few comments on Wonder Wheel to explain how beneficial it is:

  • If Blogger needs detailed information on any given subject, in order to access the information, they browse through many topics on different browsers. Now through the help of Wonder Wheel any Blogger can find wide spectrum of information they would require for their blogs. This can also help Bloggers in getting many more key words for their blogs listed which may be enclosed in their postings
  • Researchers browse for core information on varied subjects. In order to complete their research they browse through many topics; hence using this wonder wheel can make their research jobs easier and faster.
  • For individuals, Wonder-Wheel is most effective in finding information through its unique feature of creating chain of sub topics. This allows one to gain more knowledge on any given subject with detailed information.

Disadvantages of Google’s Wonder Wheel are as follows:

  • While browsing information on Wonder Wheel if one tends to Navigate through back button some times they would find problem as it might not work correctly. But it’s not required for an individual to select back button as the entire sub topics they browsed through will be listed below and one can select the same if they tend to view previous key words.
  • Secondly, there will be an issue in launching the Wonder Wheel if any individual types in the link in address bar as with their country’s abbreviation. They will not be able to get the Wonder-Wheel launched. Hence in order to get Wonder Wheel launched, an individual needs to type the link in address bar as

Get Search Results Relevant To Your Current Location

Get Search Results Relevant To Your Current Location

In the recent past search engine giants Google has been busy launching the Google Chrome Operating System. During this phase the company also introduced the My Location Search for the iPhone 3.0. Search results of My Location are such that they are always relevant to the present location of the user. It works only with the Safari Browser.

In order to enable this new feature, the user has to visit the website from the Safari Browser and then activate or check the My Location command. Users can easily update their current location just by clicking the link indicating the “update” command. After successfully updating your location you will find it visible under the text box of the search engine.

For the purpose of privacy of users, the My Location search needs to be chosen from the preference tab located at the lower end of the page. The users can search and look for schools, clubs and restaurants in the surrounding areas.

Currently this service is available only in English throughout UK and USA. The My Location search for the iPhone is available at the iPhone Applications Store. The only drawback of this application is that it is only supported by the Safari browser, otherwise it is an excellent application that helps users in numerous ways.

Search Emails Received Or Sent On A Particular Date

Search Emails Received Or Sent On A Particular Date

The current options of searching for emails in Gmail don’t allow users to search emails or messages received within a particular range of dates. The user can only search messages depending on the range of dates listed in a drop box. The range is shown as 3 days, 2 weeks, 2 months, 12 months and others.

If the user needs to retrieve or access messages received within a specified range of date, then he/she needs to follow the steps mentioned below:

1.  Login to your Gmail account.

2.  Go to the text box indicating Search Mail situated at the top corner of the webpage.

3.  The users can filter messages according to recipient, subject, sender and a specific range of date.

The following syntax is to be followed in order to get desired results

from:[email protected] to:[email protected] subject: greeting after: YYYY/MM/DD before: YYYY/MM/DD

The From: keyword is used to indicate the senders email address, to: is used to indicate the recipients email address, subject: field is for the subject which the user is looking for, the before: and after: field depicts the range of the date within which you are searching the message from.

A simple example is

From: [email protected] after: 2010/07/02 before: 2010/05/01

This gives the messages received from the above said email id and within a period of 2010/07/02 and 2010/05/01.

The above mentioned steps are extremely simple and will surely help you achieve greater precision with respect to the results searched for.