How To Disable Show Search Suggestions In Firefox Search Bar

Search engine suggestions are meant to help the users find out frequent and widespread phrases that other people may have looked for while browsing that search engine.

Most of the search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. offer this featurem per say it’s not Firefox which not offer it, instead it is a default functionality provided by the search engines. Firefox generally simply retrieves the search suggestions from the search engines, and displays the list. The Firefox comes enabled with Search Suggestions by default. A user may choose to disable this feature if it is not required.

If you want to turn off this feature in Firefox if you may simply follow any of the two simple methods:

You may choose to disable the search suggestions from the Search Bar. For this you simply have to right-click on the Search Bar. When you right click you will find the menu showing ‘Show Suggestions’. You will now have to uncheck the ‘Show Suggestions’ menu item to snap the state of search suggestions. It means that you will simply have to change it from enabled to disabled. If you want to enable this feature in the future you may replicate the same steps and then choose the enable option at the end.

You may also disable Search Suggestions through the Search Engines Manager. For using this method you will simply have to click on the drop down arrow present next to the search engine icon of the Search bar. Here you will have to click ‘Manage Search Engines‘. Now you will have to deselect the ‘Show search suggestions’ check box. This process will ensure that your search suggestions are disabled.

This method may be applied all the search engines present in the list and is not restricted to any single individual search engine

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How To Enable Show Search Suggestions In Firefox Search Bar

In one of the posts, I wrote how to disable ‘Show Suggestions’ search option, which is default in Firefox search bars. In this post, I’ll quickly brief how to enbale ‘Show Suggestions’ in case you have already turned it off, or in rare cases when it was not present by default in the version of Firefox you are using.

The procedure is pretty much similar to that explained in the – disable ‘Show Suggestions’ post:

1> Right click on the Search Box, at the right top corner of your Firefox browser.

2> You’ll notice one of the options – ‘Show Suggestions‘, which will be unchecked.

3> Check that option, ie, scroll down to that option and again Right Click and you’ll notice that the drop dop menu vanishes, which means you are done. To reconfirm if you have turned on / enabled the ‘Show Suggestions’, just right click on the Search Box, and in the drop down menu you should notice a small checked mark, which means ‘Show Suggestions’ is turned on.

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