Google’s Whimsical Tricks

When you think of Google you probably think of the ever helpful search engine that has some nifty tools such as a built in calculator and others. You probably don’t think of quirky tricks such as tilted screens, falling snow, and Chuck Norris jokes however those bright minds coding away at the Google HQ are showing their sense of humor by creating brand new tricks.

If you haven’t ever heard of some of the April Fool’s tricks from Google or seen any of their unmistakable doodles, then you should probably check them out when you’re done here. Google has succeeded in charming their users not only by developing a complicated algorithm for better search results, but they’ve also implemented little tricks that just brighten up your day and make you smile when you discover them.

Here we will go over some tricks from Google that will leave you dying to try them yourself and see. These aren’t all of them so if you find more later then just let us know!


Everyone loves Pacman – that little addicting game that is so difficult to stop playing and irresistible to start. Well should you ever want to waste a good hour of your time on that mindless game, you can stroll on over to Google’s Pacman machine, insert a coin, and start playing.

The game can be played here: and it appears right above the search bar. Simply start the game by clicking “Insert Coin” and start steering Pacman away from the ghosts by using your directional arrow keys. When

Flight Simulator

This is another interactive trick from Google except this one is a bit more realistic and exciting. To start the Flight Simulator simply go over to Google Earth and, if you don’t have it downloaded yet, download it. Once Google Earth is downloaded you can then enter flight mode by going to tools then clicking on “Enter Flight Simulator”.

The flight simulator lets you fly all around the world exploring new places and you can even look at businesses and buildings on your trip!


This next little trick is something that you can use to play a joke on your friends with. To activate this trick simply go to the Google search bar and type in recursion correctly. Go ahead try it!

If you didn’t notice Google continuously tries to tell you that you meant “recursion” however you’ll notice eventually that it gives the definition below it and that the actual definition of recursion is something repeating itself. Try this on your friends and see how long it takes them to figure it out!


I’ve combined these two tricks because they are very similar and not necessarily tricks, but just a neat little visual feature Google incorporates. Just go to the Google search bar and type in either one of these terms correctly. When you hit the search button you’ll see that Google has either Christmas lights or stars up at the top. Cute J

Google Gravity

Everything obeys the laws of gravity, even Google! Yes, Google has incorporated a neat new trick that will display exactly what happens when gravity takes hold of the search bar and everything else on the Google page. To find out what happens simply enter “Google Gravity” in the search bar and click on  “I’m feeling lucky”

Askew or Tilt

Don’t turn your head to read the page when you type either one of these in the search bar! Try reading the results when you search these!

Chuck Norris

Yes, even Google obeys the laws of Norris. To find out what Google has to say about this fearsome Texas Ranger star simply type his name in the search bar then hit “Im feeling lucky”. You will then be told why Google won’t search for Chuck Norris and what you should do next.


This one is pretty cute and will take a little more effort to view than the others will. If you don’t know who Nessie is then you first need to facepalm yourself then go search what the Loch Ness monster is. Now for everyone else who knows what the Loch Ness monster is you can spot this rare creature on a certain Google homepage theme – the beach theme. So how do you see Nessie? Well simply wait until 3:14 am then go check your computer and you will see the fabled monster swimming about the shores of your Google page. Instead of waiting till 3am you can always change your time settings 😉


Remember on video games where you have to type in a specific cheat code to unlock something? Well the Google Reader has the same thing. When you’re on Google Reader you need to type in this secret code to unlock a ninja (also use your arrow keys for directions): up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A.


Another Google Panda Update Round The Corner ?

I’m not sure if there’s another update from Google waiting round the corner. For last few days I’m tracking the performance of selected few posts, which normally perform well and drive traffic to the blog. I’m tracking the performance of these posts on (that’s geo-speific search) and on (global search) and have noticed some interesting facts.

Google Constantly Updates It’s Algorithm On Daily Basis:

I’ve always read about it, heard from other bloggers and internet marketers that Google constantly updates its algorithm. After tracking some of my best performing posts, it’s quite evident that what I’ve heard is true ! The rankings of the said posts have been constantly changing their positions in Search Engines.

Another Panda Update?

Nothing can be said about if there’s another Panda update waiting around the corner. It seems like I’m not the only one who’s been affected by the constantly changing Google’s Algorithm. I hope it won’t be as harsh as it was last time around, as we are still working to get out of the previous hit (yes, we’ve been having some tough times since last couple of weeks/months), and another blow will be hard for us to cope up with.

We are trying to over come the Panda effect by concentrating on quality content. Hope all the hard work pays off in long run.

I Think Panda Is Hunting Me, What Should I Do?

Some links that’ll help you understand what Panda update is all about and how to solve it:

Read what is Google Panda update on Webpronews and Wired. If you too were hit by the Panda, then these suggestions should help you overcome the problem.

Can We Resubmit / Force Robots.txt To Be Updated ?

If you are new to ‘webmaster’ing, one of the first things you should be aware of – is of robots.txt. For a starter who is figuring what robots.txt is, these two links will give you fair idea about it: link 1 and link 2.

When you discuss the advantages of robots.txt, different people have different views: some think it’s a very good idea to have robots.txt on their site, while others opine it’s not all that necessary. As they say, it’s to each his own. If you believe that having a robots.txt file on your domain will give you an edge, then go ahead and direct the Search Engine Bots what they should index and what they should exclude. If you are not concerned about everything on your server being indexed, then don’t bother using one. If you ask my personal opinion, I’d say, just for the heck of it have one, even if you want everything on your server to be indexed.

=> This link will give you some insight to advantages of robots.txt.

If you are wondering what possibly can go wrong with one ‘robots.txt’ file, then continue reading:

I had never put up a good robots.txt and one fine day I decided to put up one – Mistake !

Instead of carefully handcrafting a good robots.txt file, I decided to just randomly pick some code which was freely floating around on web, saved it in a text file named robots.txt and uploaded it onto the server- Big Mistake !!

So here’s what exactly happened:

Techbuzz is built on php, and the code which I found was blocking all the ‘.php’ files, as it was custom built for ‘.html’ sites. I overlooked this factor and went ahead. And the price I had to pay for it was: I lost more than 50% of my traffic in less than 24 hours !!

Luckily, Chibcha and Webado pitched in and their suggestions helped me regain a significant portion of the lost traffic.

Lesson’s I learnt from this mistake:

  • Don’t mess with robots.txt without complete knowledge ! Read the links given above, they’ll give significant idea about robots.txt, and then create a tailor made robots.txt to suit your website requirements.
  • There is no way to Re-Submit your robots.txt file.
  • You cannot force update your robots.txt file once they have been crawled.
  • Most importantly- you do not SUBMIT robots.txt file, instead the bots read them during every crawl-cycle!
  • If you end up screwing your robots.txt file, then the only best thing you can do is- create a new robots.txt file which is good to save your site, upload it to replace the older robots.txt and wait till the spiders crawl your site and update their database with the latest file. There is no fixed time when they crawl your site (it was around 24hrs in my websites case and another 24 hours before changes were noticeable), but there is no set time scale as such ! You may be lucky to get the traffic back, or just a bit unlucky to loose the traffic (I was lucky to regain the positions), but you really have to research what’s the wait period before you get back all your traffic.
  • The robots.txt file behave very differently than I expected them to: You’ll be surprised to see that most of your URL’s will still be indexed even if you ban the Robots.txt from crawling your website. It only prevents the content found on those URLs from being indexed (Ref: Webado) !

I guess by now you have enough information that’ll protect your website from any ‘robots.txt’ malfunction.

I’m no expert, but just an experienced webmaster. If there are any doubts regarding ‘robots.txt‘ please do drop a comment. I’ll answer if I have any idea about it, or point you to a solution at the least!

Tricks To Use Microsoft’s Bing Search Engine

Tricks To Use Microsoft’s Bing Search Engine

Bing, Microsoft’s latest search engine has been released. People have made Bing search engine as default search-engine. This site is very innovative, creative, fresh, powerful and fast. Bing is dissimilar to AltaVista, Google, yahoo search engines. Bing search queries display related data every time you execute a search. One can use this website optimally with the help of few tricks and tips.

A list of tricks is listed below:

  • Accessing Bing’s international version: Bing assists its services like searching and displays the results in accordance with the geographical location of a user. Individuals from USA are provided with different results and users from INDIA are given different results for the same search. Bing provides the best method of acquiring information for a particular region.

If a user wishes to use the BING’s international version, then they can browse the Bing worldwide site. Set the language as us-English to enjoy all features.

  • Save and email the search results on Bing: Bing website allows a user to save their search results to a online local directory or folder. You can also email these search results to your friends and publish on FaceBook using Silverlight.
  • Search mp3 media files using Bing: Bing website supports many file extensions. If a user is searching an mp3 file named brazilboyz.mp3, then searching this string from Bing will display a websites list that are providing this file. This is very helpful in searching other formats too.

There are innumerable tricks and tips for Bing which can optimize your search queries.

Display Results Of Various Search Engines

Display Results Of Various Search Engines

Searching from various search engines can be extremely hectic and confusing, but now you can easily display results of various search engines on a single page. It will help the user save time and get the best available results for the desired topic.

The plug-in for Google Unified Search needs to be added to the Firefox browser. This will allow results from various search engines to be displayed on a single window. Google Unified Search is integrated with numerous search engines like Bing, Delicious, StumbleUpon, Wolfram Alpha and Wikipedia.

The add-on displays results from Bing and Google on a single page. Users can find a control at the topmost corner, which will allow the user to switch from one search engine to the other. The button is to be clicked to get the results from different search engines.

The helpful and convenient Google Unified Search can be downloaded from the following link Here:

Search Provider As Per Your Own Choice

Search Provider As Per Your Own Choice

Search engines are very popular with internet users and are used by users of all ages. It helps you gain information and search for some more facts of any desired topic. There are a number of search engines today such as Google, Yahoo Search, Bing, Alta Vista and lots more.

The Internet Explorer 8 provides Windows Live as its default search engine. If you are comfortable with it then you can add any other search engine as per your choice and can even create a search provider of your own choice. Follow the following steps to add the search provider of your own choice:

  • Go to the Tools tab and click on the Manage Add-ons command.
  • Users will be prompted by the window to manage Add-ons.
  • Click on the search providers tab and the list of providers will be shown

  • Select the provider of your own choice and then you will be prompted to a new window where you have to select the add command.

  • There might be a case that the web browser of your choice is not available in the list, then you have to click the link “Create your own Search Provider”.

  • Open the new tab and then type in the URL of the desired search engine.
  • Copy the address of the desired search engine and then paste it at the box provided at the Add-on Gallery. Give a name to the provider.

  • Press the install provider command and then the toolbar of the new serarch engine is installed.

By following the above mentioned technique, you can easily add any search engine of your own choice.

Search Engine To Search For Just PDF Files

Free Dedicated Web Search Engines to Locate PDF files only

Nowadays, most of the enlightening tutorials, magazines, e-books appear in Pdf formatted files. These Pdf files are mostly being utilized worldwide as they are quick, convenient and safe.

Due to the ongoing rise or demand of these Pdf files on web, frequently newer Pdf search-engines are getting established. Pdf search engines are the only committed “search engines” to locate Pdf files.

Individuals cannot get any other files from these Pdf search engines, because their database accumulates information only about Pdf files and downloads web-links that are PDF based.

Hereafter individuals do not have to rely only on other web-search-engines like Bing, Google, Yahoo, etc. Start utilizing these Pdf format based web search-engines to locate PDF files quickly.

One among the best PDF file locator is “P.D.F Search-Engine”. It is completely devoted to Pdf files, e-books and PDF document related search locator.

It has a huge database of at least 2, 85,000,000 E-books and is continuing to add numerous files to its album each day. It’s very unusual for not getting PDF files on PDF search-engines.

Individuals are just required to type in the values or name of the Pdf file that they are trying to locate and click on the “Search-Books” option. It will automatically display the catalog of search leads.

Users can either wish to download PDF files and save them as html files or PDF file for future use. Theirs no limit on downloading the number of files, so users can download any number of files

Remove, Stop, Delete, Turn Off Google Search Suggestions

Google is one of the most popular search engines today. Numerous users access this to get information on uncountable subjects. In order to make things easier for us, Google has the feature of Google Suggest. This feature matches the letters as we type into the search box on the Google page and displays a list of related searches with the similar text characters.

This feature is highly helpful as it gives us the exact keywords for searching. However if this feature proves to be a nuisance while browsing then we can always disable it.

To disable Google Suggest go to the Google Preference Page and select Query Suggestion which is situated at the bottom of this page. Here check the radio button that states ‘Do not Provide Query Suggestions in the Search Box’. Your Google suggest will be turned off. After this when you browse on Google and enter anything into the search box, and no search suggestions will be displayed.

Search Engine To Download Music, Games, E-Books

It is always very simple and easy to download music, games, e-books and much more through latest search engine Goofind; which is best suited to utilize Google’s wide range of database to look for the files to match you r search. In spite of improvised search methods and parameters, which can be used on the Google search, while downloading files, Goofind too functions much on the same lines baring the fact that it limits the result to certain pages that connect to the files that tally with the enquiry.

Here it is important to note that the highest record of results come from unprotected user servers or directories. Generally speaking, users have their own special space to save data required, when they take help from a certain server or directory.

But then, many directories do come unprotected and even if the search engines do ultimately find their texts, they land up with search engines’ entire index, including what they do not require. Therefore, to find directories with required files, simply enter a search term in the form and press the search button. Goofind will then publish all this, with light advertisements on the sides.

Goofind’s duty is to broaden your search results by giving you details of the unprotected server data too, making your search a much more effortless one. You need to enter and enter the search details. Goofind will come back with 10 hits/page along with a great many ads too on the sides. Google Chrome users can utilize the Chrome extension as well.

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