Learn Hacking Tricks By Reading “The Secrets Of Hacking” Book

Learn Hacking Tricks By Reading “The Secrets Of Hacking” Book

It is an arguable issue if hacking is ethical or not. However many people truly believe that hacking is an immoral activity and the people conducting in it should be punished.

On the other hand some experts mention that hacking is not such an immoral activity. It depends on the individuals on how they use hacking tricks. Hacking is not immoral but use of hacking in a destructive manner is immoral. However it is still issue of debate.

Hacking can be used in both ways either constructive or destructive. Many people use hacking to defend themselves from being hacked. Therefore it is very important that you must know hacking tricks work in order to protect yourself, your mail accounts or websites from the evil eyes. There are many books and online books available that claim to teach you hacking tricks but not all of them live up to their promises.

You need to know hacking tricks from basic i.e. A to Z of hacking tricks. There should be a hacking tool kit which contains every thing related to hacking. However before having this book you need to keep one thing in your mind firmly, and that is you must never use hacking tricks illegally. There is a book named “The Secrets of Hacking” which contains every thing about hacking. There is a terminology in hacking ethical hacking. Here you will learn about ethical hacking tricks only.

This book will help you realize all the loop holes, and once you are aware of the techniques, you will be in a better position to understand the vulnerability and hence protect yourself from being vulnerable to hacks.

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You will get tricks to protect your email addresses and websites from being hacked. This book is a package of tutorials. You will get two DVDs of tutorial guides. There is 1400 security tools i.e. setup files of security tools with 200+ hacking tutorials e-books.

You will get to understand these following points in elaborate manner

  • Introduction of real hacking
  • Hacking tricks to hack windows
  • Password hacking
  • E-mail hacking
  • Website defacement & Domain hacking
  • Computer and mobile hacking

Few Key features of this toolkit

  • How hackers get access your gmail,yahoo email accounts
  • How to hack windows, Linux etc
  • How to hack computer remotely through ports
  • How net-banking passwords and credit card passwords get hacked
  • How hackers get access to any restricted websites

These points pinpoint that this toolkit is the best tutorial ever regarding hacking tricks.

Secrets Help You Send Emails Securely

Secrets Help You Send Emails Securely

If you are accessing mails or sending emails using Wi-Fi in a public place, then you might be risking your privacy if your mails are not coded or encrypted. Whenever the user sends emails over a wireless or Wi-Fi network, it gives the hacker an opportunity to hack into your personal information or data. Public places provide convenience and not security.

Secrets provide you with the solution to the above mentioned problem. It is an online service which is absolutely free and allows the users to send mails in encrypted form. The only necessity or formality for using this service is to register with a valid Gmail account. After logging in to your account, click on the Compose button to compose a new email. After typing in the data or attaching files, the recipient field is to be filled, after its completion click on the “Encrypt and Send” command.


After successfully sending the email in encrypted form a pop rises up and asks for a decryption password. It is essential for the user to memorize this password as it will help you decrypt the email you have sent. It needs to be memorized because this password is not stored in the systems database.

On receiving the email, the recipient needs to provide the decryption password to view the received message. The decryption password is to be sent by the sender itself. Secrets operate using the DES algorithm for encryption. The keys of this algorithm are by default set at 64bits. Other than the DES algorithm it also provides algorithms like Triple DES, AES Rijndael, Blowfish and ArcFour. The default keys of these algorithms are set at 128bits, 256bits, 448bits and 2048bits respectively.

The user has the liberty to choose any of these algorithms and ensure safe and secure message sending.