Secure your data by Locking Folders using WinMend Folder Hidden Utility

Secure your data by Locking Folders using WinMend Folder Hidden Utility

Normally we hide our personal folders using inbuilt service of windows, however anyone can easily find out the hidden folders by changing settings.

If you want to secure your data properly then you must protect it with password with the help of WinMend Folder Hidden Utility. This utility secures and hides your contents with strong password protection.

No one can get access your folder without entering password. This utility has different other features that make it a complete package of security. It has own interface to lock and encrypt files. It hides the specific area of the folders where your contents are saved.
Once you hide your folders using this utility it will be completely invisible. No one even read the name of the file or folder that has been hidden using this application. This is the best utility ever to secure confidential data from being stolen.

Download WinMend Folder Hidden utility here.


Securely Hide the Pictures and Video Files in Your Computer

Securely Hide the Pictures and Video Files in Your Computer

Securing video and pictures file in your computer is not really a difficult task to do. If you use windows operating system, then there is by default feature for protecting your video and picture files, in order to prevent others from accessing them. However, that feature is not really trustable and does not secure your personal files completely.

In widows you can secure your files using hide folders option. However, this is not entirely designed to encrypt your personal data and secure it from other people’s reach.
One can easily bypass these settings and get access to your personal folders that you had previously hidden. Therefore, you’ll need to get third party utility tools that help you to secure your personal details, which is with password protection. It means using third party utility tools you can protect and hide your personal files and folders.


1. Through this tool you can encrypt your personal files in a secure way
2. It is very user friendly. You just install it and start using
3. It is completely free, there is no need to spend single penny

Cryptainer PE Encryption

1. This tool uses 448bits blowfish encryption to protect and secure your data
2. It has customizable and powerful file shredder
3. Even you can encrypt your emails with this tool

Program Lock

1. It is more powerful tool. In this you can secure your chat services, clients MSN messenger
2. You can secure multiple files at a time
3. This is completely free to try.

Download AxCrypt , Cryptainer PE Encryption or Program Lock to hide your personal data on your system.


Remove Data from your Computers securely so that No One can restore it

Remove Data from your Computers securely so that No One can restore it

Removing data from your computer by pressing delete button is not enough because anyone can restore it directly from the recycle bin. Some people use Del + Shift button to delete the files or orders permanently from the computer hard drive. However it is not quite secure also because there are many restore tools available in the market that can restore your data easily.

If you want to delete it permanently from your computer without leaving chance for recovery, you have to use Prevent Restore application. This application allows you delete your files and data from your system securely so that no one can restore it again.

Key features of Prevent Restore

• It prevents files to recover by overwriting on disk space
• It is an user friendly application and easy to use
• It works on your flash drive, SD cards etc.
• It removes any temporary and cached files associated with deleted data.

Download Prevent Restore

Use Easy File Locker Utility To Secure Confidential Files In A Better Way

Use Easy File Locker Utility To Secure Confidential Files In A Better Way

You’ll get lots of software utilities over the net with which you could safeguard all your private files and folders. My Lockbox, Safehouse Explorer, 1 Second Folder Encrypt and Hide Folders are some of the examples of such utilities. Nevertheless, if still you want an effective alternative for such software applications, then Easy File Locker is a perfect one.

With this software utility, you could secure your private files and folders with different security levels. This provides an effective security to your sensitive data and no one could access them in your absence. This utility is found very useful, especially when you’re working in shared PC system.

Easy File Locker has very simple GUI, which makes adding and browsing of files and folders much easier. This utility offers different security levels such as ‘Writable’, Accessible’, ‘Visible’ or ‘deletion’, which could be selected with simple GUI, making it more user friendly. With these options, you could restrict particular files or folders for read only mode.

This also prevents you from deleting the files unintentionally. It features the invisibility mode by allowing you to hide your data, which will be invisible to others. Moreover, you could set the master password, which locks lists of files and prevents them from being accessed by third party user.

All in all, it would be a great experience of using this utility to keep you private data really ‘private’. It works well with all Windows operating systems and you could download it freely using the link given Here.

How Can I Export My Bookmark Settings From Mozilla Firefox

Exporting the Bookmark Settings in Mozilla Firefox

There are many ways that you can store the bookmarks settings of your Firefox web browser. This is extremely useful, if you are going to uninstall Firefox, and then reinstall it for some reason (say you might be about to format your C-drive). And, like most things in life, there is a short-cut way to do this, and there is a longer way. This article lists out the steps involved in both routes.

Method 1. The shorter way.

  1. Launch Firefox web browser.
  2. Navigate to Bookmarks -> Organise Bookmarks.
  3. A new dialog will open up, which has all the bookmarks listed under various categories. In the toolbar to the top, click on Import and Backup, and select the Export HTML option from the drop-down menu.
  4. Select an appropriate folder where you want to save the bookmark.html file (you can change the file name if you wish), and then click on Save.
  5. Exit Firefox.

Method 2. The longer way.

  1. Enable the option for viewing hidden files in Windows Explorer. [If you don’t know how to do it, you can get the instructions here.]
  2. Now, you have to go to the folder:
    C:\Documents and Settings\<user profile name>\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\ Profiles\ <string of random characters>.default\
    The .default folder will have a few random characters as the file name like wcgyadfg.default.
  3. Now, select the bookmark.html that is most recent – and right-click on it.
  4. Copy this file and then Paste in on your Desktop.

In both cases, when you launch the newly installed Firefox browser, you can either Import the bookmark.html file that you export/paste on Desktop; or you can copy paste the same file in the folder that you accessed in Step 2 of Method 2. This will ensure that your previous bookmark settings are loaded on to the new Firefox, and you can browse with ease.