Antivirus Needs For Daily Web Use

Millions of web users prowl about the internet with only limited knowledge of the hazards and threats out there. As a result many hackers and users with malicious intentions are able to exploit the ignorance of others. Hackers can utilize a wide variety of methods to gain control of information, emails, accounts, or even the victim’s computer. As a result of these threats there is a variety of companies out there that are willing to offer you antivirus programs and other security software to help protect you and your computer. Unfortunately many people are unaware of the protection they will need. These companies are always looking to make money, so they will try to convince you that you absolutely need a paid subscription for an upgraded antivirus program. Below we will analyze just how much protection you will need to do your daily computing, and which antivirus programs will deliver exactly what you want and need.

When it comes to internet users, there are a wide variety of people with just as wide of a variety of internet needs. Whether you are a social butterfly, a shopaholic, an online banker, an avid movie watcher, or a complex mixture of all of them, different actions on the computer can put you at risk in different ways. Here is a list of general activities, their risks and the precautions you should take:

  1. Online banking – with this you need to be completely sure that your computer is secure. Your financial information is a goldmine for hackers. Some of the most common ways they will attempt to retrieve your bank information is by key loggers and phishing sites. Running a quick scan of your computer will help, as well as making sure to log out when you are finished.
  2. General browsing – you don’t always have to visit porn sites or other adult content sites to get a virus. In fact even the most harmless of Google searches can redirect you to a malicious site. Be careful of suspicious sites and try to avoid them when you can, however having your antivirus program run a scan daily, or every other few days, should rid your computer of any Trojans or other viruses that you may have picked up along the way.
  3. Facebook/social network sites – the main target of hackers of late has been Facebook. Its popularity and wide expanse of users has made it a playground for malicious attackers. Facebook accounts are highly sought after and they can be hacked by multiple means (click here to learn more about Facebook account hacking) such as phishing, control of the primary email, brute force hacking, key loggers, and more. Make sure never to put your login details in any other site other than Facebook. Also, running thorough scans should catch key loggers.
  4. Buying/selling online – same as with your online banking information, a hacker would love to get ahold of your credit card information or PayPal so that they can exploit it for their own means. Scammers, key loggers, phishing sites, and other viruses/malicious software can be used in this situation. Make sure to perform regular scans as well as keep your antivirus up to date. Also don’t put your information in any site that is suspicious or isn’t verified by a trusted payer such as PayPal.
  5. YouTube – YouTube does an excellent job of working to prevent viruses and other malicious programs from targeting its users. It recodes all of the videos which, in essence, rids the videos of any potential viruses. They have also disabled links in their comments and added numerous other features. However, not all video sites are as proactive in their attempt to stop hackers so be wary and use trusted sites only.
  6. Downloading files – this is the number one way to infect your computer with a virus/worm/ or malicious software program. The hacker will attempt to create a program that seems to be something completely different than it is; a helpful antivirus perhaps or even some useful plugin. Either way, most of the viruses and malware gain access to your computer by you downloading them. Make sure to scan the download for infections and scan your computer regularly.

So how do you protect yourself you ask? Truth is, it is almost impossible to stop all malicious attacks against your computer. There are thousands and thousands of hackers and many of them work to exploit antivirus programs and firewalls so that they can have access to your computer/data. However, most hackers try to affect as wide of a population base as possible and their efforts are generally not focused in on one individual person. This means that you are can find safety in numbers…somewhat. A minimal firewall and antivirus system, coupled with an awareness of internet safety precautions, will be more than sufficient to protect yourself and your computer from being successfully hacked.

No need to spend your hard earned cash here; there are several free antivirus programs that will suit your needs.

Avast! Free Antivirus – Top picked free antivirus program. Has excellent features, fast download, speedy scans, sandboxing, and more. Click here for the download.

Microsoft Security Essentials – has slightly slower scanning and lower detection rates than Avast but it is still a great free antivirus program. Click here for the download.

Avira AntiVir Personal Edition – great malware detection but somewhat annoying. Click here for the download.

AVG Anti-virus Free – great behavioral blocker but takes forever to download. Click here for the download.


Which Company Did ChronoPay Target ? Is Paypal Safe ?

I was reading Brian Krebs – KrebsOnSecurity blog. In his latest post he wrote about ChronoPay Co-founders arrest.

I haven’t used ChronoPay and I’m not sure how it works. I tried to log into their site, but the website is down for some reason, may be co-founder Pavel Vrublevsky’s arrest is one of the reason. Using Google’s cache feature, I managed to look into the site. Most of it’s features are close to what offers.

Krebs, in the blog post mentioned:

… ChronoPay, the country’s largest processor of online payments, for allegedly hiring a hacker to attack his company’s rivals…


…hired by Vrublevsky to launch a debilitating cyber attack against Assist, a top ChronoPay competitor. According to Russian news organizations, the ChronoPay executive wanted to sideline rival payment processing firms who were competing for a lucrative contract to process payments for Aeroflot, Russia’s largest airline…

However, he did not mention who the targeted Competitor was.

A quick look at ChronoPay’s features and their line of business, you’ll notice that they are very similar to Paypal. Now my guess is, the competitor Krebs is referring to,  who was at the receiving end is – PayPal.

This leaves us wondering if Paypal’s security is at risk. By all measures, Paypal is the leader when it comes to online payments / merchant accounts, most freelancers, online merchants have an account with Paypal, and it is accepted worldwide. If such a site is targeted, a lot of peoples money can be at stake.

Keeping the speculations away from bay, let’s wait and see if we can get more details about the Targeted Company !

If you know anything about who was targeted please do share via comments.


Sony Play Station Network Continues To Be Hacked

April 16th through April 19th the Sony Corporation was digitally broken into by a group of hackers that remain anonymous to this day. The effects have been crippling to the giant corporation and the hackers, much like David with his sling, used their elite skills to bring the giant.
The initial cost of the break-in was around $177 million, but the long term effects have yet to be observed. Numerous lawsuits and security upgrades will end up putting a much deeper dent in Sony’s pocket.

So how many people were affected? And what was compromised? The initial attack by the anonymous hackers left over 100 million PSN user accounts compromised and vital information was possibly obtained: name, address, e-mail address, birth date, IP address, PSN password, billing information. A hacker could do irreparable damage to a person’s life with that information, and Sony PSN users were just as concerned. After the initial attack the Sony Corporation shut down the PSN network on April 20th to try and assess and fix the damage.

On May 5th Sony CEO issued an official apology to PSN users on their blog as seen here. On top of that there was also an apology from Sony at the E3 convention that you can watch here:

On May 14th Sony starts restoring PlayStation Network services in the hopes that they can rebuild. Unfortunately for Sony, they were wrong.

Several other hacks on the Sony Corporation have happened since then and this time by hackers that have identified themselves, although the initial attackers are still unknown. On May 18th hackers targeted the password reset site for the PlayStation Network. Then from May 25th- 26th hacker groups targeted Sony sites in Greece, Canada, Indonesia and Thailand. And another blow, on June 3rd a hacker group going by the name of LulzSec claims to have hacked into the Sony Pictures website which resulted in the compromised information of around one million users.

LulzSec has stated that they targeted the site to demonstrate Sony’s weakness and to try and teach consumers not to put their faith and information in a company that cannot protect itself. After they infiltrated the website they published the information of the consumers on their site. They claim to have made it their mission to hack Sony six times and released this message:
“We’ve recently bought a copy of this great new game called ‘Hackers vs Sony,’ but we’re unable to play it online due to [PlayStation Network] being obliterated.
So we decided to play offline mode for a while and got quite a few trophies. Our latest goal is ‘Hack Sony 5 Times,’ so please find enclosed our 5th Sony hack.
ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED: HACK SONY 6 TIMES! Oh damn, we just did it again, please also find enclosed internal network maps of Sony BMG.”

So why on earth is Sony being targeted? There is some speculation that besides Sony’s poor security there was another incident that sparked outrage amongst the hackers. A young programmer and hacker named George Holtz had made it his mission to hack Sony products and had released some info out to the public. Sony, in response, took action on Holtz and they went to court. While the case was settled outside of court, many people, both in the general public and hackers, did not like the way Sony handled the situation.

Holtz denies any participation in the hacking of Sony’s PSN and other websites, and it is still unclear what the hacker’s true motives are, but it is not unlike hackers to target a corporation for a cause.

So what now? Sony is still fending off hacking attacks and sorely needs to update their security so that consumers are better protected and consumers are still being cautious. The situation is ongoing as more attacks are being reported and LulzSec is still waging its online war against the Sony Corporation. Best thing if you are a Sony Consumer is to keep all of your personal information off any of their sites and wait until the situation is resolved.

New Features Added To PC Tools Privacy Guardian

PC Tools Privacy Guardian With New Features.

Recently, PC Tools have released an official and final version 4.5 of Privacy Guardian with new features. Privacy Guardian 4.5 version of PC Tools now contains more advanced and easy-to-apply protection on user’s PC with more protection for all program activity records. They also help other hypothetical change neural tissue postulated, in order to account for persistence of memory such has system registry, cookies, and temporary files, which are not recoverable after removing them from the system.

PC Tools Privacy Guardian is now more capable and provides more effective harddrive. It sweeps-up the harddrive of the temporary and unused files and provides more disk space and enhances the performance by keeping it up-to-date all the time.  Apart from this, Privacy Guardian 4.5 is introduced with many new features like substitute of data streams, easier Graphical User Interface application and clean items wizard.

Characteristics of PC Tools Privacy Guardian 4.5:

?        It sweeps harddrive on regular basis for historic data, online track records on the Internet, and other delicate information.

?        It supports many web browser applications.

?        It provides more space on harddrive.

?        It improves system performance by restoring valuable harddrive space.

?        Make user’s harddrive more spacious and gets back the deleted information by standard file recovery methods.

Now Download Security 10 For Bullguard Internet

With Six Free Months License, Now Download Security 10 For Bullguard Internet

BullGuard Internet Security is a simple-to-use, effective security suite, which is developed by BullGuard. It is particularly designed to safeguard computer systems against latest cyber crimes that take place by using spyware, virus, malicious threats, and cookies, malicious, scripts and spam.

With BullGuard Internet Security, users are able to store or backup all-important documents, music files and photos online. They get up to 5GB online data storing capacities.  Additionally, the latest version of BullGuard Internet Security 10 is now included with new attributes like safe browsing, owner password protection, inspector and behavioral detection.

Features of BullGuard Internet Security: 

  • Safeguard against zero day exploits
  • Anti-Spam feature is capable of identifying image spam and malicious emails
  • Personal firewall protects against many forms of internet attacks
  • Behavioral Change Detections
  • Anti-spyware for safeguarding your identity from online frauds
  • Anti-phishing to obtain webpage and email authentication. It helps you to browse, shop, and conduct safe net banking.
  • Online backup of up to 5 GB for storing critical files.
  • 24X7 online support, email and remote access to your PC.

To obtain the free copy of this software go through the promotional page and fill the required field and then click “Submit” button.

In this world where Internet policing is not very stringent due to the mast usage of the World Wide Web, this security suite can be very beneficial. If you use your systems for shaving critical information or for online banking, this package can come extremely handy.

Download Steganos Privacy Suite 11 (2009) with Free License Code

Download Steganos Privacy Suite 11 (2009) with Free License Code 

Steganos Privacy Suite 11 (2009) is a expert, simple-to-use and award-winning file encryption and data protection program, which has been meant developed for the protection your private data together with the help of 9 premium tools.



Features of Steganos Privacy Suit

  • Data saves (up to 512 GB) that suit everything
  • Steganos Portable Risk-free makes mobile files safe on the move
  • E-mails in a post office safe and sound
  • Steganos Shredder for 100% data eradication
  • Completely routinely erases digital signs
  • Easy-as-pie password administration
  • Steganos Password Power generator produces robust private data protection
  • Password security search for the most secure codes
  • Open your risk-free your personal approach
  • Exclusive faves stay individual
  • Supports hotkey, automatic sign in and also drag-and-drop
  • Keyloggers failures with the help of virtual keyboard
  • Secure e-mails the simplest way
  • 256 Little bit AES stability algorithm
  • Steganography hides delicate files in photos along with tunes

Visit the promotional page at
Enter your email id hit Abschicken then you will get an email with the license

Download installer of the Steganos Privacy Suit:Enter the License key, which you receive in your email.

This software is compatible with Windows XP, Vista

Panda Cloud Antivirus Pro Edition – Download for Free with One Year Activation Key

Panda Cloud Antivirus Pro Edition – Download for Free with One Year Activation Key

Panda Cloud Antivirus Pro Edition is enhanced protection software and it is based on cloud technology, which provides complete protection shield against spyware, virus, and rootkits. It is having real-time connection with Panda labs for Online Collective intelligence servers to safeguard more quickly against the latest spyware variants while slightly influencing PC performance.

It is designed to turn off the Autorun feature that will help to safeguard users from infections that multiply by means of flash drives. Additionally it consists “Automatic USB Vaccination” to retain users from drifting down to destructive activities. Several users do not mind paying out to obtain superior antivirus to keep away from spyware, virus, spams, and harmful activities and provides them peace of mind. But why to pay, if you are able to obtain this fantastic antivirus for free, which costs $29.95?


Users will therefore need to type their first name, last name and a valid email id and after that click the Continue button. After filling all, the information users have to confirm and verify email id by click the link in your inbox.

 After that, users will be redirected to a new website where they will find one-year activation key for your antivirus software. After installing their copy of software, they have to activate their copy with this activation key.

Download Safe’n’Sec Personal to Remove Malware with One year Registration for free

Download Safe’n’Sec Personal to Remove Malware with One year Registration for free

Safe’n’Sec is one of the amazing anti-spyware software program, which is able to provide users complete solution of security to protect against the threats of Trojan, Malware and Viruses etc. This extensive protection software is developed to perform Microsoft Security Essentials along with other security applications to provide thorough defense for computer. Safe’n’Sec has a entirely different methodology by preserving user’s system in a “Known Good” phase instead of discovering and overcoming individual dangers. This methodology implies that a user does not have to depend on regular updates to maintain their PC virus free, and they will not reduce system overall performance to resource intensive scanning activities.

Safe’n’Sec provides the user assurance towards harmful activities and safeguards them against potential risk such as:

Internet worms, virus, and Trojan horses – Harmful programs contaminating or eradicating user data.
Spyware – Programs, which forwards information from out of your computer to a third party without having users’ permission.
Rootkits – Programs covering the existence of intruders or destructive codes on your PC.
Keyloggers – Those programs who monitors the shadow of the operations of your computer, while working on them. This is called prohibited off-site control.
Private data, credit card number leakage and passwords.
Exploits.exe files triggers malfunctioning operation on your PC such as software attempting to install confidentially on your PC.

If you want to buy Safe’n’Sec usually, it will cost you $14.95. If a user does not want to spend the money to acquire this then they can get the complimentary copy of Safe’n’Sec along with one year registration code, with the special promotion offer by Avanquest. To grab the special promotional offer, you can follows the below mentioned steps.

Go to Promotional Sites and register names, email etc.
After filling the required information you just have to click “Proceed and receive your serial code” button to proceed.
After that, you will be redirected to new page containing valid registration code.

Download  Safe’n’Sec

Grab Avast Antivirus with One Year Free License

Grab Avast Antivirus with One Year Free License

Avast, Antivirus can be a no cost anti-virus application, which supplies thorough virus defense regarding people coming from viral infection, viruses attack, trashes, malware, etc. Even though it is free, this particular anti-virus software package gives protection against virus invasion and minimizes safety threat when compared to the compensated products available in the market.

Avast, gives home users the two Avast! Free Antivirus and Avast! Home Edition at no cost. However, people may possibly detect Avast! Free Anti-virus 5.0 functions only for Thirty days right after installment within demo function (or Sixty days pertaining to avast House 4.8). People must get their free licenses crucial along with place the main element with their item to keep on enjoying the no cost security approximately Twelve months. People may acquire Avast! Free Anti-virus or even Avast! Home Edition as therefore, check out Avast site to be able to request a free of charge license for undisrupted use on the following Link: