Simple Setting To Send Mail As Hotmail ( In Gmail

Simple Setting To Send Mail As Hotmail ( In Gmail

Now, the new feature has been introduced in the Gmail which allows you to send mail with a custom domain SMTP server. This feature in the Gmail helps you to send mail with the custom “From:” Your actual Gmail e-mail address could now be concealed with this feature. The recipients will see the different email address having the domain name other than Gmail.

If you would like to configure your Gmail so that it would send the mail via outbound SMTP server of Windows Live Hotmail, then just go through the following Hotmail SMTP settings.

SMTP server:
Port: 25
Username: [username]
Password: [password]

Always use a secure connection (SSL) when sending mail: Yes (Check)
Sometimes, when you add the above given SMTP configuration intended for Hotmail in Gmail, you’ll be most likely prompted with the following error massage:

“Couldn’t reach server. Please double-check the server and port number.”

If you try to change the SMTP port to 587 will also pop out the same error. When you add a port 465 try to connect, Gmail will hang for a while when it goes to check credentials. After that, it finally displays the following error massage:

“Your other email provider is responding too slowly. Please try again later, or contact the administrator of your other domain for further information.”

After all these errors we could finally note that there is an issue or a problem with Gmail service so that it can’t connect and access to via SSL. Therefore you have to fallback with the unsecured connection of Windows Live Hotmail SMTP server having the port 25.

So, to send the mail with your custom Hotmail identity you should untick and uncheck the setting of “Always use a secure connection (SSL) when sending mail” and then ensure that the SMTP port is 25.

Simple Method For Managing Items In “Send To” Menu

Simple Method For Managing Items In “Send To” Menu

If you wish to copy a file or folder to another destination on your system, you can do it quite effortlessly by using the “Send To” option in the right-click context menu rather than copying the file/folder and pasting it into the destined folder manually. This useful option is available in all Windows OS including Windows 7, XP, Vista, 2008, Windows Server 2003, etc.

The “Send To” menu contains very few items by default. However, you may manage the items in your “Send To” menu i.e. add or delete items in “Send To” menu as per your preference. Normally, to do so, you need to navigate all the way to “SendTo” folder which is located at the below mentioned location:


However, instead of navigating through this lengthy path, you may go to SendTo folder quite easily by typing in the command “shell:sendto” into “Run” command box in Windows XP or Start Search in Windows Vista. Once the SendTo folder opens in Windows Explorer, you can customize the items.

You may copy and paste or simply drag and drop the preferred folders which you wish to display in “Send To” menu into the SendTo folder. You may also remove any items that you do not want to be displayed in “Send To” menu.

In Windows 7, most of the personal user folders are included as hidden items in “Send To” menu which can be viewed by pressing and holding the “Shift” key whilst right-clicking on a file/ folder.

Reading Or Sending Gmail From The Desktop Of Windows

Reading Or Sending Gmail From The Desktop Of Windows

After waiting for a long time, Google, the world’s giant search engine is finally ready for bringing Gmail to desktop. The credit goes to the effort by the gadgets team of Google Desktop that add new and much anticipated gadget that allows users of Google Desktop to check the Gmail accounts by not having to access the Gmail site.

The new introduced gadget is able to allow the users to read, to star message, search, and send the mail straight from the Google Desktop. Additionally, it offers other useful features such as keyboard shortcuts, contact auto-complete, multiple account, etc which provides the user with a friendly environment. Free Download Here

Scammers Worldwide Are Exploiting Your Computers By Sending Emails In Your Inbox

Scammers Worldwide Are Exploiting Your Computers By Sending Emails In Your Inbox

Most Scammers worldwide are using mails to download malwares and viruses in your computer. In case you receive emails from unknown senders, it is better that you delete it without opening them.

Certain emails with titles like “take care” and “are your loved ones in great health” are being mailed by scammers to your inboxes. This is to win your faith so you open them and let the viruses enter your system.

Many reports also point that these emails show that they have news for local bomb threats. They also display links to secure sites like Google and Wikipedia. In this way they fool the reader in opening them and transporting them to an insecure website that transmits viruses automatically.

The scammers use specific IP addresses to send emails to the recipients. They do this by using the IP tracking techniques that shall track your IP address to your home locations. For the bombing news they use secure and reliable news agencies like Reuters to win the faith of the recipients.

Like this the user gets forwarded to spam websites which directly download malwares in the victim’s system without their knowledge.

Send An Email From Linux Or UNIX Command Line Shell Easily

Send An Email From Linux Or UNIX Command Line Shell Easily

Sometimes, the system administrator might be required to send an emergency mail or a test mail message only using the command line interpreter or shell in Linux flavored OS and it might also be needed in the distribution of operating system such as CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, Red Hat Fedora, FreeBSD, Open SUSE and etc. In such situations, you will find the mail command extremely handy one.

Actually “mail” is a command, which is used to receive and send mail massages in BSD operating system, UNIX and Linux. You could enter the following command to initiate the mail transfer procedure.

Mail [email protected]

Of course, you should enter a valid email address in the place of [email protected].

While typing the mail message body, you will be prompted to enter the subject for the mail by the system. The format would be like:

# mail [email protected]
Subject: For Testing Only
This email is for testing the mail delivery system only.
^D (EOT)

After completing the typing of your email message, you just have to press Ctrl-D (it is shown like “^D” in the above example). It is used to represents the End of Text (EOT). You may or may not be prompted with the input request to enter any other recipients to send cc (carbon copy). It depends upon the operating system that you use. To skip this, just hit enter button or else accept the input, and the mail will be automatically delivered.

Tip: If the same system is used by the recipient and sender, then you may just omit the domain part (it will be as from the address, typing just user name only.

Furthermore, you could use switches and arguments of mail for sending the mail to directly avoiding any interactive input. For instance,

mail -s Test [email protected] < /dev/null

The above command will send a blank email right away, which would have empty body to the address of recipient and having the subject name as “Test”. You could as well type “man mail” for extra arguments.

Receive And Send Email Attachments Of Upto 25MB

Receive And Send Email Attachments Of Upto 25MB

Gmail has always been amongst the most generous email services provider. Earlier the maximum mark upto which a user can send an attachment was 10MB. Gmail then enhanced and expanded the limit to upto 20MB. After Gmail’s strategy other email providers also followed suit. Currently only the Hotmail and Yahoo email providers provide 20MB attachment size.

Gmail has now added an extra sting in this field. Of late it has increased the size of attachments (sent or received) to upto 25MB. Currently Gmail is the only email provider to provide attachment size to such extent. The increase in attachment size to such extent has pleased all the existing users as well as the ones planning to join it.

The increase in size of attachments has provided more convenience and flexibility to its users. They can now send and share more pictures, songs, documents, videos and other important media. The increase has been welcomed by users as the number of Gmail users has risen since the increase of attachment size. Thus, if you want to send files of bigger size join Gmail and send files of size upto 25MB.


If a user wants to send any email having attachments of more than 20MB then the receiver needs to have an account supporting the required attachment size. If the receiver doesn’t have such account then the e-mail bounces back to the sender. It is therefore recommended to share attachments with such bulky sizes with Gmail accounts. If your friends don’t have a Gmail account, help them join and share media instantly.

The newly increased attachment size of upto 25MB has been applied and implemented to all account holders of Gmail. Users of Gmail having Flash based attachment features provide pop up warning for attachments exceeding the size limit of 25MB.

Secrets Help You Send Emails Securely

Secrets Help You Send Emails Securely

If you are accessing mails or sending emails using Wi-Fi in a public place, then you might be risking your privacy if your mails are not coded or encrypted. Whenever the user sends emails over a wireless or Wi-Fi network, it gives the hacker an opportunity to hack into your personal information or data. Public places provide convenience and not security.

Secrets provide you with the solution to the above mentioned problem. It is an online service which is absolutely free and allows the users to send mails in encrypted form. The only necessity or formality for using this service is to register with a valid Gmail account. After logging in to your account, click on the Compose button to compose a new email. After typing in the data or attaching files, the recipient field is to be filled, after its completion click on the “Encrypt and Send” command.


After successfully sending the email in encrypted form a pop rises up and asks for a decryption password. It is essential for the user to memorize this password as it will help you decrypt the email you have sent. It needs to be memorized because this password is not stored in the systems database.

On receiving the email, the recipient needs to provide the decryption password to view the received message. The decryption password is to be sent by the sender itself. Secrets operate using the DES algorithm for encryption. The keys of this algorithm are by default set at 64bits. Other than the DES algorithm it also provides algorithms like Triple DES, AES Rijndael, Blowfish and ArcFour. The default keys of these algorithms are set at 128bits, 256bits, 448bits and 2048bits respectively.

The user has the liberty to choose any of these algorithms and ensure safe and secure message sending.

Send Free SMS Or Group Text With Textplus

Send Free SMS Or Group Text With Textplus

Users of the iPhone or iPod touch have numerous ways to send text messages or free sms across the globe. The utilities help them avoid paying the mobile service providers and thus makes texting absolutely free for a limited or an unlimited period or quantity.

For users of the iPhone or iPod touch the above methodology might be extremely troublesome or they might want to escape from paying to the service providers. To the rescue of these users, a free application known as textPlus has been launched by GOGII. This free application developed and provided by GOGII allows the iPod touch and iPhone users to receive and send free sms (text messages). 

The innovative and interactive technology of GOGII has been leveraged by textPlus. It allows users to get indulged in group conservations with other users already having textPlus installed in their iPhone or iPod touch. Thus, it helps users to be connected with their group at all times.

With textPlus, iPod Touch and iPhone users send unlimited and free text messages over Wi-Fi or a wireless network absolutely free. They don’t even need EDGE, 3G or GPRS technology. Some of the other features provided by textPlus are that users can write messages even in the landscape mode and also allows group chatting over text messages.


The group chatting gets an extended feature similar to that of a chat room. Like a chat room, here too replies can be viewed by all users logged in the chat room at that particular moment. textPlus can also send SMS notifications that are optional. These messages or notifications are optional and will charge the user standard sms rates.

The best part of having textPlus installed in your iPhone or iPod Touch is that you can also chat with your friend who doesn’t have an iPod Touch or an iPhone. The user can use the normal phone and send sms to you but will be charged with normal SMS rates.

For further information on textPlus please visit the following link

You can download this useful application from the Apple Application Store or can even send a text message to 60611.   

Compress And Splits Files With Akhir Split Zip

Compress And Splits Files With Akhir Split Zip

Transferring and sending large files is not a cup of tea because it requires proper internet connection and consumes much time. When the speed of your internet connection is slow, then it really irritates you while sending huge files. 

What if you are in the middle of sending files and your connection gets disconnected frequently, and your client is requesting you to them as soon as possible? It is really the worst situation that you would never wish to experience.

Sometimes your email account prevents you to upload large sized files. In this situation, you would go for some web based services to send and transfer files. However, you can use the old method, which is known as splitting the large files into smaller parts and then sending them. 


In olden days, people often used to split the files into smaller sections to upload and transfer the files. So here is one of the popular and effective split application named, Akhir Spilt Zip, which splits files into multiple files.

There are many other split tools and application available over the web, but this one has improvised features, and it is completely free of cost to download and use. So this is the best solution of your problem regarding sending and transferring huge files. You just need to split them and the recipient will be able to merge them into one file.