How Can I Take Backup Of Blogspot, Blogger, WordPress Online For Free

Keep back-up of your Blogspot blogs online

Currently, you can retrieve data that you have lost by creating a safe backup. Many times servers get crashed and you might lose all your data. It would be wise to create backup for all the important files. You must make sure that your backup is updated every day to ensure security for all your hard works and effort involved in creating a blog does not go waste. There are many online services where you can do it for free.

  • Blogger Backup:  You can easily have a third party backup tool and one of them is the Blogger Backup. This tool assures you to save and keep track of all your comments, blogs and in simultaneous order. The backup extensions are saved in XML or Atom format and thus, next time you can easily upload those file and start working on your blog. [ Download Blogger Backup ]
  • Online Blogger Backup: The backup tool is available in as online version too. This is a great feature as it doesn’t even need to be downloaded into your PC. Every day’s work has safe backup and the best part it that it’s free of cost. Visit and use Online Blogger Backup.
  • BlogBackupr: It is similar to the other two blogger backups which save the files online. There is no much difference among the three and thus, gives you multiple choices for you to save your work. However, it’s always better to have a copy of your work on your hard disk too. [ Download BlogBackup ]

Well, there is no harm in keeping backups of the backup of the original copy. It is called multi backups system and is preferred by many bloggers. There are times when people do not want to take a chance by creating a backup online, and there fore, it is suggested that they also form another backup in the hard disk, or even in the pen drive, or in CD or DVD.

Should I Throw Away The Old Components After I Upgraded My Computer

You don’t upgrade your computer often. And once you do, you normally don’t feel the need to keep the old components, and you’ll think about disposing them – errr.. via Ebay for few $$.

Before you dispose your old components make sure you don’t need it in the future. There may be some products, which may be of no use now, but may be they’ll come handy if the new component starts malfunctioning.

Let’s suppose you install a new component and its malfunctioning, you have no idea if it is a technical glitch or some installation problem. In such scenarios, you can replace the new component with your old component ( which you are sure it’s working ), and then check if it works fine. If it does, you can be sure that it’s a technical glitch with your new component, else it most likely will be something to do with the installation problem!