Make Downloading easier and faster using SkipScreen

Make Downloading easier and faster using SkipScreen

It is a very common practice among file sharing and file hosting websites to make users stay on the website for a longer period of time and then enable downloading after increasing impressions. These tricks are implemented by the websites to maximize the revenue stream of affiliate programs and advertisements. It is a very common practice among free file sharing and fie hosting websites.

The most used technique is the timer, which makes users wait for some period of time before the required downloading links are made available. It may further ask to click and skip through various pages before the real purpose of downloading is met.


This can be extremely painful and causes wastage of time and resources. To avoid such type of hassles, Firefox has presented the SkipScreen addon that can be added with its browser. This extension allows users to bypass these useless and pesky web pages automatically. By doing so, the user can download the required files and data easily and more conveniently.

Some of the file sharing websites on which SkipScreen works are Mediafire, zShare, Rapidshare, Sendspace, Linkbucks, Sharebee and lots more. The extension is easily available and can be downloaded from the internet. On completion of downloading it automatically gets installed to the Firefox browser.

How To Play Lyrics Of Songs In My Music Player ?

MiniLyrics : Displays song lyrics in your favourite Media Player

MiniLyrics is a third party tool which provides you with the song lyrics no matter in which media player you run the song. Check out the reasons for having this tool in your pc:

  • It is a freeware/ shareware. You can have unlimited free trials before you purchase the product
  • It gets installed in your machine in no time. Fast installing capability
  • It supports almost all kind of Music player
  • It works for almost all kind of songs. It is not necessary to run English songs to avail this feature, you can also play local language songs and you will get the lyrics of them too

The music players that MiniLyrics supports are mentioned below:

Windows Media Player Real player
Foobar 2000
QCD Player
Jet Audio
BS Player
Yahoo! Music Jukebox
VLC Media Player
And lots more….

It is highly recommended to download the MiniLyrics and to enjoy the songs much better. If there is any the music file of which the wordings are unclear, it will solve that problem.

[Download Minilyrics]

Multiple Image Downloader Software For Free

Image downloader: Download any image from any website

Usually whenever we like some image from any website, we right click over the image in order to save it. What if we like lots of images from the same WebPages? Are we going to download each of them one by one manually?

The answer is NO. We don’t need to do it manually one by one for every image. Image downloader plays a vital role in this matter. There are lots of image downloader software applications available in the market like the Advanced Pic Hunter.

If you want to save any images from any website no matter how many images there are, then you can opt for Advanced Pic Hunter. It is a third party tool which will save all the images in your computer in no time.

Advantages of Advanced Pic Hunter:

  • It is easy to use.
  • Downloads the images from the website fast.
  • The way of saving website images are convenient.
  • It supports BMP, PNG, GIF, JPG, etc.

[Download Pic Hunter]

Simple Solutions To Common Problems That Might Be Troubling Your PC

I’ve pointed out some of the most common computer related problems new-bies face when they buy a new computer.

Sometimes your computer is working fine, and all of a sudden it starts behaving erratic. Is such situations, one of the first things to consider is what were you doing on the PC immediately prior to the fault manifesting itself. If you can identify something specific, that you were doing just before your PC/lap started acting funny, then most often simply ‘undoing’ it will eliminate the problem.

Let us, in this article look at most of the ‘common’ actions that may be the reason for your PC / laptop to behave the way it should not :

> Downloading from the Internet:

There are hundreds of thousands of known viruses, the vast majority of which are spread via the internet and their effects can mimic literally any computer fault. So if your PC starts giving trouble after downloading from the Internet there is a very good possibility that it has picked up a virus. If you suspect this to be the case then you must obtain an up-to-date virus program and check your system with it.

If you use internet often, download from unverified or untrusted sources, download attachments from unknown senders, then you should be aware that you are inviting trouble. You should never discount the possibility that your system can be infected by viruses, malwares, spyware and such that can be installed on your system through such programs.

You should also be very careful when you install any freeware programs. It is a very sketchy area, as a normal PC / Laptop user, you’ll have not have any idea if the freeware you want to install is infected or not. When you are downloading it from untrusted sources, it’s a safer way to visit related forums, discuss with people and see if the software you are planning to use is the best without any problems, or ask for suggestions. These days, with the internet boom, there are forums and communities that pretty much discuss everything you can think and imagine about !

> Installing a peripheral, i.e. a new scanner / Upgrading your PC with a new card, i.e. a graphics card:

Installing new hardware is a common cause of problems and is usually due to the new hardware device taking the resources allocated to an existing hardware device. This problem can usually be sorted out via Control Panel, System, Device Manager.

> Deleting/installing a program:

Often we install a program to try out and then having decided we don’t want it delete it. With most programs there is no problem. However there are some which simply refuse to go quietly. The usual problem is that these programs use or ‘borrow’ files and then when they are deleted, take these files with them. Any other programs on the PC which need these files will then not run correctly, if at all. The cure for this is to re-install the affected program.

There are occasions when simply running a particular program will cause problems. It will either have become corrupted or is incompatible with something else on the system. The result will usually be lockups and crashes. Deleting and then re-installing it will usually cure that fault.

> Changing your PC’s settings:

Windows is a very customizable operating system and allows the user to make all manner of changes to its default settings. This also applies to much of the systems hardware. However there are parts of the system where changes can have adverse effects on the PC’s performance. Examples are the BIOS and the registry. The best policy when experimenting with settings, is to make a written note of any changes made. If there are any subsequent problems then you’ll be able to reverse them.

If you are one those with inquisitive nature, to test and experiment new things and enjoy doing it, you should be a little more careful when you deal with your PC / Laptop with such an attitude. I don’t say its wrong if you try out something on your own, but I’d recommend that you better read up about the part you want to fiddle around with. It saves an arm and time. Always pen down whatever changes you’ve made to your system, which will come handy in case you fail to set it right if things go wrong.

> Shutting down / Restarting your PC the wrong way:

There is most definitely a right and a wrong way to shut down or restart your computer. The right way is to select Start -> Restart or Start -> Shutdown. You can also do a soft reboot by hitting Ctrl + Alt + Delete. The wrong way is to hit the reset button or power off button. This can corrupt any program that might be running, or worse, the hard drive itself. Usually though, the effects are minor and can be repaired by exiting in the proper manner and then running a disk utility such as ScanDisk.

Though often looked down on, I’ve seen a lot of problems caused by not exiting windows correctly. You should try and avoid your reboot button as much as possible. It must be used only when you have no option, like when your PC / Laptop is frozen solid. It should not be used as a time saver, quick option to shut down your system !

> Maintenance:

If, for any reason you have been delving inside the system case, its quite possible that you have inadvertently loosened or even disconnected something, a cable or expansion card for example. Try and retrace your steps, checking everything in the area in which you were working, making sure all boards and cables are firmly seated in their sockets.

[ 4 Registry Tweaks That Will Imrove Windows XP Performance ]

How Can I Get Free Rapidshare Premium Accounts

Free Premium Rapid share account

Rockstar Sid is giving away a free Rapidshare account premium account, which is valid till 23rd of December, 2008.  He also tells you how you can get a free Rapidshare Premium Account yourself, working hard.

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While I totally back the second method of earning money, which is uploading valid files, videos, movies and such, and earning credit by influencing visitors to download the files you’ve uploaded, I am against the paid to click way of earning money.

New-bies mostly fall pray to such programs. Though some may earn money from such programs, its not a sustainable long term business plan and you loose your investment – Time. It’s very logical why such business models won’t work. Why would an advertiser pay you to click on ads and not generating ROI ? I’ll not get in deep and explain what’s happening in the back end. There are guys who know how to make money of these too, but they are one of those 1 in 1000s. So don’t bother wasting your time in pay-to-click biz model.

Instead, try building a blog, work on shaping it with content visitors love to read. You’ll be rewarded for all your hard work when you start getting significant amount of visitors. One of the classic example I’d like to point you to is Amit Bhawani

** Update **

Thanks to John – He’s given a list of valid Rapid share accounts that can be used.

LOGIN: 7146604                 PASSWORD: kUx6u2PU
LOGIN: 3074443                 PASSWORD: DAc8ds4eD5
LOGIN: 5773497                 PASSWORD: nGu6WpMkxD
LOGIN: 2587474                 PASSWORD: CAHfcSZ74n
LOGIN: 5974274                 PASSWORD: CzVzLwLj82
LOGIN: MIK_ALKI                 PASSWORD: qP6sJZUf8d
LOGIN: 5974274                 PASSWORD: CzVzLwLj82

LOGIN: 1532166                 PASSWORD: 302028060

LOGIN: 2587474                 PASSWORD: CAHfcSZ74n

LOGIN: 40586 PASSWORD: 4181392
LOGIN: 34746 PASSWORD: 7861243
LOGIN: 34978 PASSWORD: 6943382
LOGIN: 34979 PASSWORD: 3194204
LOGIN: 34980 PASSWORD: 7812184
Login: 20145 Password: 7072148
Login: 19159 Password: 7932964
LOGIN: 20949 PASSWORD: 2716739
LOGIN: 15156 Password: 2679943
LOGIN: 18549 Password: 4646182
LOGIN: 19365 PASSWORD: 9667651
LOGIN: 18800 PASSWORD: 9496722
LOGIN: 20949 PASSWORD: 2716739
LOGIN: 36272 PASSWORD: 8961973
LOGIN: 36273 PASSWORD: 8061013
LOGIN: 36274 PASSWORD: 2961920
LOGIN: 36275 PASSWORD: 8018801
LOGIN: 36276 PASSWORD: 527330
LOGIN: 34976 PASSWORD: 6650188
LOGIN: 40914 PASSWORD: 2205558
Account-ID: 47191 Password: 4690422
Account-ID: 47189 Password: 2878020
Account-ID: 48004 Password: 6866946
Account-ID: 48008 Password: 2515888
Account-ID: 10611 Password: 181980
Account-ID: 36716 Password: 7634111
Account-ID: 45100 Password: 4430955
Account-ID: 47191 Password: 4690422
Account-ID: 47189 Password: 2878020
Account-ID: 48004 Password: 6866946
Account-ID: 48006 Password: 4844644
Account-ID: 48008 Password: 2515888
Account-ID: 10611 Password: 181980
Account-ID: 36716 Password: 7634111
Account-ID: 45100 Password: 4430955
Account-ID: 43869 Password: 8058995
Account-ID: 24065 Password: 2259199
Account-ID: 42283 Password: 9315398
Account-ID: 47191 Password: 4690422
Account-ID: 24067 Password: 8125910
Account-ID: 35305 Password: 4068954
Account-ID: 17877 Password: 4868118
Account-ID: 37314 Password: 1886070
Account-ID: 35305 Password: 4068954
Account-ID: 17877 Password: 4868118
Account-ID: 47191 Password: 4690422

Please ensure that you don’t change the password and use it fairly so that everyone gets to use valid premium rapidshare account for free.

PS: If any one finds any account not to be working, please leave a message so that I can eliminate and add new accounts.


TechBuzz Team


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