Storing, Sharing Microsoft Office Word, Excel And Powerpoint Documents Online With Password Protection

Storing, Sharing Microsoft Office Word, Excel And Powerpoint Documents Online With Password Protection

Microsoft Office Live Workspace, a unique innovation of online addition of Microsoft Office lets you and the people around you, with whom you work with, share and store Microsoft Office documents under a high security environment from almost anywhere online.

Microsoft Office Live Workspace offers:

  • Store space of over 1,000 Microsoft Office documents on the Web
  • Synchronize contacts, tasks, and calendar events with Microsoft Office Outlook
  • Set permissions to control who can view and edit documents
  • access large documents from anywhere, online


Uploading a file (can even be large in size) and easily sharing it with group members can be easily done with the help of Office Live Workspace. The sharing file can even be updated by the group members and can send it back.





Online storage – Microsoft Office Live authorize users to save information in many file formats. For this purpose it offers up to 5 gigabytes (GB) of memory space which can be utilized from any PC with a net connection, even if Microsoft Office is not installed.


Information sharing –Workspace is intended to facilitate computer users for sharing a single file or a workspace holding multiple documents.


Software compatibility –Office Live Workspace has software compatibility as it works with MS Office programs such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Microsoft Outlook. It also facilitates user to save documents of other file types.


Resources and support – For supporting the users, a Community Support website, which includes a blog, how-to videos, wiki is created by Microsoft. This gives the opportunity to the customers to ask questions about Office Live Workspace.

Easy And Secure Sharing Of E-Mails On The Net

Easy And Secure Sharing Of E-Mails On The Net


It is a very common practice to share emails through sites like Twitter, Skype, and Facebook, but this convenience can come at the cost of safety of your email accounts.

Numerous email harvesters and spam robots are ready to access information from these networking sites. Clicking on a spam accidently can lead to your information being accessed by a third person and lead to misuse of your personal account. is a service that allows users to share and access their emails safely and reduce spam. This Internet service converts the email address into a safe and short URL.



You can also define a URL on your own, thus making it simpler for you to remember the new and safer address.  It is extremely simple to implement. If your email id is [email protected] then you can define your own URL as, which is closest to your personal email address.

On clicking the new URL, you will be directed to a check page which will reveal your protected and safe email address.

Emails are extremely vulnerable these days and n order to have a secure and safe email account, is the best thing you can bet on.