How To Show More Than 15 Posts In Admin’s Manage / Edit Recent Post WordPress

Many times you just wished that you could list more than 15 posts in WordPress’s Admin Manage / Edit posts. I wished I could do that on a lot of occasions. At times, when I had to carry out bulk action on more than 100 posts, manually executing 15 posts at a time is a real pain.

Here’s a simple hack that lets you list more than 15 posts in WordPress Admin Manage / Edit post page, say it lets you list 50 – 100 pots in the same page in Admin’s Manage / Edit panel.

**Warning**: Please attempt this only if you are comfortable handling a php file and know how to make changes to files on your server, else you’ll put your complete blog to risk. If you do not have an idea how to handle a php file on your server, please hire a professional programmer who can do it for you, it won’t cost you more than $10 to get this done.

1> First login to your FTP server and navigate to the folder where you have installed wordpress blog. Navigate to wp-admin/includes/ and open the file post.php

2> Find this piece of code :


3> Replace posts_per_page=15 with posts_per_page=50 (to show a list of 50 posts) or posts_per_page=100 (to show a list of 100 posts) and save the file. (Note: The file should have write positions for you to be able to edit and save it.)

PS: Do not have very high numbers like 250+ as this might cause a browser crash if you try to delete more than 250 posts at a time as the URL will exceed the maximum limit Browser’s Address bar can handle.