Reduce Firefox Tab Width to the Size of Its Favicon

Reduce Firefox Tab Width to the Size of Its Favicon

Mozilla Firefox allows users to open multiple tabs in a single Firefox window eliminating a need for opening multiple windows and constantly switching between them. Firefox tabs have a fixed tab width which seems to be excessively long and the whole space gets occupied the moment you open about six tabs in a Firefox window.


However, it is possible that you change the tab width to make it equal to the size of its favicon. For doing so, you need to use a Firefox plugin known as “FaviconizeTab”. Simply follow the below mentioned procedure to install FaviconizeTab and enable it to resize the Firefox tab width.

  • You need for download FaviconizeTab and install it on your PC. 
  • Restart the Firefox browser to make the plugin active. 
  • Once you restart/ reopen Firefox, you will notice installed extensions listed within add-ons pop-up window that appears. If you do not see any add-ons pop-up window, you need to go to Tools menu and select “Add-ons” to open the add-ons window. Locate “FaviconizeTab” and click on the button “Options”.


  • In the Preference Window of FaviconizeTab, under the section “Quick Faviconize”, set the method for activating FaviconizeTab feature. The options include Alt + Click, Ctrl + Click, Shift + Click and Double Click.


For instance, select “Double-click”, if you wish to activate the FaviconizeTab feature by double-clicking on the tab.

  • Now, to check if the settings are working, open a new Firefox tab and just double-click on it. The tab width will reduce to its favicon size.

Changing the Grouping Size Of Windows in Windows Taskbar

Changing the Grouping Size Of Windows in Windows Taskbar

If you are operating in Windows Vista and in Windows XP, the window of the various programs on the taskbar combines and group together if the number of buttons or windows increase which makes it difficult for the users as they can see one button along with one label that appears in the Taskbar.

For those users who want windows groping, together with similar windows but at a faster rate, for example after 3 or 4 similar windows for same application that are opened, without compressing them to the size of Taskbar’s button, windows provides TaskbarGroupSize which is a registry key that the Users can hack for changing the behavior of the Windows group as well as combining similar Windows.

TaskbarGroupSize is a registry value that is setting-based which defines the how many open windows of the same application can be opened on Taskbar before it is being grouped together in the Taskbar to one button.

In order to modify the Size value of Taskbar Group, you have to follow these steps:

At first Run Registry Editor (i.e. RegEdit)

Then navigate into one of the following registry key:

Command for present user who is logged on: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced

Command for every user accounts in PC: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced

Make a newly DWORD Value in right pane, and then enter TaskbarGroupSize as registry value.

Then double click in the TaskbarGroupSize, after that, change the value by which number of windows which will be opened in Taskbar as desired. For example, you want to group together 3 instances, the first to windows will not be grouped. Any three or more will be grouped into a single button on the taskbar.

To get your settings to work, restart your computer or you may re-login to see the necessary changes taking place.

Reduce Size Of Icons On Windows 7 Superbar (New Taskbar)

Reduce Size Of Icons On Windows 7 Superbar (New Taskbar)

// Windows 7 is integrated with a new taskbar named as Superbar or Awesome Bar. The Superbar has totally new appearance. Actually, an old, classic Quick Launch bar and an ordinary Taskbar buttons are together merged and integrated to create a new improved Taskbar. This new improved taskbar is known Superbar or Awesome Bar. Contrary to the appearance of Quick Launch, a Superbar is also introduced with icons by replacing the classic buttons.

On the other hand, most of us are uncomfortable with the size of icons on Superbar. The size of the icons in Superbar is too large so that it acquires pretty much screen area which is a little bit inconvenient.

There is small trick which will definitely help you to reduce the size of the icons on Superbars. To do so, just follow the steps given below.

  • Firstly, right click in an empty space on Taskbar and select Properties
  • Go to the “Task Bar and Start Menu Properties” dialog box
  •  After that go to the “Taskbar” tab. Now you have to check the checkbox named as “Use small icons”.

Done, now you will notice the reduced size of the icons on Superbar.

Know Folders And Subfolder Size With Folder Size V2.4 In Windows Explorer

Know Folders And Subfolder Size With Folder Size V2.4 In Windows Explorer

Usually your Windows OS displays the original size of the particular file or folder in the Windows Explorer. However, sometimes this data doesn’t help, especially while you quickly want to know how big the folder is.

In such situations, a tiny utility namely, FolderSize would surely help you. FolderSize puts new column displays, which shows the exact size of folder in your Windows system.


It helps you to identify exactly, which folder or subfolder consuming most of the space in the hard drive disk. The software utility is very easy to use and you’ll not face any complexity while downloading and installing it. After installing, open this utility tool and just right click on column header. It will display a new selection namely “Folder Size”; simply enable this option by clicking on it. Now, a new column displaying all folder size will be added in your windows system.

A small thing to note is to add this option into any directory or subfolder. In such a case, you might be required to repeat the above steps again. Nevertheless, for quickly knowing the actual size of folder, this tool is quite helpful. This pretty useful tool works great in Windows NT, 2000 and XP operating systems. Just go through the following link to download FolderSize v2.4.

How To Sort Gmail Messages By Size, Largest Ones First

Unfortunately there is no direct way to sort gmail messages by Size, Sender, Labels, Subject. However, Abhishek has written a detailed report on how to achieve this using some workaround techniques.

And the rest of us, we should suggest Google to include this feature :

1. Login to your GMail account and click “help” and under “Help resources” click “Suggest a Feature” (or you can directly do it by going to ““)
2. You’ll find “Organization” section, click “Suggest it” for “Sort messages by size, date, sender, etc.”