Download Fring app For Mobile Video Conferencing

Fring – New Mobile Video Conferencing App

There are some of the popular video conferencing apps available such as Skype and FaceTime that allow users to communicate with each other via their mobile device. Latest sensation in the iPhone app market is Fring app, which is especially developed to provide Mobile video conferencing to the users up to four members at a time.  You might be thinking about the unique and distinctive features included in this video conferencing app. This app allows the best quality video conferencing with four friends at a time.  This is the most notable feature of the application that sets it apart from the other mobile video conferencing apps.

This is compatible with iPhone and Android devices. You might have several genuine questions regarding this app. The first one is, whether the user can use this app for business purpose or for just pleasure to stay connected with friends.  Honestly, this application has equal ratio of the users which mean as per your requirements you can use it.  If you want to conduct a video conferencing meeting at random, use your iPhone or Android device for connecting with four people at a time and reach the final decision in the meeting. It is really cool and interesting to use it as the ideal business gadget.  It makes easier to connect with your colleagues or co-workers while on the move.

As far as personal usage of this app is concerned, it is used by mostly younger generations. Currently, teens are well attuned with social networking websites and want to stay connected with their friends via video conferencing.

Next, genuine question is, whether the video calling is better than the voice calling or not. Apparently, video calling feature is in its earlier stage and getting popularity rapidly across the globe.  Some of the critics argue that people will be inclined to make video calls as opposed to the voice calls. The Fring is definitely paving the path for the new future of the video calling in the society.

Mobile video conferencing is still in its infancy stage. However, it is really interesting that Fring like app are hitting the market that will sooner make the video calling popular among the users.  However, the complete gamut of web conferencing is yet to be determined for the Smartphone. However, Fring is the latest development in video conferencing feature for the iPhone and Android devices.

Our Opinion

There is no doubt that Fring is the most advanced app, which is paving new future in video conferencing sector. There is one considerable point you have to keep in your mind that video conferencing is in its starting phase, so going with that application completely depends on your preferences. However, FaceTime and Skype is most trusted video calling app available. Overall, it is a worth investment, if you want to assess the new advancement in video calling and want to experience the new era.  In short, it is quite a cool app to use and experience something new and interesting with your device.

Make Skype Video Call On HTC Sensation And Samsung Galaxy S2

Very recently I was pointing out that it was not possible to make skype video calls on  Samsung Galaxy phones. I was bit too early in voicing my concern as I just read that Skype video calling is indeed possible now !

Read the news on iGyaan, and they also linked to Droid-life who apparently have found a hack to get Skype video calling work with HTC Sensation.

I need to update my friend who was looking to get it work. Oh btw did I mention you need to be on Android 2.3 to enjoy this feature ? The earlier apps were fine on Android 2.2, so upgrading to 2.3 is the only homework you need to do to use skype video calling.

Is Video Calling On Skype Android Phone (Galaxy S) Possible ?

A friend wanted to figure out if there is a way to make Video Calls o Skype from Galaxy S (an Android phone).

Skype has done a good job when it comes to iPhones, but unfortunately they are a long way from catching up when it comes to phones that run Android. They are still away from enabling video call function. They should take some quick measures to get video calling feature as they are losing a chunk of their market share to Tango.

They do have an app which works on Samsung Galaxy S, but the app does not support Video Calling (you can now make skype video calls from HTC Sensation and Samsung Galaxy provided you are on Android 2.3 ). To run Skype on Samsung Galaxy S – you need to be running Android OS 2.2 or later, you can even have the app on your phone’s SD card !

Skype has taken care of voice calls over3G, but that’s not enough if they want to stay ahead in competition, as their app seems to have limitations / problems which needs quick attention.

Make video calls from Android phones:

Tango allows users to make free mobile video calls from iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android devices and it works on Wi-Fi and 3G. You can download the apps from : Tango download.


Now Make Calls from Skype To Android Voice Calls Over 3G

Now Make Calls from Skype to Android Voice Calls Over 3G

The newly released official version of Skype App for Smartphone operating on Android has introduced free Skype-to-Skype calling enabled with the facility of very cheap internal VoIP and domestic calls. However, this is possible only for the Skype users who use Wi-Fi within the United States. Making a call through Skype Credit is much cheaper than a voice plan offered by mobile service provider, and if a caller is using 3G support, then it is sure that the option of calling on Skype can available anytime and anywhere.

The official version of Skype used for your desktop is different from that the mobile phones have.  There are several different types of Skype versions that work on android Verizon Android Devices, which works on 3G technology and does not use Wi-Fi. The calls made to mobile phones or Landline through Skype will have to go through the Verizon mobile network. However, the official application of Skype 4 Android operating system does not have any kind of restriction, and the users of United States currently can use Wi-Fi to make calls and not only 3G technology.

Despite all these safety measures, a hacker Xeudoxous has succeeded to break the Skype application for Android and now it is possible for users to call over 3G.  Now onwards, user do not require to have a wireless Internet connection or access point to get connected with Wi-Fi, in order to call on Skype.

Thus, there is no need to root your phone to the Skype 3G support with hacked version. Users can enjoy calling through Skype on Wi-Fi as well as 3G by downloading the below mentioned hacked version of Skype for their Android application: Skype.apk

Hacked version of Skype app on Android-based devices can be installed by following these simple steps:

Firstly, un-install the existing Skype app on your device by going to “Setting”-> “Applications”-> “Manage Application” and then select “Skype”. Then click on “Uninstall button” and copy the Skype.apk to SD card directory of phone. Launch an APK manager or file manager to install .apk on the Android Operating System, as Apps Installer (available in Android Market) and by using this manager, install Skype.apk. Finally, this application will be installed on your Android OS.

However, a similar software is available to download freely from CNet here, which makes your life a lot easier.


Download AllMyNotes Organizer Deluxe Edition Free With License Key Code

Download AllMyNotes Organizer Deluxe Edition Free With License Key Code

AllMyNotes Organizer is really a personal data manager with regard to Windows coming from Vladonai Software program. This Windows program software is built to store all of the information or log in digital folders within firmly encrypted file. Apart from which, all the records can be easily grouped directly into flexible digital directories meant for easy accessibility and instant research.

Key features of the AllMyNotes Coordinator include:

Files tend to be encoded with binary level and can become password-protected.

Restrict usage of person directories along with password.

Powerful global research functions with regard to looking textual content across one or even just about all records with assorted choices.

Search/replace textual content inside notes together with automated highlighting of found text messages.

Intuitive software along with supports of several ‘languages’, adaptable plug-in manager and comfortable tree-structured organization.

Advanced text message modifying characteristics such as rich-text editor, facilitates inside backlinks to other records and also folders, spell-checker, and verify containers.

Flexible information business by folders, icons, colorises subjects etc.

Facilitates sensors and memory joggers.

Automated safekeeping file backup.

Constitutional strong password electrical generator.

Constitutional transfer functions.

Facilitates drag-and-drop.

Quickly capture writing board content material and usage of widely used features by way of system tray menu.

Merely ctrl+click upon phone number anywhere in the text.

Supported Skype, NetMeeting, TAPI, as well as other call companies.

Convenient survey regarding information and file content material.

Visit Vladonai promotion page, after that enter your name, email id and then click on “Get My License” button

Download AllMyNotes Organizer 1.37 Deluxe Edition:

Disabling Skype To Use, Open And Listen On Port 80 As Well As 443 On Local PC

Disabling Skype To Use, Open And Listen On Port 80 As Well As 443 On Local PC

If you really want to install any web server, or maybe an application that requires web pages which is to be served through common HTTP or may be HTTPS ports, i.e. on port 80 as well as on port 443, an error message may appear and suggest that port 80 or port 443 was in use or is being occupied by any other application. It could also happen when there is no web server like Apache or IIS currently installed or running on that system.

While trying to investigate this issue by identifying the application that is being used on port 80, we suspect that the root cause might be due to Skype which allows the users to use the port 80 and the port 443 for alternatives as incoming connections. It uses port 80 as well as 443 for allowing Skype behind firewall in order to connect to the peers or to accept incoming connection with peers though NAT. This wouldn’t be able to connect through the restrictions or firewall that block other ports from opening.

Skype that listens, opens and occupies port 80 as well as port 443 may prevent other applications that require such port for working properly. So, the ability of the Skype for using port 80 as well as port 443 has to be stopped immediately, turned off and it should also remain disabled.

In order to turn off for disabling Skype usage for and listening on the port 80 as well as port 443, we have to open Skype window, after that click on the menu for Tools and then select Options. Then click on the Advanced Tab, after that go to the Connection sub-tab. Here Untick or uncheck that check box for the use port 80 as well as 443 for alternatives of incoming connections option. Lastly, click on the Save button then restart the Skype for making the change effective.

Integrate Yahoo! Mail, Facebook, Skype And Hoovers With Xobni In Outlook

Integrate Yahoo! Mail, Facebook, Skype And Hoovers With Xobni In Outlook

Xobni is a popular Outlook plug-in that has been collaborated by some of the leading software development companies. It provides you with the simplicity to get the information, along with the ability to process and react to it in convenient and much faster way. You will stay connected to the central grouping of people, and you’ll stay informed always with some latest news .

Xobni plugin contains sidebar with which the well-known services like Yahoo! Mail, Skype, Facebook, and Hoovers are integrated. Also, there is no need of registering for an account in order to be able to use these services. You may select any one service that you are using frequently.

Each new capability added to Xobni sidebar is previewed as below.


This application displays your and your friends’ profile, pictures, messages about the status and even fresh updates into the Facebook profile.


you can send instant messages and SMS furthermore make a VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) calls by using this app. In addition to this you can verify online status designed for Skype contacts without any problem.


This feature allows the preview and reply to Yahoo email right from there. In addition to this your contact lists in Yahoo will be shown on to the Xobni sidebar.


This feature is used to access the information of e-mail sender companies, which are screened according to the email domain within Xobni profile. When you launch the Outlook, Xobni will run automatically. While running for the first time it tends to capture few seconds to sync your e-mail data. Xobni plug-in merely occupies 11.55MB space in the hard disk. Download Free

Utility Tool Mx Skype Recorder Stores Voice Conversations On Pc Effortlessly

Utility Tool Mx Skype Recorder Stores Voice Conversations On Pc Effortlessly

Messaging service providers such as Skype, Gtalk, Yahoo Messenger etc, are those service providers who render unlimited free calls from one personal computer to another.

This is really a great service, but to a few miscreants who actually misapply these services by harassing or stalking other users. With the help of a new utility tool, individuals or users can actually record any voice communication as evidence; and lodge an abuse report or complaint.

This new utility tool named Mx Skype recorder version3.5 will allow users to record those voice conversations they had with their dear ones as memorable recordings.

This tool is truly brilliant as it supports users to record the voice communications for multipurpose, one can store recordings to protect themselves, whereas others can store recordings to remember the sugary voice chat they had with their loved ones.

If individuals or users are really interested in utilizing this brilliant utility tool to commence recording their skype, gtalk, yahoo-messenger voice conversations, they need to just install a miniature “Chat-Call-Recording-Tool” on their computer system.

This utility tool has both manual and automatic mode taping options in it, and it can be used only for voice call recordings but not for any text messages recording. If its settings are set to automatic taping mode, it will commence automatically recording all of your conversations without a manual involvement.

If users wish to record only certain Personal Computers calls, then they need to set its settings to manual mode.

This utility tool also supports windows live messenger and other voip voice communication tapings. It manages all your voice conversations into mp3 format, and it also stores the same in wav, wma or pcm formats respectively.

Set of few simple steps to be followed in order to set settings, commence taping skype voice conversations and store the same on your computer system at defined location are listed below:

  • First of all launch Mx Skype recorder by clicking on its icon that is displayed in systems tray.
  • Now, run the voice messenger service providers such as skype, yahoo-messenger, gtalk or windows live messenger.
  • Now, make an outbound call to a person utilizing communications service provider such as Skype, Gtalk, Yahoo Messenger, or any alternate voip program
  • Now, once users have completed their voice communications, this utility tool mx skype recorder will store their voice conversation in an mp3 file format on computer system.
  • Finally these files can be retrieved anytime whenever the users wish to listen.

Instantly download this utility tool Mx Skype recorder to get started with taping all your voice communications on Personal Computers effortlessly.

Find The Hidden Smileys And Emoticons On Skype

Find The Hidden Smileys And Emoticons On Skype

As we all know that Skype is one of the world’s most popular instant messaging services, which is particularly well liked for the quality of voice call services that they provide. Basically, the voice clarity that they provide is much better than Yahoo and MSN, even while making conferences with multiple users. By using their services, you could call any other Skype user from any part of the world for free.

There are more emoticons and Smileys even on Skype rather than the regular one, which is very much like the other instant messaging services. However, the Smileys in Skype are quite different from what you get to see on the other chat services.

These hidden emoticons cannot be pulled out from the toolbar, and the only way to use them is by typing the special characters that are meant for those hidden emoticons. You will need to manually enter the combination of keys and hit the enter button.

Some of the special keys to get the emoticons are:

Mooning, finger, swear, rock, smoking, drunk, poolparty, bandit, headbang, bug, myspace, tmi and many others.

Please remember that you will need to enclose them within the brackets while you use them.  For example, the ‘drunk’ smiley will appear if you enter the characters, (drunk).