Send Fax Online Via Skype Using PamFax

Someone asked me if they could send fax using skype ? This is the answer to it.

We’ve seen different free services you can use to send fax to various parts of the world. This one is not free, it’s certainly but and ad free unlike the other services.

PamFax is a skype approved using which you can send faxes to any fax number in the world through Skype. PamFax Supports 100’s of different file format.

PamFax has a very user friendly wizard that allows you to easily send fax from within Skype as it is fully integrated with Skype.

Send Fax Online Via Skype Using PamFax

It supports multicasting, that is you can send one fax to multiple number of recipients at one go. You can add your name and number in all the faxes that you send. And you also have an option to get notified when the Fax is sent. You can get notified via Email, SMS and also by Skype.

You cans store the sent faxes in a folder as PDF.

Before deciding if PamFax is what you are looking for, you an try sending one free fax to any of the countries in Zone 1 (list of Zone 1 countries) and test it before spending more money on it.

If you use their basic features then it costs around €0.14 / fax and buying bulk works out as cheap as €0.08 / fax. You don’t have to pay anything upfront. You’ll pay as you start using it and pay only for the number of pages you use. This also ensures you are not bound to any subscription, which is useless if you do not send fax too often.

You can pay for the fax through paypal, amazon checkout or even from your existing Skype credit if you have.