Desktop Slideshow Feature In Windows 7 Changes Or Rotates Desktop Background

Desktop Slideshow Feature In Windows 7 Changes Or Rotates Desktop Background

A new feature named Desktop Slideshow is added in Windows 7. The Desktop Slideshow has ability to auto-rotate or auto-change the wallpapers among all the wallpapers that you select as desktop background. Just before launching Windows 7, Microsoft had integrated the Vista OS with the Windows Dreamscene feature. It was pretty impressive but the functionality of rotation not up to the mark.

Desktop Slideshow provides a new way to set up the desktop in Windows 7. It appears as middle ground between animated video background and traditional wallpaper which is pretty much same as DreamScene. However it is not a complete replacement for DreamScene, as it changes the wallpapers among the selected bunch by rotating them in background automatically.

In previous beta of Windows 7 now you can stop the rotation of desktop wallpapers slideshow when there is very low battery power situation in notebook computers. You may also set the frequency of transition interval as 10 seconds up to one day. It gives the ability to customize transition effect also randomize slideshow pictures to appear randomly.

However, the Desktop Slideshow is locked in preBeta Build 6801 Milestone 3 of Windows 7. To start using this feature you have to apply a special hack.

Photo Flash Maker Tool Equipped With A Fully Loaded Slideshow Creator

Photo Flash Maker Tool Equipped With A Fully Loaded Slideshow Creator

Photo Flash Maker is a tool which supports in creating free slideshows with a set of free templates and flash effects. This application package covers few preloaded flash templates and flash-effects, making it simpler to create slideshow in a simpler form.

Users can attach custom notes text, photos, and create your slideshow. These flash slideshows can also be used on blogs / website, for simple flash banners or presentations.

Important characteristics of Photo-Flash-Maker Tool are:

  • Individuals can attach audio files to their flash-slideshows.
  • They can also enable the audio buffering feature for all web requirements.
  • Even the hyperlinked texts and images can be streamlined.
  • Also it is preloaded with various Flash-Effects which can be utilized.
  • A complete movie can be created with its “.swf” extensions.
  • It also supports publishing of flash-files on sites / blogs etc,

Photoflash maker is a Freeware, but supports creation of superior quality flash-slideshows. To begin creating your own flash-slideshows easily, get this Flash-Maker at the earliest. Download Link Here.

How Can I Create SlideShows Of Photos On FaceBook And MySpace

How to put up a personalized Slideshow on Facebook

You might have stumbled upon facebook profiles that feature attractive slideshows in them – and must have wondered if you could do the same in your Facebook profile. Well, although it is hard to say how your friends managed it – this article will let you in on a great tip to create amazing slideshows on your Facebook profiles.

The easiest way is to use services that are free and available online. The case that will be discussed here is This website creates the slideshow from photos that you specify and gives you a HTML code that you can embed easily on your Facebook profile – easy as pie!

  1. Go to
  2. To the top left corner of the homepage, you will see a small tab that says Create. Move your mouse over it and click on Create a Slideshow.
  3. You will see the Add Images From frame in the next page. Click on the Browse button and select the image files that you want to include in the slideshow.
  4. Next is the fun part – look to the right of the page, where you can see a list of styles, skins, themes, etc. under the heading Customize Your Design. Try out all the various options there and select the one you like the best for your photo collection.
  5. Next you have to scroll down the page to see the order of the images. Drag the different images to set the order as per your preference. Also, you can remove any image you don’t like by simply clicking on the small red cross button to the top-right of each image.
  6. Once you are done toggling the various options, click on Save (get code).
  7. You are taken to a page where you are asked to enter additional details (for credits). Enter these and click on SAVE Slideshow.
  8. You find that the left bar contains a list of social networking sites, click on Facebook.
  9. Otherwise you can simply copy the HTML code that they give you and paste in any field in your Facebook profile, someone’s status, or someone’s comment field.

That’s it – you’re done!