Android Notifier, A Very Useful Application To Make You Free From The Worry Of Missing Any Calls Or SMS.

Android Notifier, A Very Useful Application To Make You Free From The Worry Of Missing Any Calls Or SMS.

These days, it has become almost a fashion to use earphones to listen the music on your mobile phones while you are travelling or doing some work. Sometimes it can make you miss your important calls and messages which needs your immediate attention and action. Sometime, it can make you being scolded by your boss or you can loose your client due to not attending an important call immediately. But you can avoid all these situations to happen with you just by downloading Android Notifier, a small application which takes very little memory space and resources.

Android Notifier can be connected through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi with your computer and it will alarm you whenever someone calls you or send an SMS, voicemails, or MMS and even when your mobile battery is getting down, you can get to know about your important calls and SMS through this on your system”s screen.

The notification of getting any calls or SMS will be displayed on user”s screen. It is very easy to customize and set up to use the Android Notifier. There is an option which allows users to select the events the program to be notified. As an example, Phone Ring notification can be disabled if user does not want to be disturbed while they are busy listening their favorite music and even they can disable their Battery use in case they want to save their battery life.

A user can get a free download of Android Notifier for their Macintosh computers and Android phones. Users of Linux and Windows need to get Android-Notifier-Desktop installed on their computers as well.

Send Free SMS Or Group Text With Textplus

Send Free SMS Or Group Text With Textplus

Users of the iPhone or iPod touch have numerous ways to send text messages or free sms across the globe. The utilities help them avoid paying the mobile service providers and thus makes texting absolutely free for a limited or an unlimited period or quantity.

For users of the iPhone or iPod touch the above methodology might be extremely troublesome or they might want to escape from paying to the service providers. To the rescue of these users, a free application known as textPlus has been launched by GOGII. This free application developed and provided by GOGII allows the iPod touch and iPhone users to receive and send free sms (text messages). 

The innovative and interactive technology of GOGII has been leveraged by textPlus. It allows users to get indulged in group conservations with other users already having textPlus installed in their iPhone or iPod touch. Thus, it helps users to be connected with their group at all times.

With textPlus, iPod Touch and iPhone users send unlimited and free text messages over Wi-Fi or a wireless network absolutely free. They don’t even need EDGE, 3G or GPRS technology. Some of the other features provided by textPlus are that users can write messages even in the landscape mode and also allows group chatting over text messages.


The group chatting gets an extended feature similar to that of a chat room. Like a chat room, here too replies can be viewed by all users logged in the chat room at that particular moment. textPlus can also send SMS notifications that are optional. These messages or notifications are optional and will charge the user standard sms rates.

The best part of having textPlus installed in your iPhone or iPod Touch is that you can also chat with your friend who doesn’t have an iPod Touch or an iPhone. The user can use the normal phone and send sms to you but will be charged with normal SMS rates.

For further information on textPlus please visit the following link

You can download this useful application from the Apple Application Store or can even send a text message to 60611.   

Send And Receive SMS Online Free From Google

Sending and Receiving SMS via Google Gmail chat

Now a day’s people are addicted to Mobile phones and there are innumerable applications. All mobiles phones along with network operators provide default messaging system call SMS (Short Messaging Service).

By using the SMS service, people can send and receive short messages from other users. This service will be charged depending on the service provider. There are some featured mobiles where in we can send SMS for free, provided that the other Users also carry the same make of mobile phones.

This type of SMS system is introduced by Google for their users in Google Chat client. This messaging system for Gmail Chat client can be enabled by any user.

Once this feature is enabled, then user can send or receive an SMS to US mobile or cell phone numbers. SMS through Gmail Chat client is free of cost.

This feature has been made available by the Gmail labs. This is still under experimental condition. If a user wants to enable this feature in their Gmail Chat client, user should change their Gmail Settings to enable Test Messaging in Chat.

How to use this feature

Once this feature is enabled, a user can type mobile phone number in the chat window on the space that has been provided for entering the numbers. After successful entry, a user can send and receive SMS from the destined user.

How this works

Whenever we add a new mobile number that number will be tagged to a Google internal number by which it acts as carrier for sending or receiving the SMS. This feature prevents any type of crosstalk while the 2 users are communicating.

There is another feature added to this type of tagging, which is a user can save that code number for future sending and receiving.


This feature is only limited for US Gmail Chat users. This is not programmed for other users living outside the United States. This feature is limited to Gmail chat and cannot be used in other Google enabled services like iGoogle or other standalone Google gadgets.

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Google Alerts As SMS Alerts To My Phone For Free

Google Alerts – The Best Way to Stay Updated Over the Internet

While browsing we come across so many websites that provide news and updates on certain agendas. Although we can bookmark these pages and keep visiting the site regularly to check out the updated features and latest news.

However this process of visiting each site can prove to be very tasking especially when there many such sites in our list. At such, the simplest way to achieve this is by using Google Alerts.

Google Alerts is a well designed, efficient tool that allows its users to get all the email notifications of every website that introduces some new feature. This is a customizable tool, where the user can monitor exactly which website should send the notification. This is very helpful as then we get only such emails that we are interested in and unwanted emails are blocked.

The alerts offered by the Google Alerts are web, news, comprehensive, blogs, groups, and videos. Google automatically visits the websites as per the settings and gets all the notifications in form of emails. The frequency of the search can be set to ‘once a week’, ‘once a day’, and ‘as it happens’.

Unknown queries can also be set to Google Alerts. Here the user needs to specify in the search terms the keyword of the query and the address of the website where it will be available, and in make type as web. These settings are available under the Advanced Search option.

There is a simple trick to get your Google alerts as SMS. I’ll update this post soon with the details.

iPhone App For Texting Free International SMS

Trick To Send Free Massages From iPhone and iPod Touch Devices

The greatly talked about iPhone 3G is now available in the market. It is quite understandable that most of the popular cell phone service providers like AT&T will find it quite lucrative to associate themselves with Apple. It is a perfect opportunity for them to pinch more money from their users.

However they come up with great offers as well There offer 200 free SMS integrated in the original iPhone plan, and it is absolutely beneficial to take make use of free text messages from the phone call plan.

The iPhone 3G consumers will be charged $5 each month for 200 messages, or they could pay $15 for free 1500 messages each month, and $20 for unlimited SMS messages per month. For FamilyTalk users this cost would still be considered on the expensive side, when they have to pay $30 for unlimited text messages (validity of one month) or $0.20 will be charged for each and every message.

There are so many of methods to send (plus some of them are capable of accepting replies) text messages from iPhone and the iPhone 3G totally free.

The other likely way to mail SMS from iPhone is available for AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) users. Among all tricks, the best the way for sending free text messages by means of AIM and iChat which can be used on iPod Touch, when these devices are connected to the net via WiFi.

Now coming to sending free international SMS / Texting, I should tell you, after searching long for an App which can do this, I failed to find one. However, there is an easy way to text free international SMSes using iPhone / iTouch devices.

The trick to send text messages free of cost via AOL Instant Manager in case of iPhone and iPod Touch devices, just follow steps below: –

  1. First, download and install AIM (AOL Instant Manager) client for iPhone from their Applications Center.
  2. Run iChat (or any one of the instant messaging clients which are used in such devices), make a fresh friend contacts. While adding his or her AIM address along with his/her , make sure that you add their cell phone number (along with country and area code) starting with plus sign (+). Example: +12068888551.
  3. On your iPhone device, open AIM clients. After connecting to the AIM service, the other AIM client will upload the buddy list from the AIM’s server. It will also display the fresh AIM contacts along with their cell phone numbers.
  4. Just tap the friend name you wish to mail text messages to. Then create text message after completing the typing press send for sending the massage.
  5. The returning message will be displayed on the AIM client, which will allow you to read the response from receivers.

How Can I Manage WordPress Blogs Through SMSes?

WordPress has brought forth fresh features basically related to SMS control for posts, with the intention of creating a more safe and interesting blogging atmosphere namely WordPress Text. Messaging helps users manage their blogs remotely and instantly thereby bringing about more interaction through SMS.

You can consider this feature extremely safe, for the simple reason that you will be notified of any change in theme or settings through a simple SMS to your phone. Although users throughout the US only can avail this service at present, users across the globe can expect to avail this service at t he earliest. By paying an extra $20, users can benefit from the many other features too:

1] A two-step login process-where an SMS holding a pass code is sent to you when you log into your dashboard. It is mandatory that you enter the code before you access your blog.

2] Text notifications –providing users with notifications regarding any latest news, comments with the option to reply or delete any comments.

3] Any newly published posts are notified.

4] Ability to publish easy updates to your blog.

The interesting thing is that iPhone, Android or Blackberry users have no necessity to pay extra $20 because WordPress mobile apps present almost similar features as the new text messaging options and also include options to fit in pictures and videos, edit or draft new ones.

How To Block Spam SMS’s On Symbian OS Phones Like Nokia, Sony Ericsson

If you are tired of receiving SMS spam on your cell phone / mobile phone, then SMS Spam Manager will help you block those unwanted SMS’s from reaching your phone. You can set filters or rules according to which the SMS is either let in or flagged as SPAM. SMS spam manager helps you keep the junk / unwanted messages from bothering you.

Once you install Spam Manager, you’ll have the control to set up filters (there are 6 different type of filters available), which will act as a gateway or condition checker when SMS’s come in. If the incoming SMS passes or adhere’s to the rules set by you, it’ll land in your Cell phones inbox, else will be deleted without any further notice or indication.

Using the 6 different available filters, user can tune the phone to work in 4 different modes, and they are :

1> Accept all: If the SMS Spam Manager is turned off or inactive mode is turned on, then you will receive all the messages coming in.

2> Block all: If you do not want to receive any incoming messages at all, you can turn on the Block all mode, which will ensure no message reaches your inbox. This might be very helpful, if you are in any important meeting and you do not want to be disturbed.

3> Accept Phonebook Only: If you turn this on, then your phonebook will act as a white list. If you get messages from people who are listed in your phonebook, then the message is let in, else it will be treated as Spam.

4> Block From Black List: You can create rules to black list messages on various parameters. They are – telephone numbers, prefix numbers and text match. If you get a message from a telephone number or from a number which matches the defined prefix number or the text matches the pre-defined text, such messages will be flagged as spam and ignored.

Note that all the messages that you block using different modes will be stored in “Blocked SMS log“, you can go through those messages and restore if in case any important message was blocked by mistake.

There is a trial version of this software available which will let you test the software for 20 incoming messages. You’ll have to buy the registration key in order to unlock the full version of the software. Each registration is for one single phone, which is based on the IMEI number of the phone and hence you will not be able to use the key on other phones.

SMS Spam Manager works on Nokia S60 5th edition, Nokia S60 3rd edition, Samsung S60 5th edition, Samsung S60 3rd edition, LG S60 3rd edition, Sony Ericsson UIQ3, Sony Ericsson UIQ2, Motorola UIQ2, Nokia S60 2nd edition, Panasonic S60 2nd edition, Samsung S60 2nd edition, Lenovo S60 2nd edition, Nokia Series 80.

Go here to check the complete list of phones that are supported.

[ Download SMS Spam Manager ]

Free Text Messaging Service In US and Canada

You can send free text messages / SMS to cell phones in US and Canada from The text messages will be sent from a website, over internet and it is totally free, the only requirement being you should have a computer which is connected to the internet.

Normally, the average rate for sending a text message to your friend or colleague comes up to around 25 cents / message (this may vary depending on your plan). Now if you are a student or someone who sends a lot of messages, this will start burning your pocket.

With, you can now send messages freely and when your friend responds back, you’ll get the reply on your email, the one which you would have provided while sending the message. It’s that simple.

All this can be done on one single page on the web, that is :

Free Text Messaging US Canada Web Internet

As of now TxtDrop supports : Verizon Wireless,  AT&T formerly Cingular Wireless, Sprint PCS, Nextel, T-Mobile, Alltel, Cellular One, Fido, Rogers Wireless, Bell Canada, Dobson, Unicell, Boost Mobile, Cellular South, Edge Wireless, Metro PCS, Suncom, Virgin Mobile, Centennial Wireless and more!

TxtDrop has evolved from web based service to dashboard widgets too. With the aid of dashboards, you can send messages directly from your desktop, but the replies will still be delivered to your email address. The desktop gadget is available for Windows Vista And Mac OS X as of now.

Another cool feature is that you can put up the widget on your own webpage or your social networking profile like MySpace, Bebo, Hi5 and Facebook. So you can say that you can send messages from sites like MySpace, Facebook Hi5 and Bebo and such. Use their HTML code generator and embed the generated content on any site you want 🙂

[ Download Widget for Windows Vista ]

[ Download Widget For Mac OS X ]

[ Visit TxtDrop ]

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