Simple Setting To Send Mail As Hotmail ( In Gmail

Simple Setting To Send Mail As Hotmail ( In Gmail

Now, the new feature has been introduced in the Gmail which allows you to send mail with a custom domain SMTP server. This feature in the Gmail helps you to send mail with the custom “From:” Your actual Gmail e-mail address could now be concealed with this feature. The recipients will see the different email address having the domain name other than Gmail.

If you would like to configure your Gmail so that it would send the mail via outbound SMTP server of Windows Live Hotmail, then just go through the following Hotmail SMTP settings.

SMTP server:
Port: 25
Username: [username]
Password: [password]

Always use a secure connection (SSL) when sending mail: Yes (Check)
Sometimes, when you add the above given SMTP configuration intended for Hotmail in Gmail, you’ll be most likely prompted with the following error massage:

“Couldn’t reach server. Please double-check the server and port number.”

If you try to change the SMTP port to 587 will also pop out the same error. When you add a port 465 try to connect, Gmail will hang for a while when it goes to check credentials. After that, it finally displays the following error massage:

“Your other email provider is responding too slowly. Please try again later, or contact the administrator of your other domain for further information.”

After all these errors we could finally note that there is an issue or a problem with Gmail service so that it can’t connect and access to via SSL. Therefore you have to fallback with the unsecured connection of Windows Live Hotmail SMTP server having the port 25.

So, to send the mail with your custom Hotmail identity you should untick and uncheck the setting of “Always use a secure connection (SSL) when sending mail” and then ensure that the SMTP port is 25.

How To Enable POP3 / SMTP Support In Hotmail?

Enabling Hotmail’s POP3 and SMTP supporting features for All Countries

Hotmail, a breakthrough in the mailing industry has added two new free supporting features. Formerly Hotmail was called “Windows Live Hotmail”, it has now added SMTP and POP3 supporting features that can be utilized by all. These features were previously made available only to its elite paid customers in a package named as Hotmail Plus.

POP3 support will allow all Hotmail users to directly download messages to the desktop and mobiles. Other email service providers such as Outlook and Gmail can consolidate their messages to any other mailing client’s inbox without utilizing iPhone or Microsoft Office’s Outlook Connector.

SMTP and POP3 supporting features will be made available to all its users gradually. In the beginning, these features will be made freely available to users from Australia, United Kingdom, Canada, Spain, Japan, Italy, Germany and Netherlands only. Hotmail users residing in other countries will need to wait a little longer to enjoy these free supporting features.

Users who are left with no patience and wishing to use the supporting SMTP and POP3 features in Hotmail can do so by following few tricks. One can enable these services from any country irrespective of their location by following the steps provided below.

Steps to Follow in order to utilize SMTP and POP3 features

1. Sign-in to your Hotmail account.

2. Click on Options, and Choose More options within Options.

3. Within the “Manage Your Account” division, open the hyper-link View & edit personal information to edit the personal details.

4. Open the Registered Information hyper-link by clicking on it.

5. For Work and Home Locations, alter the details as provide below:

    Postal/Zip Code: WC1B 3DG
    Constituent/Residing Nation: England
    Time/Geographical zone: London, England, United Kingdom, UTC/ GMT

6. Select and Save the changes.

7. Now open Hotmail, and change the displaying language to English by choosing from the Options.

8. Set up the email or any other mailing services like configuring Gmail so as to use Hotmail through POP3. Configuring e-mailing client allows one to download and access the Inbox through POP3 communications protocol. This is done by configuring SMTP and POP3 settings.

9. The e-mailing client or any other mail services provider ought to provide good accessibility, Sign-in facilities, downloading and sending mails via Hotmail servers without any error.

10. Once SMTP and POP3 settings are enabled for a Hotmail account, it is easy to return to its original interface, home, language and workplace location.

How Can I Configure Gmail IMAP / SMTP On My Nokia N900

Do you own a Nokia N900 and are you a internet junkie who is always hooked up to his emails, especially GMail ? If you are, then here is how you can set up GMail account to work on your Nokia N900.

The steps mentioned below will help you resolve any problem with and

1. You need to get the IP address of [] and []. You can find it yourself by pinging the respective host from your command prompt:

2. Gain root access (Rootsh article) to your Nokia N900, for which you’ll need to launch the terminal.

3. You’ll need to edit the file /etc/hosts (use a VI or a VIM editor for this)

4. Without deleting the anything from the file, append the following two lines:
(If the IP address you found was any different from the ones I’ve mentioned, replace it with the same.)

5. Save the file and exit the editor

6. Launch the Email application on N900. Follow the wizard that it shows by selecting Gmail in the list of providers that it shows.

7. Enter your user name and password and go till you click finish.

Once you are done with all these set up, you connection should work fine, else have a look at the screen shot below and try to get your settings to match as shown in the screenshot.

(Source: TechDiary)

The following videos will give you more insight into :

1> How to add SMTP POP3 mail account in Nokia N900

2> How to add IMAP mail account (Gmail) in Nokia N900

How Can I Add Additional Mailboxes In Outlook Express

Adding an Extra E-mail Account in Outlook Express

An increasing clutter in your Outlook Express mailbox might cause you to think of options of reducing the clutter. One option is to add another mail account in Outlook Express. However, setting up an additional account in this application is not as trivial as you would think it to be. It involves several steps and a lot of information entering. The steps given below will guide you through the process in a simple and detailed manner – so that you are ready with the new account in Outlook Express in no time.

  1. Launch Outlook Express.
  2. Next, navigate to the Tools -> Accounts option.
  3. In the Internet Accounts window that pops up, click on the Add button to the right, and then select the Mail option from the drop-down list.
  4. On doing this, a wizard pops up, that will guide you through the process of adding an extra e-mail account. The first thing you are required to enter is your name.
  5. Enter your name and click on Next.
  6. After this, you are required to enter your email address in the form [email protected]. Enter this and click on Next.
  7. Next, you will have to enter the incoming and outgoing mail server details – entering which you are to again click on Next.
  8. Finally, you will have to enter you account username and password details – and then you have to click on Next.
  9. You will then come across a message saying that your account has been successfully added to Outlook Express and that you have to click on Finish to complete the process.
  10. Click on Finish, and then Click on Close in the Internet Accounts dialog.

That is all that you have to do – your e-mail account will be accessible from the Outlook Express application after this procedure.