SnapShot An Image On TV Using DreamBox

How To SnapShot An Image On TV Using DreamBox?

DreamBox is a DVB Satellite and Cable TV receiver software powered by Linux which

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was developed by the TuxBox project for DBox2. It is very useful software for taking the snapshot images and thus, you’ll like to know the procedure on how you could take one appearing on your TV.

To figure it out, follow these steps:

Connect Dreambox and your personal computer with Ethernet cable.

With the Dreambox remote control, navigate to Menu->Setup-> Expert Setup->Communication Setup and then, note down the Dreambox Internet Protocol (IP) address. Use this Internet Protocol address in next step. Later, on your system’s screen, click on Internet Explorer and enter the Internet Protocol address in the address field. Lets say for example, Type It will then prompt you for a username and password. Enter ‘Root’ as the User Name and ‘Dreambox’ as the Password, in order to get an access to your Dreambox.

Then move to the main menu and click on ‘Control’ button, which is on the left side the pane, along with the other buttons to select like OSDshot, LCDshot, Screenshot etc. According to your choice, click any one of them and it will display the snapshot of the current picture running on your TV, which you can easily save on your personal computer for your future reference.

If you want to hide some sensitive content or only want to go for its menu content, then you can set it by using OSDshot.

These are very simple steps when compared to a digital camera, which is mostly used to create multiple files. No doubt, these steps are also very helpful to reduce your efforts, if you want to share your TV screen, using Dreambox Satellite decoder.

Use Simple Webpage Capture With Auto Scrolling Feature To Easily Make Website Snapshot

Use Simple Webpage Capture With Auto Scrolling Feature To Easily Make Website Snapshot

Siteshoter is very common tool with which you could capture your favorite website’s screenshot. However, if you are looking for the advanced alternative solution then you must try this application. This free of charge and tiny utility is named as Simple Webpage Capture. This utility helps you in snapping any website or webpage with no consideration of its size and length for future reference.

After completing the installation process, you will be prompted with the simple GUI. At the beginning, you need to configure the destination location i.e. output location for all the screenshots that to be saved into for efficient file management. At the top, you can able to set the different image files formats based on the preference to be either in .gif, .jpg, .bmp, .png, .tif.

You simply need to specify the default browser into the browser window so that the entire webpage could be covered avoiding the hassle of manually selecting and snapping. The utility will auto scroll the length of the page for the same. One more additional feature is that you can configure the watermark settings for much more effective usage.

Simple Webpage Capture is portable app. It can greatly run in Windows OS such as 98, 2000, ME, XP as well as Vista. This application has the only one requirement that is; in order to work faultlessly, Internet Explorer 6.0 or advanced version of it.


Use Foxarc To Capture Snapshot From Screen In Simpler Ways

Want To Capture Snapshot From Screen In Simpler Ways? Use Foxarc

Greenshot and lightscren are some of the tools which capture snapshots of the screen, and they claim to be useful, but they don’t really seem to satisfy your needs completely. Now if you aren’t truly satisfied with those kinds of tools, then you can use an alternative way called FoxArc which is the best among any other capturing tools.



This tool is based on just four buttons. With the help of just these four buttons, the capturing mode is decided. You can capture the desktop screen or windows by opting for “get desktop” or “get windows” respectively. You can even capture a particular region using “get region” option. You can save the picture after you have captured it in your ways.

It supports png, tiff, pcx, bmp, jpg and many more formats like that. The most compatible operating system for this tool is Windows XP, Vista and 2000. Download Here

Take a Shot of your Desktop Screen with Snapshot Screen Capture Tool

Take a Shot of your Desktop Screen with Snapshot Screen Capture Tool 

Now it is very easy to take a snapshot of your desktop with screen capture tool named SnapShot. It is a freeware that allows user to garb a best screen shot of your desktop and save it as image in PNG or JPG format. Beside this it allows editing and customizing option to the users. Additionally you can attach these screen shots in email and send to anyone.

 Key features of SnapShot application:

  • It allows user to capture screen, rectangular area, and window.
  • Options to save your output in any location of your hard disk.
  • It includes global hotkeys that allows user to directly activate screen capturing.
  • You can minimize this application in tray area to continue your other task.
  • It plays sound during capturing screen or windows shots.
  • Automatically store captured screen shots.
  • Auto-send images to editing program so user can easily personalize captured screen.
  • It supports numerous monitors and Dualview
  • It has inbuilt feature of to upload images.
  • It sends captured screen shots to build-in email function, in order to attach it in email easily and quickly.

So just download this freeware on your computer and capture your best shots of desktop screen.