Google + Failing Miserably – Find Out Why!

Facebook is the largest social networking site on the internet and there have been many failed attempts to recreate something similar in order to tap into the huge user count. Earlier this year Google, one of the biggest names on the web, decided to launch their own version of Facebook coined Google +.

Google + went up and into beta phases on June 28, 2011 and was invite only at first. This exclusiveness of the invite only caught the attention of many and when it went open to the public on September 20, 2011 there was an insane influx of new user registrations. People, dying to see what the famed Google had cooked up for them, were eagerly signing away and checking out the new ‘Hangouts’ and other various features that awaited them. After Google opened up their exclusive social network to the public, in one day there was 1200% increase in membership, however this would soon drop just as fast.

Since then there has been an astonishing 60% decrease (60% of total members!) in members but Google refuses to give up. With annoying +1 buttons sprinkled about everywhere and constant reminders to join up to this failed social network Google + has quickly turned from a novel attempt at usurping Facebook to another pitiful fail.

Surprising right? Especially from Google! Google, what is considered one of the leading innovators of online services, how could you fail so miserably? Perhaps it isn’t the lack of ingenuity for Google +, but rather the formability of Facebook that is to blame? Let’s take a look.

Facebook consists of millions and millions of active users who log in daily (sometimes multiple times a day). These users are then put into contact with all of their friends, friends of friends, family members, neighbors, and anyone else that may be connected with them. On top of that Facebook has provided innovative and highly addictive games, chats, and a variety of other novel ideas that were simply there first before Google.

So if someone already has 500+ friends on Facebook, all of their pictures uploaded, and a variety of other features provided to them why would some copy of Facebook, without all of their friends or photos on it yet, draw them away? Point is it won’t.

Google + simply didn’t come out before Facebook and doesn’t provide enough to be desired to draw users to it. Sorry Google, while you are a great innovator you can put Google + in your fail pile. Please try putting your efforts into something new!



Hack Your Own Administrator Password To Reset

How To Hack Your Own Administrator Password To Reset

People forgetting their passwords are and not really uncommon scenario. It is quite obvious to happen, especially when they’re caught up with their hectic lifestyles.

Everyone has to remember hundreds of passwords such ATM password, social networking account login password, account number, etc. In case you forgot your computer administrator password, then you have to use Hacking My Own computer freeware.

Through this freeware you can easily hack your computer administrator password. Once you have hacked it, then you can easily reset with new strong password. It is best utility tool to have on your computer to ensure the continuity of the works on your computer without any hindrances.


This freeware is completely compatible with Windows XP and Vista. Since this tool is developed for the human welfare, never misuse it by hacking other’s administrator password. It is completely immoral and unethical activity. 


It may be possible that the antivirus installed on your computer might mistake this freeware as virus. However there is no problem with that. You just need to login to other user profile and launch this tool to rest computer administrator password. Once this hacking process complete, you create your own password that should be easy for you to remember, but hard to guess for strangers.

Start A New Line / Paragraph While Typing Long FaceBook Status Messages

While updating your Facebook status, you’d have noticed there is no ‘Reply’ Button, and the moment you hit enter the status stands updated.

This is fine when you are typing / commenting fairly small messages. But if the message runs into couple of lines, then there will be readability issue if you do not break the message logically into new lines / paragraphs.

The easiest way to type in a new line / paragraph is by pressing ‘Shift + Enter‘. If you press ‘Shift + Enter‘ once then you start typing in a new line and if you press it twice you’ll start a new paragraph.

Let me know if this helped !

Cheers ..

Can We Downgrade / UnUpgrade / Revert Back To Old FaceBook Messaging?

Facebook recently revamped the way Messages, Chat and E-Mail functions work. The new changes made will integrate e-mails, IMs and texting in a unified inbox, and everything will be available in your message inbox.

As of now you can only upgrade to the new messaging product, as facebook doesn’t offer a solution, yet, for you to downgrade to previous messaging system. There is NO way to TURN OFF the new messaging system either.

FaceBook might come up with a solution in future, but that’s being speculative as no one is sure if FaceBook will ever consider requests of those who want to migrate back to FaceBook’s old messaging system.

Instead of cribbing about the new messaging system, we should learn to use it and accept the change.

I personally feel it is much easier and helps us to better organize our conversations in one single place. I’ll write in detail, how to use the New FaceBook Messaging system, step-by-step and I’m sure once you learn how to use it, you too will like it !

Twitter Widget Now Makes Twitter Updates Available On Blogger- Blogspot

Twitter Widget Now Makes Twitter Updates Available On Blogger- Blogspot

For those of you who frequently blog and want others to follow your blogs on other social websites, twitter has come up with their unique Twitter Widget. This helps you to get twitter updates on your BlogSpot/ blogger and let others get to see them.

This way people can also follow your twitter updates on your blogger and get an insight to your blogs on Twitter. The twitter updates in your blog’s sidebar is going to benefit you with increased viewings of your Blogs.

To show the latest twitter updates on your BlogSpot or blogger first you need to login there. Then click to layouts and choose Page elements. After this click add a gadget icon and choose html/ javascript.

You need to add this code given below and save it –

div id=”twitter_div”>
<ul id=”twitter_update_list”></ul>
<a id=”twitter-link” style=”display:block;text-align:right;” href=”“>follow me on Twitter</a>
<script src=”” type=”text/javascript”></script>
<script src=”<username>.json?callback=twitterCallback2&count=5” type=”text/javascript”>

Replace ‘username’ with your twitter username.

For getting more than last five updates, you’ll need to increase the count accordingly to your preference. By following this procedure you shall now activate updates from twitter onto your blog’s sidebar. By Collaborating your blog accounts with social media can definitely help you to get more traffic, and it will also help you with sales conversions on your blog.

A Social Networking Game For Ipod Touch And Iphone

A Social Networking Game For Ipod Touch And Iphone

The publisher and leading developer in mobile games, PressOK Entertainment launched the mobile phone version of the popular PC game Bumper Stars. The game has been specially designed for Apple’s iPod touch and iPhone. The mobile version too promises the same level of fun and excitement as its earlier version.

The game as described by its manufacturers is a mixture of pool, shuffleboard and pinball. This launch of the mobile version of Bumper Stars helps users enjoy the games on their iPhone and iPod touch. The game can be played in both multi player and single player mode.   

The Vice President of the Business Development Center of PressOK Entertainment quoted that the company always looks forward to launch more and more interactive games that allows the user to stay connected with his handset and enjoy the benefits of playing an adventurous and interactive game.

The company along with the games provides Facebook Connect, a tool that helps users to challenge their friends on Facebook directly from their phones. They can instantly play against them and beat them.  You can also update and break highest scores and then update them on to your profiles.

Wade Tiney, Large Animal Game’s founding member and CEO quoted that Bumper Stars has got the best support in the iPod Touch and iPhone. This mobile version enables users to challenge and play with their friends from wherever they are. It also gives an opportunity to those who haven’t played the game on the computer before.

The mobile version of Bumper Stars can be downloaded from iTunes Application Store for a price of $2.99. The company plans to launch the version for Android, Blackberry, BREW and J2ME platforms. Currently iPod touch and iPhone users can have a full feel of this game and have an exciting gaming time.

Modify/Change Profile Photos In New Orkut

Modify/Change Profile Photos In New Orkut

Orkut is one of the best social networking websites which allows users to chat, check profiles, photos and other information of their friends easily. If you want to change to change your profile photo in new orkut theme, you have to follow the given steps to do so.

  • Login to your account
  • You will see an option “change Photo” under the profile photo at top left corner side.
  • Browse for desired photo and select from the computer.
  • There will be an option to crop image will be displayed on the screen. Finally, tap on the “Save

Download / Save Images From Upgraded LightBox Photo Album Of FaceBook

Facebook introduced their new version of Photo album displayer, which makes downloading / saving an image difficult. There is no direct way to save the image on to your PC / Laptop / Desktop. However, there is a work around to save the pictures if you want to.

For this, you have to first revert back to old photo album viewer in Facebook. Once you revert back to the older version, right click on the image, select Save As and save the image in the location where you want to.

How To Go Back To Old Photo Album Viewer In Facebook – Solution / Work Around

Facebook recently introduced a new feature, lightbox enabled, theater like photo album viewer. Those who do not like this, there are various ways you can get rid of this (the solutions listed below are just a work around, they may stop functioning at some point in time):

1> Instead of directly clicking on the image, if you right click and open the image in a new Tab or a new Window, the photos will not be displayed with the theater effect.

2> If you directly click on the image, the photo will be displayed with the theater effect. Now, the URL will look something like:

Strip off &theater from the URL and the URL will look something like :

Hit Enter. This will reload the image in the same page, but without the theater effect. This reloads the same page twice, so bandwidth wise may not be the best work around.

3> This one is again after directly clicking on the image, the image will be opened with theater effect. Press F5 or reload the page, and you’ll not have the theater effect anymore. Again, not very economical, if you look at it from Facebook’s point of view.

All these seem to be bugs that have gone untested from FaceBook’s side (guess we all have great future as Software Testers and FaceBook should employ us ;)), which should be fixed soon in the future updates. If any of you have a better solution, please let me know through the comments.

New Tag, UnTag, Tag Suggestions Feature On Facebook

When you talk of Facebook, one person stands bright in our minds and that is Mark Zuckberg, who incidentally was named the TIME’s person of the year. And now this social networking site, is proudly serving over 500 million users allover the world, always bringing in better updates to add to its features.

Now it is the turn of Facebook Photos, frequently used feature to undergo a makeover. Well, this update carries a lot of apprehensions much to the annoyance of many of its users. Instantly advices users as to the people they can tag in their photos, all of it depending on the facial recognition technology. It is called Tag Suggestion and is proposed only for US users as of now.

It’s quite simple to comprehend Tag Suggestions. Options are provided to tag groups of their friends together in an album. Facebook with the help of its facial recognition technology and with the aim of combining similar faces in a group, will in turn advice the user regarding who they should tag along with their photos. Facebook does the simple job of filling in the ‘Who is this?’ box along with its share of advice/suggestions and makes your job simpler by just clicking on the ‘save tags’ button to agree.

Assuming that you are one of those who are extra careful about privacy, there is no need to worry (earlier there were loop hole where people could looking to private albums in Facebook), Facebook provides you with a choice of opting out of ‘tag suggestions’.

Just go to your privacy settings to disable the ‘suggest photos of me to friends?’ to some, photo tagging can be quite a boring and time consuming task, in spite of the fact that Facebook is well known. It is Tag suggestions aim to simplify things and quicken the tagging process.

Facebook being extremely popular, there are thousands of people adding themselves to the Facebook network everyday. They include more than 100 million tags to photo, mainly because it is the simplest means to preserve and share photos and memories. The uniqueness in tagged photos is that it encourages you to re-live wonderful moments, maybe from the most thrilling experience of your life to the most memorable event in your past.

To speak in the words of Chris Cox, Facebook Vice-president of Product, this product took ideas of the in-house as well as technical ideas from other partners [unknown]. You can say, Tag Suggestions are quite clear and open. Whenever the need arises to tag groups of your friends to your albums, Facebook uses its facial recognition technology to help you.