Entrepreneur With A Start Up Business Plan – Head To Rock The Post

Social networking often brings to mind Facebook, Google +, or some other similar website where you connect with friends and family. Not many people think about connecting with people who need time, money, and the support of other helpful individuals to accomplish great tasks, but a new business social networking site called Rock The Post is about to change this.

Rock The Post takes volunteering, donating and investing to the next level and integrates it with social networking and blogging. Instead of people asking for donations and volunteers at stores and street corners, they are now able to share their story to thousands and thousands of people via a post on Rock The Post. The people at Rock The Post can then choose to donate their time (or money) to the person’s cause and become a part of something greater.

There are many successful stories on Rock The Post and a multitude of posts that were recognized, donated to, and closed due to the completion of the projects. Some posts are heartbreaking and pull at every fiber of humanity for people to assist, others are innovative and inspire people to donate / invest as they realize it will be great, and many posts are a combination of the two. One man on Rock The Post simply needed a life coach or a consoler to talk with him and help him figure out some things in his life, another post was a request for money to help get a brewing company started, and yet another was on a woman with M.S who needed some funds for a blog to support her family.

To join Rock The Post you simply have to complete a short registration and you are accepted – no fees or other miscellaneous questionnaires. Once you are registered you can then create your own post, speak about your business plan and request help, or you can browse through the multitude of others and assist a person in need.

The truly magical thing about Rock The Post is that there is no set donation amount. Even if you just donate a dollar to help these individuals, it lets them know that there are others out there who believe in them and who want them to succeed. Additionally your time is far more valuable and you can be part of something great by volunteering an hour or two to another individual.

At Rock The Post every minute volunteered, every penny donated, means the world to someone and can change their lives forever. To find out more about Rock The Post, view some of the posts on their site, or register, go to their website here: Rock The Post .

Facebook’s In Trouble For Selling Your Personal Secrets!

Many Facebook users don’t think before sending messages to their friends that the contents of those messages could be read by anyone else. The incredible amount of trust put into Facebook has been betrayed and users are appalled to find out that their messages, activity, and all of their personal information has been released to advertising companies so that the advertising companies could display targeted ads to the users.

So does this happen to everyone? Don’t personal privacy settings have any bearing on this? Unfortunately it does happen to everyone no matter how strict your privacy settings are. Your sexuality, religious beliefs, and even political preferences are all given to advertisers. But that’s not all..

The Facebook information gathered and passed to advertising companies is much more extensive and intrustive than many believe. Not only does it track and store information on the user themselves, but also on their friends, their educational backgrounds, their status updates, and much more. Even chats that people have together are stored by Facebook, despite the users deleting them. For example a high school student getting ready to go to college may end up getting targeted ads for dorm room furniture, various college ads, and more.

This negligent violation of privacy has outraged many because of the fact that Facebook doesn’t notify its users that it will be utilizing their personal information in such a way. While many understand that advertising is a big profit and money is what makes the world go round, people simply want to be notified prior to their information being utilized.

The ?European Commission is planning on banning this advertising in a new directive that will be out in January. Unfortunately this move will threaten Facebook’s plans for next year’s stock exchange because it severely compromises one of the main ways they make money.

The European Commission is taking this violation of privacy very seriously and is meeting next week with the UK Information Commissioner to discuss their next moves.

So where did all of this information stem from? Who exactly noticed the vast amount of information retained by Facebook? The answer is an Australian student named Max Schrems. Max sent a request into Facebook asking what information was held on him and what he got back was astonishing…and incomplete. Max was sent a CD which contained 1,222 pages of information on him and after reviewing it he complained to the data watchdogs because it was clear that Facebook had even more information on him which they did not disclose.

How many pages of information does Facebook have on you? Perhaps you should call and find out!

Block, Hide Or Ignore Facebook Quiz, App And Request Using Boookmarklet

Block, Hide Or Ignore Facebook Quiz, App And Request Using Boookmarklet

If you spend your maximum time in chatting with your friends via Facebook or other social networking websites, you will be guaranteed to get several unwanted requests repeatedly. These requests generally display over your Facebook news feed and the main page of your account. It is really time-consuming and frustrating to ignore applications and requests one by one manually.

You will surely get wretched with numerous unwanted and uninteresting requests regarding quizzes, applications, games, and friend requests. Since it is a kind of legitimate spamming, you can’t block it officially, however there is a utility application, which is developed by CY Choi and Eddy Wong from Hong Kong.

This Facebook application is especially tailored to block your all requests regarding any applications, invitations, and other unwanted applications. It is truly the best application for those people who use facebook website frequently. The main page of your account will not be overloaded with redundant requests so you will easily navigate to desired options.

This application is in the form of bookmarklet named One-Click Quick Blocker, which automatically block/hide all unwanted requests. Initially, you just have to add this facebook application in your facebook account as your favorites or just bookmark this application by right clicking in the application and choose “Add as Bookmarks” option.


Navigate to your news feed page and click on the created bookmark to activate one -click quick blocker. Once this application is activated, it scans entire page for any latest quizzes, game applications, events, group invitations, apps, and friend requests in order to allow you to ignore/block or hide them by a single click. You can directly download this application by clicking on the given link.

The application automatically uses facebook settings and block request from displaying on your news feed page. You can customize its settings in order to make it more convenient to use. If you want to recover back or concern the pending requests again, then simply unhide or unblock them .you just need to bookmark or add in favorites this application on your facebook account to avail its services instantaneously.

Facebook’s Photo Album Gets A Face Lift – Brings In The Theater Effect

Guess it’s time now that FaceBook starts pulling out some features from Orkut.

If you’ve used Orkut, then you definitely know how the albums work there. They look more or less like slide shows.  And now Facebook has come up with a similar feature.

By the way, how many of you remember the famous LightBox JS feature by Lokesh Dhakar, which was followed by LightBox 2, an upgraded version of LightBox JS? Those who have no idea what LightBox feature is please click on those links and experience it by yourself.

After going through Orkut’s album feature and the lightbox feature, don’t you guys think Facebook’s latest album feature is nothing but the result of cross the two: Orkut’s album and LightBox 2 ?

Personally, I do not like the way the whole thing is presented. It looks shabby to me. May be it’s just me, who is not ready to accept changes, and again may be I might start liking it in future. I’m curious to know what you guys think !!


1> How to go back to old photo viewer in Facebook.

Delete All Pending Friends Request And All Friend Requests At Once

Delete Facebook friend requests all at once:

After Orkut, Facebook is getting popular day by day. It is a good friend’s community but it also gets tedious when someone gets lots of friends request from the person they don’t even know. The main problem arises when that person has to delete them manually, one after another. With the help of their new system you can delete or remove all the pending requests all at once and for all.

Follow the steps mentioned below in order to remove all the friends request that are pending:

  • Sign in to your profile, Facebook Profile
  • Navigate to the page called Friends request
  • Select the option ignore all.
  • This process is not only to remove pending friends request but you can also apply this system to your application request and etc.
  • That is all you have got to do in order to keep your Facebook clean.

How Can I Upload Photos On Facebook From My Cell Phone

Settings to Upload Your Photos Directly To FaceBook Account from Mobile Phone

Now days, taking photos via cellphone is becoming more and more popular these days, especially with some of the high quality cameras being integrated with them.

If you are a FaceBook fan, you would need to manually upload the photographs taken from your cell phone each and every time you want to add new photos in your albums, and therefore you will need to login each time.

Well and there is a workaround with which you can save you time. What you have to do is simply turn on your FaceBook mobile account and then directly upload the photos or media files that are stored in your cell phone.

For this, just follow some simple steps given below:

  1. First of all, just go to the photo or picture in your mobile that you want to launch to Facebook
  2. Choose to send as an email or else an email photo function in the menu shown on your mobile screen
  3. At the time, when a new message comes into view (along with the attached chosen photo), input [email protected] in the Textbox with ‘To:’ field
  4. Enter the label or title to photo in the column of subject.
  5. Select ‘Send
  6. When your mobile gets an email of notification from FaceBook, you will get a password or code.
  7. Check whether you are logged in your FaceBook account.
  8. After that, click on the option as “Activate FaceBook Mobile”.
  9. Hit on the option ‘Sign up Here’ then ‘Confirm your phone’ at the foot of the page.
  10. You’ll need to further scroll down and click on the ‘Already have a confirmation code’.
  11. Enter your password when prompted with ‘Enter the code that you received in your email’ finally hit ‘Confirm’.

Your FaceBook mobile account is all set to go now.

How Can I Know If Someone Else Logs Into My Facebook account ?

Know who else is logging into your Facebook Account now !

This was a must feature that should have been added to Facebook long ago. There are some loop holes in FaceBook using which two people can be logged into the same account at the same time. Now, FaceBook outsmarted all those folks who used to play prank or spy on their spouses / friends account by logging in to someone else’s account at the same time.

Steps to turn on extra security to keep track of people who log into your account without your permission:

  1. Login to your Facebook Account.
  2. Click on Account Settings –> and then Account Security –> Click on Change.
  3. Here you’ll find an option which says:
  4. Add extra protection to your Facebook account:

    Login Notifications

    Get notified by SMS or email if a new computer or mobile device logs into your account.

  5. Select the radio button ON and click on Save button.

One you save, you are done. Now every time if anyone else logs into your account from any other machine other than the one you would have registered initially, you’ll get an SMS or an E-Mail (whatever option you’ve selected). This way you can track who else is accessing your FaceBook account

New Face Of Social Search – Bing Integrates With Facebook ?

While making some changes, Bing has been associating with Facebook to strengthen and change its social search facilities. They are now all set to release their service to their users in the US; and now they need to bring to the notice of users the changes they have introduced.

Looking into the users convenience, who have always wanted to have the same feeling that they had with Facebook, it was now Bing’s responsibility to provide them the same or similar features. The result was a joint venture of Facebook and Bing to satisfy users!

Now Bing functions in the same manner as Facebook. Let’s say you have chosen to share news with your friends in Facebook, you will also be noticed in Bing, even if you decide not to put up your profile news in other search engines.

An interesting fact is however, that you will not come up on major web searches, included Bing, but only in the Facebook Profile services inside Bing which may be done by your common friends. Like Facebook [age limit 13years], Bing too has set up its limit saying all Bing users who already have friends below 18 in Facebook, would get to surf Bing results too.

All these features are quite simple with just an on and off by the users. While trying to personalize the search and make it more effective, it is also a great publicity to get more people to use Bing! So why the delay, come and join the Bing family today!

Bing is utilizing Facebook’s social data, promising great results to its users through ‘Liked By your Friends’. This may be a major reason why Bing may have succeeded in an area where Google can’t easily compete. All you need to do is connect Bing to your Facebook account, after which you will notice a new ‘Liked By Your Friends’ portion within your search results.

It is definitely more exciting to see what friends share and enjoy given the fact that the news is not already up on search results. Also Bing lets you know earlier at least the initial few times when it gets to pull liked links from Facebook friends by a pop-up window with an option not to choose.

It is also making use of the Facebook data to be able to bring better search results. It analyzes the people you know, in turn studying those who know them through Facebook, thereby coming up with people closely related to you socially.

Very soon Bing will be looking to social signals through Faceboom, which will give you expert opinions on several searches.

Where Is The Requests Page On Facebook

How to go to the Requests Section in your Facebook account:

You might have got a request in your Facebook account sometime ago, but you would have not taken any action on that. You’ll not loose this request, instead this will be put in waiting page for you to take proper action.

There are two ways to go to requests section, review the requests and take appropriate action:

1> When you are logged on to your Facebook account, if you look into the right sidebar in your homepage, you’ll notice the Request’s section. Normally, this will be under the Sponsored ad section, as shown in the image bleow. Clicking on the ‘See All‘ will take you to the Requests section, where all pending requests will be listed.

2> Clicking on this link will directly take you to the Requests section page. Remember, if you are already not logged into your Facebook account, you’ll be prompted to log in before you can take a look at all the pending requests.