Now Download Security 10 For Bullguard Internet

With Six Free Months License, Now Download Security 10 For Bullguard Internet

BullGuard Internet Security is a simple-to-use, effective security suite, which is developed by BullGuard. It is particularly designed to safeguard computer systems against latest cyber crimes that take place by using spyware, virus, malicious threats, and cookies, malicious, scripts and spam.

With BullGuard Internet Security, users are able to store or backup all-important documents, music files and photos online. They get up to 5GB online data storing capacities.  Additionally, the latest version of BullGuard Internet Security 10 is now included with new attributes like safe browsing, owner password protection, inspector and behavioral detection.

Features of BullGuard Internet Security: 

  • Safeguard against zero day exploits
  • Anti-Spam feature is capable of identifying image spam and malicious emails
  • Personal firewall protects against many forms of internet attacks
  • Behavioral Change Detections
  • Anti-spyware for safeguarding your identity from online frauds
  • Anti-phishing to obtain webpage and email authentication. It helps you to browse, shop, and conduct safe net banking.
  • Online backup of up to 5 GB for storing critical files.
  • 24X7 online support, email and remote access to your PC.

To obtain the free copy of this software go through the promotional page and fill the required field and then click “Submit” button.

In this world where Internet policing is not very stringent due to the mast usage of the World Wide Web, this security suite can be very beneficial. If you use your systems for shaving critical information or for online banking, this package can come extremely handy.

Generating Self-Destructive Addresses Of Email Via Melt Mail

Generating Self-Destructive Addresses Of Email Via Melt Mail


You might have come across many websites which ask you to first register on their web sites in order to get the information. In most of the cases, they would ask you to furnish your e-mail address so that they are able to communicate with you in future. However, from our past the IMS is, we know if we give away our information in internet it will relate to our inbox being filled with junk mails and spam.

In order to access the information on those websites, we have no other choice but give them the email address. We can obviously register new spam-trap for that particular email address which works only for the specified purpose. We can discard it whenever we do not need it. However, this process is time consuming as well could be quite an irritation.

If the user is facing this problem, they can try out the other ways which includes exploiting disposable services of email for example Melt Mail.

This is a disposable service of email which generates disposable address for that email for the convenience of the users. The users can use their disposable email address for their purposes between stipulated periods of time which again can be determined by the users themselves. For example: 3 hours or 6 hours or maybe 12 hours etc.

Melt Mail is basically a web based service that comes for free to the users. It consists of a simple interface which is quite easy to use. The user who wants to create an email address which is disposable can just go through Melt Mail. Here you can register for their e-mail address, and then specify the span of the life span for that email.

After the specified period expires, that email address generated by Melt Mail will be automatically deleted and hence no email will be posted to user’s email account. This is one great trick to avoid having on your e-mail addresses whenever you are forced to give them.

Forcefully Prevent The G-Mail Spam Filter From Functioning

Forcefully Prevent The G-Mail Spam Filter From Functioning

As we know, Gmail or Google Mail service is one the best web mail services, as it has been provided with a fabulous spam filter. This spam filter has the capacity to completely scan the incoming emails and move the spam-tagged mail messages to the Spam folder. All spam-tagged emails in this folder are deleted automatically after 30 days, trimmed and cleaned as of the mailbox.

However, there is a possibility that the legal emails would be marked as bulk or spam, and they are moved to Spam folder because the spam filter assumed that they were Spans. While using the Gmail web mail service, this performance completely acceptable since user may constantly check Spam folder to verify and look at emails labeled as spam automatically inside the Spam folder. If there is any non-spam email will be discovered, just by clicking on “Not Spam” option, the email will restored in the Inbox automatically.

However, the user will have to face an issue while downloading the email from Gmail server via free IMAP or POP3 access by means of Microsoft Outlook (desktop email client) or the Mozilla Thunderbird.

In general, email present in the Spam folder can not be downloaded whilst the email client is downloading the received emails using IMAP or POP3 protocol. It is highly recommended you to check the Gmail account by using the web interface and check the Spam folder in any case once in 30 days. If you fail to check spam folders in every 30 days, you will lose a legal email that been labeled and treated mistakenly as spam.

Gmail doesn’t categorize emails received from the senders as spam, if their email address has been enlisted in your contact list. On the other hand, in order to add up contacts to Gmail, one still needs to log in. additionally, the user perhaps we’ll have to enter a large numbers of email addresses for families, friends, buddies and business contacts that are ever growing, so as not to miss a single mail they send.

The greatest workaround intended for users who don’t utilize the Gmail and only make use of Microsoft Outlook for downloading emails via IMAP or POP3 is to stop or turn off function of spam filtering in Gmail. The Gmail doesn’t permit you to turn off the spam filter. Hence for stopping the spam filter, a special workaround should be utilized.

Gmail supports the filter function to categorize the incoming mail according to the rules that you create. The filter may be formed so as to force every one email received to stay in Inbox (which can then be downloaded by means of POP3 or IMAP). To make a filter to put out the spam filtering or to disable spam filter in Gmail, just click on link “Create a filter” next to the search box (otherwise go to Settings and Filters and then Create a filter).

In Has words: text box, you have to put anyone of the following expressions:

in:spam or is:spam or label:spam

Go to the Next Step, and then click on OK button. Check the checkbox intended for not sending it toward Spamr. Just click on “Create Filter” button to stop and turn off Gmail spam filter along with instant result.

How Can I Receive / Direct Spam Mails In My Gmail?

How to receive spam mail in your Gmail inbox?

Spam mails are basically junk unsolicited mails that contain advertisements. They are not treated as any important mail. Gmail has a built in feature to direct all the spam mails to spam folder. In case you want the spam-mails in your Gmail inbox then you can do it and let us see how.

Follow the steps mentioned below in order to receive spam-mails in your Gmail inbox:

  • You have to create a new filter which will make sure that you receive all mails in your Gmail inbox. To do so you have to click on settings, then go to filters and click on create filter.
  • In the “Has the words” box type: in:spam or is:spam or label:spam.
  • Then click Next
  • Click OK
  • There will be a box called “ Never Send to Spam”, give a tick mark
  • To disable Gmail spam-box, you have to finish the process by clicking on Create filter.
  • Your work is done.

Since you have disabled Gmail Spam-box, you will receive all the spam emails in your inbox. You can check it like normal mails and send them to trash too, as you wish.

Correct Way To Handle Private And Confidential Data – LockCrypt

Complete Security of Data with LockCrypt

As internet usage is increasing day by day, security is also becoming a major issue. The amount of data and files that are transferred over the internet are uncountable. Some of these data are classified and private, and needs to be kept safe from being misused by spammers and hackers. Hacking and misusing of files and data over the internet is gradually increasing.

The more we access the internet, the more our data is at risk of being hacked. The best solution for this issue is, LockCrypt. This freeware application helps to protect our confidential and private data. The LockCrypt is an account management program that works by storing the user’s private and important data such as their passwords, serial numbers, account details, and so on. All these details are stored in a secure encrypted form in the central database.

The central database is protected with a safe entry password which is set during the installation time. LockCrypt also provides the users with a strong password for this purpose, in case the user is unable to think of one.

The LockCrypt is multi lingual comprising of languages such as English, Spanish, German, Czech, Chinese, and Italian. The account data that are being secured by this application can be imported or exported through CSV, XML, or plain text format. Users can also print out their account details for storage if required.

If the user at any time uses the copy paste option for logging into accounts then the LockCrypt allows the user to clear the clipboard so that no one else would be able to access the data by again pasting it from the clipboard.

The LockCrypt is built for Mac, Linux, and Windows platforms, but they are now also being introduced Mobile J2ME and Windows Mobile which should be Java enabled phones.

Download the latest version of LockCrypt available on the internet from this link.

How Can I Stop Sending / Receiving Duplicate Email Messages From Outlook

Resolving the sending and receiving of duplicate e-mails problem in Outlook

A common problem with the Outlook Express is that people receive two copies of the same e-mail in their Outlook mailbox. Also, sometimes people end up sending duplicate e-mails from their Outlook mailbox. This can become a real pain after a point of time. This article tells you how you can deal with this issue.

Although there are no straight-cut solutions to this issue, here are a few possible workarounds that will take care of the problem.

How to stop duplicate e-mails from entering your inbox

  1. A primary cause of duplicate messages is that you have enabled the Leave a copy of messages on the server option.
    1. Go to Tools -> E-mail Accounts in the Outlook Express main window.
    2. Select the View or change existing e-mail accounts, and click on Next.
    3. Select your account, after which click on Change.
    4. Select the More Settings option.
    5. Go to the Advanced tab, and deselect the option for Leave a copy of messages on the server.
    6. Click OK.
  2. If the above steps do not fix the problem, then try the following:
    1. Check the Task Manager to see if there are two outlook processes running, as this could also cause duplication of messages.
    2. Try deleting and then remapping all of your e-mail accounts.
    3. Make sure that you have the latest updates/version for Windows.

How to stop sending duplicate e-mails from your Outlook mailbox

The only reason, which might cause Outlook Express to send duplicate e-mails, is that your antivirus suite is configured to check every e-mail that is sent from your mailbox. This will cause Outlook’s sending process to be interrupted in between. Thus, it will resend the mail after it has passed virus screening – resulting in a duplicate copy of the same mail being sent.

How To Block Spam SMS’s On Symbian OS Phones Like Nokia, Sony Ericsson

If you are tired of receiving SMS spam on your cell phone / mobile phone, then SMS Spam Manager will help you block those unwanted SMS’s from reaching your phone. You can set filters or rules according to which the SMS is either let in or flagged as SPAM. SMS spam manager helps you keep the junk / unwanted messages from bothering you.

Once you install Spam Manager, you’ll have the control to set up filters (there are 6 different type of filters available), which will act as a gateway or condition checker when SMS’s come in. If the incoming SMS passes or adhere’s to the rules set by you, it’ll land in your Cell phones inbox, else will be deleted without any further notice or indication.

Using the 6 different available filters, user can tune the phone to work in 4 different modes, and they are :

1> Accept all: If the SMS Spam Manager is turned off or inactive mode is turned on, then you will receive all the messages coming in.

2> Block all: If you do not want to receive any incoming messages at all, you can turn on the Block all mode, which will ensure no message reaches your inbox. This might be very helpful, if you are in any important meeting and you do not want to be disturbed.

3> Accept Phonebook Only: If you turn this on, then your phonebook will act as a white list. If you get messages from people who are listed in your phonebook, then the message is let in, else it will be treated as Spam.

4> Block From Black List: You can create rules to black list messages on various parameters. They are – telephone numbers, prefix numbers and text match. If you get a message from a telephone number or from a number which matches the defined prefix number or the text matches the pre-defined text, such messages will be flagged as spam and ignored.

Note that all the messages that you block using different modes will be stored in “Blocked SMS log“, you can go through those messages and restore if in case any important message was blocked by mistake.

There is a trial version of this software available which will let you test the software for 20 incoming messages. You’ll have to buy the registration key in order to unlock the full version of the software. Each registration is for one single phone, which is based on the IMEI number of the phone and hence you will not be able to use the key on other phones.

SMS Spam Manager works on Nokia S60 5th edition, Nokia S60 3rd edition, Samsung S60 5th edition, Samsung S60 3rd edition, LG S60 3rd edition, Sony Ericsson UIQ3, Sony Ericsson UIQ2, Motorola UIQ2, Nokia S60 2nd edition, Panasonic S60 2nd edition, Samsung S60 2nd edition, Lenovo S60 2nd edition, Nokia Series 80.

Go here to check the complete list of phones that are supported.

[ Download SMS Spam Manager ]

Some Cool Features Of Gmail If You Use It Regularly

Image representing Gmail as depicted in CrunchBase
Image by via CrunchBase

Gmail is one of the popular tools of Google. There are a lot of tricks and hacks that gmail has inbuilt, which will make your e-mail experience cooler.

Here are some of my favorite ones :

1> For those who did not know, there are two ways you can load your Gmail. Those on faster internet connection can use the Ajax version otherwise known as the Standard view. There are still a lot of people using Gmail from the third world where the internet connection is not upto mark. For those, Gmail has ‘Load Basic HTML’ version, which does not use your computer resources.

Want even more basic ‘ape’ version of gmail, then try the mobile version . type in , do this without the http/www protocol. You’ll be amazed at what you see. That’s the quickest and simplest you can get 🙂

2> Dot addressing –

Another cool feature I love about gmail. You can place a dot (.) anywhere in your email id and a mail sent to that ID ends up in your inbox.

For Ex – Let’s suppose ‘[email protected]‘ is your mail id. Then send mail to [email protected] or [email protected] or any other combination, the mail will end up directly in your inbox.

3> Plus addressing –

By far, the coolest feature for me. Using this I can track Spammers under the ‘goodie-hood’.

Send a mail to [email protected] and the mail ends in your inbox !!

Cool feature ain’t it ?

I use this when a website (those which I’ll be visiting the first time) expects my email id. Everyone these days claim that they won’t sell your Id to third party, but I still don’t know how SPAM ends up finding my mail box ! Now with this feature from GMail I really don’t need to worry about anything as this feature helps me track the culprit.

Whenever I register to a website, for our understanding lets say I’m registering to CNet – I give my id as[email protected]

I’ll log into my gmail id and set up a filter to catch all the mails coming to [email protected] and direct it to a folder. Now if I start getting spam on this particular id, I know who sells my id 😉 ..

Sorry CNet for taking you as an example. I know I’d never get spam from you folks 🙂

Internet SPAM Emails hitting hard on the Indians

Netizens in the city became victims of fake distress mails sent from their own Email IDs

Imagine this scene – you’ve just received an email from a friend of yours who’s visiting abroad. He’s lost his passport, his mobile phone and his wallet ( including his credit cards, traveler’s cheques, hard cash).

There’s no way to reach him except for his email id and you need to wire-transfer him a stipulated amount of money or he’s going to be in trouble – what do your do ? In case, you decide to transfer him that money, you just fell for the latest form of illicit money making online.

Aurna R ( name changed ), a media professional in Chennai and a victim of this prank says, “I received an email that was purportedly sent from the hotmail tech support team which asked my username and password to be sent for security reasons. I found that my Hotmail ID was hacked when my relatives from London and Singapore began calling me up asking if I was okay. I have posted my complaint on their website”.

Lekha Rathnakumar, a Chennai based ad filmmaker who was also at the receiving end of this e-crime says, “My hotmail account was recently hacked into and everyone on my contact list got a mail stating I was stranded in London and was in immediate need of financial assistance. I wasn’t even able to log into my account as the hacker hanged my password”.

When asked about how one could protet themselves against such security breaches, Dr.M Sudhakar assistant commissioner, cyber crime cell, Chennai City police says ” Users should ignore mails from a friend or relative asking for financial assistance. Those who need help will call. Also disregard emails sent with the name of your service provider asking you to your username and password. Use different passwords for different IDs”.

ML Srinivasn, the chairman and CEO of Chennainet, a Chennai based company dealing with Internet security, says, “The modus operandi of the hacker in many the ‘forgot password’ option that every email account offers. Make sure your password is a combination of numerals, alphabets and special characters.”

Even celebrities are targetted:

US republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin’s email was hacked into using the ‘Forgot password’ option. The hacker found answers (on wikipedia ) to two secret questions in less than 15 seconds. The third ‘secret’ question where she met her husband, took time 😉

How To Reduce Spam — The Funny Way :)

Getting mails from unwanted sources, about unwanted things, which you never requested for…wondering how you getting these mails ? SPAM, that’s what these mails are and you are being SPAMMED 🙂 .. aarrgh what did you do get spammed ? Well you don’t really need to do anything .. It is almost  quite an automatic process.

There are these so called BOTs which pick emails from various sources and pound those mails with SPAM, most of the SPAM mails are commercial, requesting you to buy some cheap stuff or driving you to a website from where you can download heap loads of Viruses and Trojans on to your system.

Wondering how to fight these SPAMs ? Not definitely an easy task. Firstly, I’d recommend prevent bullying your self from the SPAMMERs, do not leave your mail ID in public forums, or contact notes, Do not use it as signatures in any Public discussion boards. The SPAM bots are well trained to pick all these sort of places. Next do not register yourself with sites you have no idea whose behind ’em. And certainly if possible, avoid Hacked or PORN stuff. This should pretty much easy ways to keep SPAM off your Inbox.

Next, most of the mail providers ensure they combat SPAM up to a large extent. I’ve been happy with GMAIL so far and Yahoo too has improved on their SPAM Flagging capabilities. If the SPAM fights all through this and ends in your box, you can simply hit the SPAM button, which will ensure the id/IP which you got the mail from gets listed on the mail providers service, helping them build a better SPAM fighter engine.

Well a popular blog recently mentioned about a report which said e-mail ids starting with A get 15% more spam when compared to those starting with ‘Z’. Doesn’t make sense, firstly, why would anyone be worried about spam even before I open a mail id, and next concern is, lets say that my name starts with A and I already have a mail id, after reading the statistics, does the author expect me to change my mail id ?? 🙂 ..

My explanation for that is, there are fewer people whose name starts with ‘Z’ than those whose name starts with ‘A’ ;), provided the statistics is a credible one :).