Evaluate and Benchmark DNS Resolution Speed Tool

Evaluate and Benchmark DNS Resolution Speed Tool

Apart from the DNS servers, which have been provided by the Internet Service Providers to fix websites names to internet protocol, addresses in order that the internet browsers recognize the network route to get access and download website information, there are numerous free Public Domains Name Servers, which are accessible for end user.

Therefore, end-user is capable of turning to other DNS servers to make internet surfing rapidly by fixing web address fast. Moreover, several DNS servers, which are provided by internet service provider, can be overloaded, unreliable, and slow more likely to down as well as timeout whenever fixing website names, triggering internet browser incapable of displaying websites or slower opening of web page.

Internet site visitors can easily boost the DNS server configured setting of the program by utilizing the most convenient and reputable DNS server. In order to make the most effective DNS setting, measure the reliability and speed of DNS server. There are numerous tools, which are capable Follow a few simple steps to get the information you need about The New school-delays.com , a private university in New York City. to automate the procedure to evaluate and determine the effectiveness of DNS servers.  

DNS Benchmark provides user the awareness of what is happening with the system current DNS server by automatically evaluating their overall performance with numerous popular public DNS. DNS Benchmark executes the detailed evaluation and assessment of the functional performance and reliableness of any group of up 200 DNS. Automatically this tool recognizes all DNS servers.

The entire listing of DNS name server is recognized, assessed, graphed, statistically researched, and reported its overall performance. The recognisation includes consists of evaluating each server for cached research, uncached research, dotcom research, credibility, rebinding safety, and its redirection conduct: whether it results an error for bad website name, or redirects a internet browser to a advertisement page, which might be merchandised by lots of people.

DNS Benchmark is a stand-alone program and readily available free. Installation is not required and utilizing this program is an easy as hitting the “run” button. Since the results could be very comprehensive and DNS overall performance assessment can be simply categorized in accordance with the speed.

Manage Mouse Scrolling Speed In Firefox

How To Manage Mouse Scrolling Speed In Firefox

Mouse scrolling option is already implemented in almost every computer to make navigation easier and faster.  When you scroll upward or downward in open webpage, it is mouse scrolling feature that helps you save on time by easily moving upward and downward.

As you have noticed that you can scroll two or three lines in one scroll. It means when you start scrolling it takes time to get downward directly. It is default setting in the system that manages mouse scrolling speed. However if you are using Firefox browser then you can alter settings and control scrolling speed according to your preference.


Here is the tutorial to adjust mouse scrolling in Firefox browser. You need to modify settings manually from configuration menu.

  • Launch Firefox browser.
  • Type “about: config” in address bar and hit Enter button to move further.
  • It will open a warning tab with message “Changing these settings can be harmful……”  You just click on “I’ll be careful, I promise! Button to continue this process.
  • Now type out the phrase, “mousewheel.withnokey” in first shown box.
  • Apply right click of your mouse on “mousewheel.withnokey.sysnumlines”. Then you can choose Toggle option. The default settings will be changed from true to false once you select toggle option.
  • In this tab click on “mousewheel.withnokey.numlines”. Then you can choose Modify option. Now you can type any value according to your required number. 

Now at last you have adjusted scrolling speed according to your requirement. By following these steps you can change mouse scrolling whenever you want.

Windows Vista – Registry Trick to Slow Down Windows Animation Speed

Windows Vista – Registry Trick to Slow Down Windows Animation Speed

Windows Vista has a default animation speed for performing the tasks of minimizing, closing or maximizing any window which actually cannot be controlled by the user. However, it is possible that you change the animation speed and slow down the transition.

You need to perform a small registry trick after which you need to just press and hold the SHIFT key while performing the tasks of minimizing, closing or maximizing a window so as to slow down the transition. You need to follow the below mentioned steps.

  • Go to the Start Menu and select “Start Search”. Type in “regedit” and hit the enter key to open the Registry Editor. Just click on “Continue” incase you get a User Account Control prompt.
  • Locate the below mentioned registry key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\DWM

  • You need to right-click on “DWM” and from the right-click context menu, choose “New”. Now, from the “New” submenu, select “DWORD (32-bit) Value”.
  • Name this newly created DWORD Value as “AnimationsShiftKey”.

  • Double click on the DWORD Value “AnimationsShiftKey” and set its value data as “1”. Save the settings by clicking on “OK” button.
  • Exit the Registry Editor and restart your PC or log off and log on back to make the changes effective.

To check whether the trick is working, you may try minimizing, closing or maximizing an open window while you press and hold the SHIFT key. You may also press CTRL+WinKey+Tab to invoke Windows Flip3D and press and hold the SHIFT key before maximizing the windows/ applications. The animation speed of the maximizing task will comparatively become slower.

Unique And Simpler Technique To Render Your PC Speed!

Unique And Simpler Technique To Render Your PC Speed!

PC Booster is a freeware, used to fulfill Computer needs, and it makes them faster and stable for better performance. It avoids .dll errors that are frequent either while downloading or executing the program applications.

Installation and configuration of PC Booster is quite simpler. It secures the PC by acting as a system-guard and helps the computer in increasing the speed and it stabilizes the performance quite significantly. You’ll feel that your system has been reborn again.

Tasks Performed by PC Booster on Computer are:

  • This PC Booster’s minimises the consumption of booting time and avoiding computers from hanging.
  • It keeps a routine check on computer for any registry-conflicts, or unnecessary files and deletes them.
  • Along with this it also keeps a check on many other issues on computers and optimizes it.
  • It demonstrates a graphical view of a PC’s Performance before and after usage of PC Booster
  •  It also provides maximum efficiency to your R.A.M (Random-Access-Memory), ensuing quicker admission to any Installed program.

Determine Your Internet Speed Using Online Tools

Determine Your Internet Speed Using Online Tools

Internet surfers want a good speed of net connectivity to browse and download quickly. Few individuals with broadband connectivity experience adequate net speeds while other users with cable, DSL and dialup connectivity experience slow speed.

One can check their respective net speed using speed meters available online for free and determine the net speed provided by their internet service provider for downloading and uploading. These tools are freely available and will display the exact statistics of your bandwidth.

There are thousands of websites which provide tools to test your net speed; you can Google to find one suitable for your needs. The best websites which provide accurate results on net speed are as follows:

Browse the above websites and run a test. These online tools will then download a script on your computer system & resend them to check with their server. This is how they are able to figure out your upload and download speed. This is the best method of checking your internet speed against the one provided by the internet service provider.

These tools give you accurate results and help you in nabbing any internet theft too.

Speed Up Your Firefox Browser

Speed Up Your Firefox Browser

The Firefox browser takes much longer to launch the first time after a computer start up as compared to other browsers like Internet Explorer and Google Chrome. Other web browsers take just a second to launch whereas Firefox takes up to 20 seconds. This can be extremely irritating for the user. In this fast paced world, no one loves to wait.

Some of the advantages of Firefox make you use this browser. The disadvantage of”waiting time to launch” can be removed by the following tricks.

  • Choose the Properties tab after right clicking on the Firefox shortcut icon.
  • Click on the Target field, it will display the full path of the executable file of Firefox.
  • Add the code /prefetch:1 at the rear end of the given address, but with a space blank.
  • The new path will look like : C:\ProgramFiles\MozillaFirefox\firefox.exe /prefetch:1
  • In order to save the settings, click OK.

After completing the above mentioned steps, you would like to test whether it actually works or not. Just restart or reboot your computer and then launch the Firefox browser after the computer has restarted. It is noticeable that the time taken now to launch the browser is lesser than that taken before the execution of these above given steps.

The above mentioned trick surely works and will help you use four favorite browsers in a better and efficient way. The best part is that in just a few steps you can get the best out of your favorite browser and make it even better than the other browsers available.

Myconnection PC Lite To Check Internet Connection Speed

Myconnection PC Lite To Check Internet Connection Speed

Internet connection speed is the most essential thing for the people in the aggressive industries where connectivity and time is core point. Most of us are willing to pay much higher price to get quick internet accessibility. If you are feeling that your connection is too slow as compared to the price, it would be better to check the speed of your Internet connection.

There are lots of speed testing apps available over the internet with which you could check the speed of internet connection online. However, if you feel uncomfortable with such online parameters, you could use a pretty handy application named, MyConnection PC Lite.   MyConnection PC Lite is an effective tool to check the speed of your internet connection in very easy manner.


This tool is designed to work only with Windows OS and a home user could use this tool freely to check quality and speed of Internet connection. It measures the bandwidth of your internet connection accurately. It displays the test results in graphical chart formats to understand it easily.

It not only checks the internet connection speed but also evaluates download/upload stability and quality. While testing the speed of you internet connection, it also checks and reports the actual flow of data transfer with which you could easily find out the reason for poor performance.  Besides, it provides the key information so that you could easily find out and resolve the connection problem.

Following is the link given to download MyConnection PC Lite.

Defragment Your Hard Drives To Increase System Performance and Speed

Defragment Your  Hard Drives To Increase System Performance and Speed

All files in the hard disk drive are organized in a proper manner by the computer. However, when the user explores and uses these files over and over again, there are chances that they could get corrupted. Most of the times, computer generates and saves new files (temporary files) when some regular processes such as saving and deleting files are performed.

Due to this, almost all files of even a single program are scattered over several locations in HDD (Hard Disk Drive). A file structure of such type is termed as fragmentation. The system stability and PC performance are highly affected when there are several fragmented files in HDD.

A special tool namely Disk Defragmenter is pretty useful for Windows users with which you can improve the system stability. This tool reorganizes the fragmented files and replaces them as “contiguous blocks”. All the associated files are closely arranged making the program to work fast.

You will also find an inbuilt Disk Defragmenter tool in Windows to find out the frequently used programs, and it checks the log files. After that, by rearranging such files it reduces the start up time of respected program.

It is highly recommended to run Disk Defragmenter every week if you use your PC for 2 hours every day. It would be more helpful to run Windows Disk Defragmenter immediately after installing or uninstalling a few programs at a time.

Following step by step guide will help you to Defragment your computer’s HDD.

  1. First of all, go to My Computer and open it.
  2. Then, you have to right click on any one local drive. Select Properties from the context menu.
  3. Now, click on the tab namely, Tools and after that ‘Defragment now’ button.
  4. First click on the Analyze button. After analyzing, click on the Defragment button. The defragmentation process will be started.

Using above steps, you can also defragment other hard disk drive partitions.

As an alternate way to open Windows Disk Defragmenter, go to Start then go to All programs then Accessories and then System Tools and now select Disk Defragmenter.

Configuring Huwaie MT882 for Ktorrent

Although I miss some uTorrent specific features (example: loading torrents from a folder) sorely, Ktorrent is pretty good. OpenSUSE pushes it and the inbuilt firewall to you with the installation, configuring both of it to work together calls for a How-to, of sorts.

If you have done port forwarding before, then you are just one step from getting Ktorrent to mooch all your bandwidth, if not, you might want to check out portforward.com.

So once you have added the ports at your router’s admin page, note them down. Then, fire up the Konsole and do a “/sbin/ifconfig” and note the IP that follows the word “inet addr”, that is your network IP. Follow this with a “/sbin/route” and note down the IP that follows the word “default”, that would be your gateway address.

That’s pretty obvious no? If you were the one who set up your DSL on OpenSUSE, you’d probably be like “yeah! I put in those digits”.

Now also do “sudo /etc/init.d/SuSEfirewall2_init status” and see that the firewall is stopped, you don’t quite need it anyway with a linux system. But if it’s not stopped. it’s okay, not a problem.

Go to Ktorrent configuration and fill in the TCP and UDP ports you forwarded and maybe another additional one if you want DHT.

If you are like me (ahem the CRS – Can’t Remember Shit type person), then don’t wonder why despite your forwarding ports and adding them into Ktorrent, you still get the “No incoming connections , possibly firewalled” symbol.

Go to the port forwarding page (in MT882 case it’s called Virtual Server) and check the IP you added for the ports, it’s gotta be the same as your network IP. I often make that mistake because DataOne gives the liberty to choose any network IP between and So at any given point of time the network IP I entered is not the top things in my head.