Trick To Be A Spy And Check Movements Around Your Home

Trick To Be A Spy And Check Movements Around Your Home

Individuals expecting cost effective “surveillance-system” solutions to increase security measures for their homes, can do so for free with their computer system’s web camera. True, individuals can use their tiny web cameras as a “spy cam” or “digital- surveillance-system” to monitor any actions at their office or home.

All they need to do is buy a web camera and sign in for a Web based residence surveillance group to increase the security level of your homes and offices.

Once registered with surveillance group, users can fix their Web cam in a particular location and start to receive the visuals seated in any part of the World.

However, users cannot expect HD quality videos from it, mainly due to two reasons:

  • Firstly, web-cams utilized have reduced Mega Pixel Lens and hence are cheaply available.
  • Other reason is that web cam buffers the recorded visuals to a server first, and then it sends to the users by downloading as streamed videotape.

The quality of this streamed videotape is good but not high. To get better quality visuals users should install high-end web-cams and start using them as spy-cam.

In order to utilize this great service, get an account registered for this internet based cost effective “digital-surveillance-system” at the earliest.

Easy To Spy And Tape Web-Cam Videos Of Friends

Easy To Spy And Tape Web-Cam Videos Of Friends

With msn-recorder-max freeware utility tool, users can control their friend’s web-cam live videos on windows live messenger. This tool just not only captures the webcam videos of friends and others, but it can also initiate recording of messenger-written communications.

If you wish to spy on somebody or just wish to tape web-cam videos for future use, then this utility will come handy and also truly appreciated.

This web-cam recording application is simpatico with Microsoft’s windows 2000, windows XP and windows vista operating systems.

A few key features of this msn-recorder-max tool are listed below:

  • It can record or tape msn-messenger webcam videos.
  • It has the ability to secretly record or tape web-cam videos.
  • It can also store or record msn-messenger written communications
  • It has simple and user friendly interface.
  • It captures high-quality web-cam videos
  • Its pretty easy to tape and store videos on computer systems

How Can I See Where My Friends Are Currently ??

Google Latitude will show you where your friend is.

Google has hit yet another score. Google latitude, the new and unique service provided by Google. This will give you an exact location of your friends as well as of yours on the Google map. Mark your location and also your friend’s location on the map and share it with the whole world.

By the help of Google Latitude anyone can easily locate you and your friends from any corner of the world either by using internet in handset or computer. This feature is not yet enabled for iPhone.

To have to login to the service via mobile phone or computer in order to use this service provided by Google. You need the account ID and password of Google to login. Then you have to install the gadget, which is a pretty obvious step. After the installation is complete, it may locate your location automatically but if it doesn’t then you have to do it manually.

It is quite simple to use Google Latitude. There are lots of features that you can do with it. You can even add pictures while setting your location. Since they use the tower triangulation of the mobile phones,, you’ll need Wi-Fi or GPS to locate you.

[Use Google Latitude]