R600 First Electronics Or Spy Gear Fitter Electronics – Spy What People Are Talking

Become a Spy with the new SIM Card Spy Gear

Resembling a spy gadget straight out of the movies, the SIM Card Spy Gear Remote Listening Device launched by Fitter Electronics, Taiwan, is a small device that lets you listen in on conversations from a distance. This remote listening device is about the size of a cigarette case and uses cell phone technology to act as a bug.

SIM Card Spy Gear is easy to use and has absolutely no configuration hassles. You have to just plug a SIM card into it and leave it at the location where you want to eavesdrop. Then simply call up the phone number on the SIM, and the device silently switches on, and you can then listen to all the audio that is being received by it.

This amazing innovation lets you snoop from anywhere in the world – all you have to do is pick up your phone and dial up the number on the SIM. Moreover, it can be attached to the underside of tables so that it can’t be detected easily. The only drawback of the SIM Card Spy is that you won’t be able to listen in areas where there is no mobile network signal.

Here is a list of the main features:

  1. You can hook in from by a phone line.
  2. Easy to install.
  3. Frequency bands used: 800-1800 MHz.
  4. Weight: 55g.
  5. Size: 7 x 4.4 x 1.8 cm.

The device costs $85, and that model package contains the device along with a USB charger for it.