Best Practices While Browsing Web-Sites On Internet – The Do’s And Don’ts

Tips for Browsing Web

Web browsing is one of the places though which the computer can get spyware or virus. There are numerous sites, which are just waiting for you to create some mistake, so that they can install some malware or virus on your PC. Therefore, it is very important for you to be careful while browsing the internet.

Choice Regarding Browser

Internet Explorer previously has experienced safety problems, which has made Firefox as a much better option with regard to safety while browsing the web. However, Microsoft has made a lot of effort for strengthening the safety of internet explorer. Hence, you can use Firefox or Internet Explorer and keep updating them frequently.

Firewall and Anti-Virus

It is recommended for you to use effective anti-virus application on your system and be sure to enable the virus protection. In addition to this, if you have window operating systems ensure to enable the firewall protection.


It you download data from an untrusted website your system might be affected by virus. Therefore, it is recommended to download data only from trusted and known websites. Most people get the virus while downloading music files from untrusted websites.

Recognizing Bad Websites

Recognizing a bad site can be a difficult task. You might come across many bad sites during surfing. Whenever you find an untrusted website mark it as a bad website and it is advisable not to browse such a site so that you can save your computer from virus. If you discover a website, which is terribly developed, lots of windows will pop-up and it is better to stay away from such a site. You must take the necessary precaution to quarantine or delete any spyware or virus.

Windows Update

If you are working on windows operating system, then it is recommended for you to download and install windows update whenever available. Many times these updates also increase the security matters.

Our Conclusion

It is better to browse web safely as it will prevent virus installation on your computer.  First, you should choose a browser, which will suit your security measures and install an antivirus software and enable firewall protection. Never download data or music from untrusted websites

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How To Use System Restore To Save My Computer From Spyware

Enabling System Restore to protect your Windows XP system

Irrespective of how many security measures you might take, it is impossible to prevent your PC from getting infected for a very long time. Thus, it is well advised to enable System Restore as it allows you to revert to a previous PC setting that is better than the current (infected) one.

This article will show you how to enable System Restore on your XP system.

  1. Navigate to Start -> My Computer, and right-click on My Computer.
  2. Select Properties from the context menu that is shown.
  3. In the System Properties dialog that opens up, go to the System Restore tab.
  4. Deselect the option for Turn off System Restore on all drives.
  5. Click on Apply.
  6. Click on OK.

However, there might be a littler snag – the System Restore tab might not show up in the System Properties dialog above. To remedy this, execute the following steps (but these instructions are valid only for Windows XP Professional editions).

  1. Open the Run prompt from Start -> Run, and enter gpedit.msc.
  2. In the left-hand panel, navigate to the following tree branch:
    Computer Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> System -> System Restore
  3. On the right-hand side, double-click on System Restore.
  4. Select the option for Turn off System Restore.
  5. Set the Turn off Configuration option to Disable.
  6. Now, navigate to Start -> My Computer and right-click on it, and then select Manage.
  7. Go to Services and Applications -> Services.
  8. Locate the System Restore Service, and double-click on it.
  9. In the new window that opens, go to the General tab and use the dropdown menu to select for the Automatic option.
  10. Also, click on Start to enable the service.
  11. Again, go back to the Group Policy Editor (as in Step 1), and select Turn off System Restore and the Turn off Configuration as Not Configured.
  12. Exit the Group Policy Editor.
  13. Restart your PC.
  14. This time, you can use the steps in the first section to start System Restore.

Free Software To Protect Your Home And Business Computers

Returnil Virtual System is a revolutionary phenomenon in protection for systems against unwanted software, virus etc. This application is based on the potency of antivirus and virtualization technologies. It offers immense protection to your system against the invasions of malicious software and other foreign agents. It also automatically undertakes the cloning of your system’s partition. Further, it boots your system into a complete virtual world. This allows users to run their programs in a completely isolated and secured environment.

This system undertakes all the processes of various applications and programs in a virtual space. This means that all the unwanted activities like installation of unwanted software, virus etc take place in the virtual environment. This saves your operating system from being attacked by the above unknown agents. When you re-boot your system loaded with this application, all the unwanted content, viruses, Trojans, Spyware and Adware will get permanently removed. This application does wonders to ensure the protection of your internet privacy.

This application maintains the performance output and speed of your system by ridding it of virus infected software, adware and spyware. It drastically eliminates the need for conducting frequent manual de-fragmentation of the system’s partition by users. Further, with this application you can safely open the virus infected emails and remove them permanently from your system. It successfully eliminates all the traces of unknown activities even while your system is crashed or switched off. It offers seamless, strong and simple protection for your system which saves it from all sorts of vulnerabilities to system disrupting agents. It is highly supported by Windows Operating System.

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