Now Get The K-Lite Codec Basic, Full, Standard, Mega And Corporate Pack Absolutely Free

Now Get The K-Lite Codec Basic, Full, Standard, Mega And Corporate Pack Absolutely Free

K-Lite codec is one of the most useful thing for all you music and video lovers. This application is a set of codec’s that allow you to play almost format of videos with your Windows MediaPlayer.

Now you can download the K-Lite codec for free and the best thing is that it comes in different packs. You can choose the pack as per your own convenience and explore and enjoy your videos. The different packs of K-Lite that are available are Basic, Full, Standard, Mega and Corporate Pack.

These packs differ with respect to the decoders they contain. It varies from simple ones to the more complex and comprehensive ones. Every pack has its own features and some of these are discussed below:

The K-Lite codec basic pack is best for those who play videos just for the purpose of entertainment. This pack supports formats like AVI, MP4, MKV, MOV, MPEG, TS, OGG, OMG, and M2TS.


The standard pack is more enriched in terms of features. It comes along with the Classic Media Player from Windows. This pack provides the MPEG decoder for DVD files and also provides better support for them. It is most appropriate for users who watch videos for a bit more than entertainment.

The Mega and the Corporate Pack are for more extensive users. It has the ACM/VFM codecs and playbacks legacy video and audio formats. The Mega Pack is more powerful than others and the most powerful among other codecs available. It provides alternatives for Real Player.

Powertoy Calculator / Calc For Windows 7

Check Out The All New Windows 7 Calculator- Powertoy calculator for Windows 7!

Looks like Microsoft has tried to build one of finest OS ever released in the form of Windows 7. With Windows Vista having such a beautified graphical user interface, nothing much could have been upgraded in that area.

So now, Microsoft has started updating and upgrading long pending functions and features of applications and programs that are packaged free of cost with Windows. One such basic and important program that has been upgraded is “Calculator”.

In Windows 7, new features have been added to enhance the Calculator. Users can now call history and perform unit conversions with ease using this new upgraded Calculator. Unit Conversion option allows you to convert 11 types of measurements including area, volume, velocity, angles and more.

This calculator also has the ability to calculate the total time between two given dates. You just need to input the two dates and the calculator reports number of days, weeks, months and years between the given two dates.

Moreover, two new modes namely “Statistics” and “Programmer” have been introduced besides the usual Scientific and Standard modes.

The programmer mode comes with the ability to make Oct, Hex and Bin conversions. This mode also helps you to perform Word length and size calculations.

The Statistics Mode can make various types of statistics calculations including Standard Deviation and Summation. This Windows 7 Calculator also has 4 inbuilt worksheets to enable you perform more complicated calculations.

Now users no longer have to buy third-party calculator software or make use of downloaded calculator powertoys like Calculator Plus.

Now you tell me, is there any need for a Powertoy Calculator For Windows 7?

Some Cool Features Of Gmail If You Use It Regularly

Image representing Gmail as depicted in CrunchBase
Image by via CrunchBase

Gmail is one of the popular tools of Google. There are a lot of tricks and hacks that gmail has inbuilt, which will make your e-mail experience cooler.

Here are some of my favorite ones :

1> For those who did not know, there are two ways you can load your Gmail. Those on faster internet connection can use the Ajax version otherwise known as the Standard view. There are still a lot of people using Gmail from the third world where the internet connection is not upto mark. For those, Gmail has ‘Load Basic HTML’ version, which does not use your computer resources.

Want even more basic ‘ape’ version of gmail, then try the mobile version . type in , do this without the http/www protocol. You’ll be amazed at what you see. That’s the quickest and simplest you can get 🙂

2> Dot addressing –

Another cool feature I love about gmail. You can place a dot (.) anywhere in your email id and a mail sent to that ID ends up in your inbox.

For Ex – Let’s suppose ‘[email protected]‘ is your mail id. Then send mail to [email protected] or [email protected] or any other combination, the mail will end up directly in your inbox.

3> Plus addressing –

By far, the coolest feature for me. Using this I can track Spammers under the ‘goodie-hood’.

Send a mail to [email protected] and the mail ends in your inbox !!

Cool feature ain’t it ?

I use this when a website (those which I’ll be visiting the first time) expects my email id. Everyone these days claim that they won’t sell your Id to third party, but I still don’t know how SPAM ends up finding my mail box ! Now with this feature from GMail I really don’t need to worry about anything as this feature helps me track the culprit.

Whenever I register to a website, for our understanding lets say I’m registering to CNet – I give my id as [email protected]

I’ll log into my gmail id and set up a filter to catch all the mails coming to [email protected] and direct it to a folder. Now if I start getting spam on this particular id, I know who sells my id 😉 ..

Sorry CNet for taking you as an example. I know I’d never get spam from you folks 🙂