Get Funding For Your Startup In Bangalore

SLP Bangalore ( is offering 3 startups the opportunity to participate in the SLP Venture Capital Competition (VCC)- an intense yet fun experience where you present your startup pitch to entrepreneurs and senior Venture Capitalists and get valuable feedback.

VCC engages three different groups — entrepreneurs (you), SLP Fellows, and Venture Capitalists. During the first half of the day, the 3 startup teams will present their pitches to team of SLP Fellows. In the second half, startups and SLP Fellows will present these investment terms to investment committees (constituted of real VCs).

SLP would value the involvement of your startup in their competition. You will get exposed to local VCs, get a chance to practice pitching to real VCs, and hopefully pick up new ideas, due diligence questions and feedback for your own fundraising process. Note that you have to be willing to spend a day with them on the 10th of March, 2012.

Please note that they are looking for early stage startups that are already doing business (not “ideation” stage), and have some kind of market validation behind them. To take part in this excellent opportunity please fill the form here. Based on the information provided as asked in the form, only 3 startups would be selected for the VC competition.

Preparation: Investor quality pitch (template will be provided)

Date: 10th March 2012

Time: 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Location: Near M G Road (more details later)

Contact Persons:

Soumya Das ([email protected])

Amit Sharma ([email protected])

Shivoo Koteshwar ([email protected])

If you are not from Bangalore, but have an idea which you believe in, then head here to get some funding / feedback.

Change The Default Open Folder At The Startup Of Outlook

Change The Default Open Folder At The Startup Of Outlook

Usually the Inbox folder will be displayed at the time when you start on Outlook. You can manage and the high priority and essential emails below dissimilar folders and you have a desire for view them quickly.

If you already have the rules set up for receiving your important emails on any particular folder, and if you desire to have that folder open first whenever you run the Microsoft outlook, please follow the below mention steps to change according to your preference.

  • Click Tools and then go to Options tab

  • Then go to the tab ‘Other’ and hit the button Advanced Options

  • Next, click Browse button under General settings tab. You can select now the folder you would like it to be shown while Outlook starts. Don’t forget to click OK and save the entire setting.

  • Close Advance Options window by clicking on OK.
  • Click OK button and close the Options window.

Now when close and restart Outlook then you will see that the shown folder has been altered to the preferred folder that you choose going on above steps.

A Trick To Initiate Faster Firefox Startup

A Trick To Initiate Faster Firefox Startup

Firefox web browser sometimes consumes sufficient amount of time to open-up, load data from sites. A tweak is available which will reduce the time and accelerates the speed of the Firefox browser to open and load content from websites. This browser loads many libraries with .dll extensions, accumulates information about the various plug-in and updates them, loads this plug-ins and then initiates the browser.

Processing the operations mentioned above consumes time and a user has to wait for some stipulated time to start browsing. If a user wishes a faster startup of Firefox, then they will have to reduce the number of processes during startup.

Steps to follow to reduce the startup time of Firefox:

  • Download an executable file named “upx“.
  • Now extract this file in the installation folder of Firefox browser. This can be located usually to c:\programfiles\mozilla Firefox.
  • After extraction, close the web browser. In the installation directory of Firefox, open a command prompt. Now type-in the code provided below and press enter key on the keyboard.

For %v in (*.exe *.dll Components\*.dll Plugins\*.dll) Do UPX “c:\programfiles\mozilla firefox\%v”

  • This command will compress all the .dll library files. In future if you require them, then decompress these files by typing a code provided below and press enter.

For %v in (*.exe *.dll Components\*.dll Plugins\*.dll) Do UPX-d “c:\programfiles\mozilla Firefox\%v”

The above command will decompress your libraries on Firefox.

Compressing the .dll files in the Firefox browser results in faster uploads and startup. There are many other methods by which your browser can run faster.

Use Adobe Photoshop Speedup To Accelerate Startup Time Of Adobe Photoshop

Use Adobe Photoshop Speedup To Accelerate Startup Time Of Adobe Photoshop

No one can disagree with the fact that Adobe Photoshop is the most powerful graphics editing program that is loaded with some of the great features. However, regular users of Adobe Photoshop often tend to have complains regarding program startup. This graphics application takes a bit too long to startup as it requires loading a number of plugins.

The users using old PCs are the ones who have a worst experience with this issue. However, Photoshop users can have a sigh of relief with this new speed up program called “Adobe Photoshop Speedup”. This freeware has ability to filter and disable all the plugins to Photoshop that you do not need.  Adobe Photoshop Speedup allows users to choose the plugins which they do not use and do not wish to load.

The moment these plugins are disabled, the overall startup time of Photoshop will be reduced considerably and users will be able to enjoy better performance. The disabled plugins can be easily activated and loaded as and when required. Moreover, by using this speedup program, users can also opt not to load CMap and Base folders for Adobe Fonts as well as Adobe Photoshop Presets.

Adobe Photoshop Speedup works with most Windows Operating Systems. If you wish to enhance the startup speed of your Adobe Photoshop, you can download this speedup program free of charge from the internet. The key features of this program are mentioned as follows:

  • Free Utility that can be used to tweak Adobe Photoshop starting from version 4 to version 8.
  • Allows user to enable/disable the plugins as required.
  • Users can choose not to load CMap and Base folders.
  • Users can opt not to load Photoshop Presets.
  • Reset and optimize Maximum Memory Usage.
  • Simply click on Restore button to restore the original settings whenever necessary.

Use Diskeeper HyperBoot To Speed Up Pc’s Startup, Boot And Shutdown Process

Use Diskeeper HyperBoot To Speed Up Pc’s Startup, Boot And Shutdown Process

If your system takes a lot of time to boot, here is an interesting solution to this issue. Diskeeper has come up with HyperBoot which is useful software that speeds up your PC’s booting process by decreasing the startup time. Once you start using Diskeeper HyperBoot, your PC’s start up time will be reduced by 54% thereby increasing your system’s performance by 118%.

Diskeeper HyperBoot delivers amazing results which has been actually proven by a live lab test where the standard system did boot only 11 times versus the 24 boots with Hyperboot. This software offers faster boot, start up and shutdown time.

Diskeeper HyperBoot basically reorganizes Windows Boot data in order to allow easy access to all the necessary information required during the boot period. This is why the time taken for execution is less as compared to a standard system. HyperBoot speeds up the shutdown process of your system by remapping the necessary data.

Diskeeper has collaborated with Asus for developing an innovative “Instant On” technology with an intention that users do not have to wait patiently during system boot, startup or shutdown period. Currently, you can use Diskeeper HyperBoot with Windows 7 and XP Operating Systems.

Stop Windows Live Messenger From Loading During System Startup

How To Stop Windows Live Messenger From Loading During System Startup

MSN Messenger or Windows Live Messenger is a well-known messaging service client which is used worldwide by a lot of people to keep in touch with friends and family. Windows Live Messenger is preset to auto start the moment you logon to your PC so that you get an easy access to your messenger account.

Though regular users of WLM would appreciate this configuration, some infrequent users might find it quite annoying. Also during the startup process, many programs/ applications utilize memory resources which make the PC to slow down. Therefore, some users may not want to further decrease their PC speed by starting WLM at the same time.   

Nevertheless, you can stop Windows Live Messenger from opening during system startup by following the simple procedure mentioned below.

  1. First of all, launch Windows Live Messenger and sign in to it.
  2. Go to Tools and select “Options”.
  3. Incase your PC has an old version of WLM, go to “Preferences” and then to the option “General”.



However, if you use the latest WLM version, look into the left window pane and select the option “Sign In”.

  1. Uncheck the checkbox corresponding to the option that automatically runs WLM when a user logs in to Windows.
  2. Save the changes by clicking on “OK” button.



Once you have made the above mentioned settings, you will notice that Windows Live Messenger will not run at System Startup when you logon to Windows next time.

What Is Boonana Trojan And How To Get Rid Of Boonana In MAC OS X

Boonana Trojan? Now is that something new, or have you heard of it before? Mac users beware! Especially if you are a lot into social networking sites, secure Mac has found out the new Trojan horse Trojan.osx.boonana.a, is out to cause problems to Mac OS X, in addition to the new version Snow Leopard [OS X 10.6].

Taking on the identity of a video, it is fast moving through social networking sites Facebook included. The Trojan comes in to form of a link into your message bearing the title ‘Is that you in the video?’ as the user taps this link, the boonana Trojan gets into a Java applet first, which downloads other files to the computer, where even an installer is added.

The installer then instantly launches and proceeds to set the system files to overlook the passwords, thereby giving room for external access to most of the files on the system. Although it is not seen, it is present behind at the startup, and most of the time stays unnoticed till it is too late. It is notorious enough to entrap users accounts so that it can spread its wings through spam messages.

Trojan is known to spread through e-mails to in addition to social media sites. Remember it’s not only the Mac users who need to watch out when downloading links to their PCs. The Java counterpart of the Trojan is cross platform and can cause trouble to Microsoft Windows users too. It is Secure Mac again, which has noted that Trojan horses attacking Windows although the how aspect is not yet solved.

It is also important to know that Trojan tries to conceal its internet actions and communications with the help of obfuscated codes along multiple files and will further try to connect to other command servers even if the primary ones are not reachable. So check carefully before you tap the links.

Server Mac has come out with a removal tool [download link] as a remedial measure to get rid of this virus. Users can opt to turn off the Java in their browsers to avoid Trojan horse. It is made possible by Safari by clicking the security tab under Safari Preferences and ensuring that the ‘Enabled Java’ checkbox is unchecked!

The Trojan horse runs in the background and seems to reveal system’s valuable information to servers on the internet, which can be considered a violation of any personal information. The Trojan will also try to expand itself by sending spam e-mail messages from the user to other mails. It can therefore be quite dangerous to enter your password, unless you open a particular installer file and know for sure the details of the installer.

You can look forward to antivirus and malware software companies to come out with solutions to this problem, but at the same time ensure that your friend’s videos are genuine too. In case you want to enter into a video from Facebook, be very careful, not to furnish your password. In fact it is best to skip that installer and erase it our from your system.

Unless you supply your password, the installer cannot function and is useless. Like the saying prevention is better than cure, it is easier to remove the file than to struggle later; because once Trojan is installed you will have a tough time removing its components. You can always check through Secure Mac Trojan Removal Tool, to be on the safer side.

You could also consult Secure Mac Boonana Security bulletin. The Security Company Intego too has launched a security bulletin, claiming to have been inspecting this threat for quite some time now. To them, the threat by Trojan may be comparatively low due to its faulty service in OS X, yet it has the power to pose serious threat, which people should be aware of so that they can avoid it!

Disable/Turn Off/Delete/Uninstall/Remove Windows Media Center From Windows Vista, XP, 7

Valuable Guidelines To Disable Or Turn Off Windows Media Center (WMC) In Windows Vista

Windows Media Center application offered by Windows Vista is perfect for users who wish to turn their computer system into a home-entertainment center which can be easily managed with the help of special remote control. This exclusive Windows Media Center (WMC/MCE) is generally included in Vista Ultimate and Home Premium editions of Windows Vista.

Some Vista Ultimate and Home Premium users might not find this feature interesting or useful. However, it is important to note that Windows Media Center cannot be uninstalled directly by using “Uninstall Programs & Features” from Control Panel. It is also not possible to turn it off from Windows Features page as it does not appear over there.

As Windows Media Centre happens to be an integrated part of Windows Vista operating system, it cannot be removed or uninstalled. You may however turn off or disable the WMC service so that it does not start or run even if you press the WMC button.

There exist a number of ways by which you can successfully disable the Windows Media Center (WMC) or stop it from executing in Windows Vista.

Lets start with the costliest and simplest of all ie to Switch to Non-Premium Windows Vista editions

This might possibly be a costly workaround. You may switch to non-premium Vista editions such as Windows Vista Business and Vista Home Basic which do not include Windows Media Center (WMC) in the package.

Now I’m sure it’s not worth to go the costly way and hence these following links will surely help you achieve the same without any hassles:

1> Simple technique to Uninstall / Delete / Disable / Remove Windows Media Center,

2> Simple way to Stop Windows Media Center Services from Startup,

3> Step by step method to Disable Windows Media Center From Registry / Group Policy

How To Disable Windows Media Center From Registry / Group Policy

Disable WMC using Group Policy/Registry

Run GPEdit.msc (i.e. Group Policy Editor). Expand “Computer Configuration” if you wish to disable WMC for all user accounts on the computer. Expand “User Configuration” incase you wish to disable WMC only for the logged on user.

Next, Expand “Administrative Templates” and then “Windows Components”. Now choose “Windows Media Center”. Alter the setting for the option “Do not allow WMC to run” as “Enabled”.

Now that you have set the Windows Media Center disable policy, every time you try to run WMC, you will get a message informing you that the program cannot be opened due to software restriction policy.

How Can Home Premium Edition Users Disabe Windows Media Center

Home Premium edition users need to note that this edition does not include a Group Policy Editor (GPEdit.msc). Nevertheless, the policy that blocks WMC from running can be set in the registry manually.

To set policy registry key, you firstly need to open Registry Editor (command can be found here). Now locate the registry key mentioned below:


Then, right-click on “Microsoft”, select the option “New Key”. Name the key as “WindowsMediaCenter”. Within the registry branch “WindowsMediaCenter”, create new DWORD value and name it as “MediaCenter”. Set its value to 1.

As an alternate option login with the user ID which has admin rights. Go to command prompt by using CMD in run option and type the below mentioned command:

reg add HKLM\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\WindowsMediaCenter/v MediaCenter/t REG_DWORD/d 1/f

Incase, you wish to get back to re-launch WMC anytime in future. You simply need to delete the registry key named “WindowsMediaCenter” from the Registry Editor. As another option, you may run the below mentioned command in command prompt with elevated privileges.

reg delete HKLM\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\WindowsMediaCenter /v MediaCenter /f

Read the main post if you still are unable to disable Windows Media Player.

Can I Stop Windows Media Center (WMC) Services from Startup

Can I Stop Windows Media Center (WMC) Services from Startup in Windows XP / 7 / Vista

Run System Configuration utility (MSConfig) and go to the Startup tab. You will find a list of item entries. You need to uncheck the ones that have “ehome” as the path to command line, like ehTray.exe. This prevents the WMC related services from running on Startup.

However, from my personal experience, to be on a safer side, it is better to disable the WMC services as mentioned in the previous post.

Read the main post if you still are unable to disable Windows Media Player.