Simple Steps to Extract Images from PDF File

Simple Steps to Extract Images from PDF File

It is not really difficult to convert your file into PDF format file. However, extracting the images from PDF file is a different thing altogether, and requires different procedure to extract.

Your search for finding ways for the extraction of images from PDF file should end here. Following these simple steps you can extract images and save it on your computer in different formats. You get to choose what kind of image formats you want to save on your computer.


1. Open PDF file – Click on the open file option to browse PDF file to extract images

2. Now you need to define output selection – You can choose best suited output option from the left panel. In simple words, you need to

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select the format of your extracting images. Output directory is that place where your extracted images will be saved

3. Now just hit the start covert button to extract images from the PDF file.

4. Once you complete this process your all favorite images will be extracted in your defined folder

With these are simple steps, people can get their favorite images from PDF file instantly and according to their required format like JPEG, TIFF, TGA, PBM, and GIF. Image extraction is not really a complicated task. Most of the operating system supports this procedure, so you do not need to worry about installing 3rd party tools in your computer to get instant images from PDF format file.

Download PDF Image Extract v 1.5

Steps to Disable Registry Editor Tool (RegEdit)

Steps to Disable Registry Editor Tool (RegEdit)

Windows operating system is equipped with registry editing tool which known as registration info editor. Registry editor is the most important registry files of the computer system which manages all registry operation of the computer. Therefore, people try to not modify registry file without understanding relevant information and method. If any person recklessly edits registry file then it will damage your system as your system will not restart again.

Therefore, some people who do not run register editor occasionally disable and block registry editor tool to keep your system’s setting safe. Those users who do not use registry editor should disable it. Here are some steps to disable registry editor for those users who are currently logged on.

1. Open start>Run and enter RegEdit and press enter
2. Navigate to following register key:


3. Create a New>key named system
4. At the

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System registry branch, create a new DWORD (32-bit) Value (REG_DWORD) named as DisableRegistryTools.

5. Now set value data for DisableRegistryTools to 1 to disable registry editor

Note: think carefully before disabling register editor tool because once you blocked register editor tool you won’t be able to use the editor to either. However, there are tips available to re enable registry editor tool in the computer system.

These steps are for the currently login person to disable registry editor. It means only that person will not be able to run registry editor tool. However, if you want to disable it for all users then you have to change the settings of DisableRegistryTools to 1 in

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System registry key

Disabling registry editor tool is not very complex work. If you follow these steps properly you will be able to disable your registry editing tool. It really helps you to protect your computer from being damaged.