Free Space on iPhone without Deleting Photos or Apps

With iPhones having bigger storage capacities these days, we feel that we will never run out of space on our iPhones. But with so much space available, we do not consciously monitor what we are installing and what we have left behind on the storage. More ever, too much of clutter will cause problems such as apps crashing, the touchscreen freezing and random reboots in the worst cases. But fear not. You don’t have to uninstall your favorite apps or delete photos to make space on your iPhone. Here is how you can free space on iPhone without deleting photos or apps.

Free Space on iPhone without Deleting Photos or Apps

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Free Space on iPhone without Deleting Photos or Apps – How To

  • Delete Other Data
    • Other data is data such as cache, cookies, your browser logs and history. Each and every app you use will leave behind some ‘other data’ on your phone. Over time, they accumulate and become quite large. Delete them to gain valuable space.
    • Go to Settings>general>Storage and iCloud Usage>Manage storage.
    • You will see the list of apps that have consumed space. Delete the ‘other data’ of apps that you would not want to store. Facebook is one of the biggest culprits in this section.
  • You can also do a reset of your phone.
    • Firstly, backup your device via iTunes
    • Reset your iPhone via settings>general>Reset>Erase all content and Settings
    • Restore your backup via a Mac or a PC and your device is as good as new again.

Free Space on iPhone without Deleting Photos or Apps_2

  • Clear Safari history and website data by going to Settings>Safari>Clear History and Website Data.
  • Remove Offline data
    • Settings>General>Storage and iCloud Usage>Manage Storage
    • Tap on Safari>Edit (from top right corner)
    • Tap on the red button behind the ‘Offline Reading list’>Delete>Done.
    • You can also remove offline data manually by doing the above process and selecting which data you don’t want. Tap on delete and done when you have made your choice.

That’s it! By doing these above steps, I managed to get nearly 4gb of storage space, as well as speed up my iphone’s operation. This is how you can Free Space on iPhone without Deleting Photos or Apps. Do you have any other methods/tips or tricks? Let us know in the comments below.

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Fixing Problems with Your Hard Disk

All data on your computer is stored on the hard disk drive. Whenever you click on a file, the hard disk spins at thousands of rotations per minute in order to access the file. Over time hard disk storage has grown tremendously, while improving speeds all the time. These devices are also the most prone to errors and failures, which paralyzes your computer.

Not all hard disk problems are unsolvable though. Below are a few problems with your PC that boil down to problems with your storage device.

Disk full

Your hard disk needs some breathing space in order to function normally. When you fill your hard disk entirely with music, videos, documents and other files, it has to work harder to go to the file that you need. That is because files are scattered over portions of the disk. The more disk space you consume, the greater the seek time for your disk.

Ideally, you want your hard disk to be about 40% free. However, you should leave at least 10% free for optimal functioning of your hard disk. If you find your hard disk to be full and slow, try uninstalling any applications or programs that you don’t use. Over time, there is more software installed on your PC than you would like. Uninstalling them will free up a lot of space and make your PC run faster.

Add storage

Alternatively if you think that you need all the programs and files and don’t want to delete any of them, consider upgrading your hard disk. If you are running a desktop, you can buy a second hard drive and transfer all your music, videos and documents to the new drive, thus freeing up a lot of space for system files.

If you upgrade the hard disk on your laptop, you might need to reinstall Windows and all the applications, because there is no place for the older drive. You can also buy an external storage drive and transfer all your media and documents to it. Hard disks are quite inexpensive today. You can buy disks worth 1TB for less than $80.

Avoiding problems

If you use a desktop PC, and find that the hard disk slows down periodically, it might be due to excessive temperature. The hard disk operates at its best when its temperature is between 30?C and 40?C. Install a program such as SpeedFan. It monitors the temperature of your disks and alerts you when it runs too hot.


You might want to ensure that your desktop is placed in an airy part of your room so that it gets proper ventilation. Also take care to ensure that there are minimal chances of dust entering your PC. If you are using a laptop, place it on a raised platform, so that the base is completely touching the ground. The base has a few system fans that run to keep your whole PC cool.

Just follow the above few tips and you should have no problems with your PC and it will run just fine for a long time.

Backup Flash Drives With USBFlashCopy

Download USBFlashCopy to Automatically Backup Flash Drives

Taking backups of files and folders from portable devices manually on systems will seem like a very challenging task, especially to those people who do not have sufficient technical know how. In order to make their lives easier and simpler, automatic backup application, for instance USBFlashCopy could be an excellent solution.

USBFlashCopy is compatible with windows operating systems, and it is a very helpful back-up instrument that is the takes back-up of all USB drives, storage data cards and other portable storage gadgets. It takes place immediately when the users plug them to their computers.

USBFlashCopy can be obtained free for domestic use. You can purchase this software for $39.95, which will have extra features. The silent mode enables backups of files and folders quietly in the background, without even demonstrating the back process.

The USBFlashCopy is quite compact in space, which is approximately 300 KB, and it does not require installation or any registry entries. You just have to download this application from here and run it from any drive or folder.

With USBFlashCopy, you just have to plug your USB flash drives to your computer, you will therefore prompted to choose on options like New profile, Use default profile, Never back up this media, Enable silent mode etc.

If you are person who uses external storages quite often, it might be a very helpful tool for taking backups. After configuring it for once, all you need to do is plug in your USB device, and the backup will take place automatically. In addition to being a good instrument for backups, it can also save you considerable amount of time.

Download Ocster Backup Pro 5 with Free Unlock License Code

Download Ocster Backup Pro 5 with Free Unlock License Code

Are you planning to install Back-up programs for your computer? Would you like to try Ocster Back-up Pro 5? Ocster Back-up Pro 5 is a window based back utility, which supports local backup, online backup, Network backup and outlook backup. The Backup application is built to automatically generate backup files and simply maintain backup copies network drive, especially secured Oscter secure storage if necessary or an external hard disk. The Oscter Backup Pro 5 is furthermore incorporated with fantastic aspect, which is known as “versioning” for preserving numerous versions of data files, which can be accessible whenever you want.

Features of Oscter Backup Pro5


Fully Automatic:                   Generates fully automatic backup copies for your data

Versioning:                               Conveniently accessibility and restoration of diverse older variants of

                                                 your files        

Automatic Pausing:             Back ups are performed automatically in the background and are paused immediately in order to avoid slow down.

Outlook help –                         Support Microsoft Outlook e-mail as well as wall calendars using a individual mouse click.

Stop and Resume–                Backup copies could be stopped and started again.

Back-up Reports –                 Detailed back-up reports can be produced every time the actual backup is actually updated.

Backup statement emails– Back-up reviews can be instantly provided for their email.

Network help –                         Documents as well as folders about community pushes can also be backed up.

File encryption –                     Backups tend to be firmly encrypted as well as protected using a person password.

Compression –                         Backups are usually compressed intelligently to save lots of space.

Scheduled –                                Backup copies could be started either automatically with planned times or perhaps personally by clicking on a button.

Storage space Types –         Backup copies could be stored upon hard disk, USB sticks, network hard disks, and Ocster Safe Storage.

Incremental backup–          After a preliminary full back up just the adjustments towards the previous state is stored. This saves area and decreases move times.

Open document assistance – Documents and folders, which are used, can be supported as well.

Visit Promotion page, after that enter name, email-id and then confirm email and click Get Oscter Backup Pro 5 unlock code

Get Back Your Deleted Files From Any Storage Devices Using Glary Undelete

Get Back Your Deleted Files From Any Storage Devices Using Glary Undelete

Have you deleted your important files mistakenly? There is no need to get panic, you just be calm and try some methods to recover them. There are number of recovering applications available in the market. Here is one of the powerful applications named Glary Undelete, which helps you to get back your deleted files from the storage devices. The utility tool is perfectly designed to meet the requirements of the users, so you can easily recover your files that you have accidently deleted.

This application is compatible with windows file system such as FAT16, FAT12, NTFS, NTFS5 and image recovery from SmartMedia, Secure digital cards, and Multimedia. Users can easily find out the deleted files by searching or filtering them according to date, size, and phase. Recovering process will be longer depending on file size i.e. if the file is too short in size, and then it will not take much time to recover it.

Features of Glary Undelete

  • It can recover files from FAT, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, plus EFS file system.
  • It can recover compressed files, encrypted, and fragmented files.
  • Recover files from removable media such as secure digital, MemoryStick.
  • Refine your search according to file size, file date, and name.
  • It is compatible with almost maximum operating systems such as Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2000, Windows 2003 and etc.

Download Glary Undelete utility application. While you will be downloading the application, you will be prompted to install this application including Ask toolbar. However, you can uncheck it and continue the installation.

Create A Backup For Hard Disk With Driveimage XML For Free

Create A Backup For Hard Disk With Driveimage XML For Free

Nowadays, we are facilitated with high storage space, up to 320 GB or may be more, but we still fall short of the disk space. With the increase of storage space in our laptop or personal computers, the size of the files are also increasing. There are times when we urgently need to save a huge file and there is not enough storage space.


Overload of hard disk storage can cause permanent loss of some files and even total and permanent corruption of the hard disk. This means permanent lose all those files, videos, data and any important and very essentials documents that have been saved in the hard disk.

To avoid such condition we should create a backup of the hard disk with the help of DriveImage XML software for faster and efficient work. It is free to download and too easy to use.

Get Free Photo Storage Service With Imagebam

Get Free Photo Storage Service With Imagebam

Nowadays, particularly heavy and active users face the problem of insufficient storage. Even though too many blog publishing tools provides the huge data storage, many bloggers, web designers and net users have to face the similar problem. However, if you got less storage space for your daily use, you could also upload and store your images on the image hosting sites. Later, you can embed the code into your own blog or web site.

Even if this way is pretty effective and practical, it could not be an ideal solution. If you are looking for something that can upload images for free, ImageBam will absolutely work for you. You could upload all your images including images of GIF, JPG and PNG formats and also those images that have size up to 3MP.


There is no need of any registration process. Users need to visit the hosting site and upload their photos. The hosting site will provide the BB Code, HTML Code along with the URL of the image for users. The users need to insert or paste this all information in their forum, website, blog, etc. If users want to remove the image permanently, a removal code is also given.

The users who have registered will be able to produce their own account cum gallery to deal and manage with their uploaded photos. One of the important features is that, there is no limit to how many images the users can store. The users who require additional storage space to store and publish their photos and images, Image hosting sites such as ImageBam can be very valuable.

Private File Storage And Sharing Service’s Firefox Plugin

Advantages of New Firefox Plug-in is the most important online service that allows the user to store and share their private files and documents. has now introduced as a plug-in for Firefox browser, which allows users to take benefit from this service by means of their usual Firefox browser.

When the user utilizes this new add-on along with the Firefox browser, it will make dragging or dropping of the files extra easy to handle. As of the browser’s toolbar, the process of dragging and dropping can be equipped instantly by just a single click.

To make online share point named as “drop” designed for using the drag &, users generally has to visit End users may thereafter utilize their “drops” to upload their documents, video, images, audio, plus other digital content.

User can employ this service without account registrations, or without giving out e-mail addresses. The files or documents are uploaded by the users by simply passing out the files from desktop to the Firefox web browser. The process is a little bit speedy and straightforward.

However, while using this (a brand new plug-in for Firefox), users are offered by the system to skip the “drop” point method. Users can simply drag their documents or any sort of files over check box which appears in little red color in the status bar.

This new application in Firefox browser will generate automatically drop point for user conveniences. It saves fairly plenty of time since the users don’t have to browse the website of add-on intended for Firefox browser works very well. It is cross-platform and so that they can use this feature in Firefox for Windows, Linux and OS X.

Is There Any Free 100 GB Online Storage For Lifetime

Humyo – A One Stop Solution for All Your Online Backup Needs

Humyo the online space provider is a one stop solution for all computer users looking for huge amount of space to backup their files. This brand provides nearly 30gigabytes (if not 100GB which makes it one of the best free online storage provider) of disk space to each user.

Out of the entire 30GB disk space, 25 GB is reserved for multimedia needs like storing videos, music and photos. 5 GB of space is allocated for other files.

Humyo product comes with store, send, access, and publish features. Humyo File manager synchronizes uploads and backups all your files to Humyo secure. Files uploaded on Humyo can be accessed from any part of the world with just a computer having internet connectivity or through a mobile with internet connectivity.

Humyo provides utility to share the uploaded files via email with revoke and recall support. It also provides utility to publish on the web all the uploaded files. Humyo’s embedded media player comes handy to view your photos, and media like music and videos.

Humyo is made available for $59.99 to premium account holders for first year and an additional 100GB of free storage space is made available for $79.99. All premium users can transfer their data using 256-bit SSL encryption. Uploaded data is secure even if one never logins to the account for more than 90 days.

[ Get your free account here. ]

How To Import / Back-up Personal Emails In Gmail As An Archive Storage

It is normally considered as smart practice to download the emails on e-mail clients like Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Thunderbird, Eudora, Pegasus etc. The e-mail client database file that is saved on our hard drive, allows us to manage and browse our emails even in the offline mode.

Outlook stores the database on .PST files, whereas Thunderbird and Eudora store the database on mBox files. As the database starts accumulating more and more e-mails, the e-mail client normally tends to slow down and becomes less responsive.

At the same time, the data is vulnerable to accidental loss, especially while reformatting the hard drive for installing fresh operating systems. You might have some important emails which could get lost forever, and therefore it becomes very important to have a secondary backup to turn to, whenever there is a data loss.

A smart idea under the circumstance would be to take backups of emails in a secure place, more preferably in a media which is easily accessible from anywhere.

Gmail seems to become obvious choice for taking e-mail backups, given the fact that Google is a more stable company and surely the one which is here to stay. Additionally, they also offer 4GB storage space which can store thousands of emails.

Couple of other advantages of using Gmail for backup purposes is that you can apply labels to your emails, and also because the ‘e-mail search’ facility provided by Google is very fast.

Since Gmail does not allow importing of e-mail, people used to import the emails by using Google GMail Loader in the past. Now most of the e-mail clients allow this facility.

People could however encounter problems with interruptions during e-mail transmissions, and also some of the database types might not be supported. At the same time, converting the database to the required formats is not really convenient.

Again, there could be problems with the timestamps getting altered and SMTP server errors. The original timestamps will be replaced with the timestamps of the uploading dates, which could cause further confusions while trying to retrieve the emails.

The workaround to all these problems is really very simple and will not have to face any of the above mentioned issues while making backups into GMail accounts.

Primarily, you will be using Gmail’s ‘IMAP access’ feature to configure the e-mail clients like Microsoft outlook, which allow configuration of multiple IDs. You could start by going to the ‘Settings’ in your Gmail web-mail and enabling the IMAP access. The enabling option is available under the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab in the Settings menu.

Now go to your e-mail client (E.g.: MS Outlook) and configure the Gmail account with IMAP protocol. If you are unaware about this procedure, under the ‘Forwarding and POP/IMAP’ tab, you will also find help with screenshots that explain the step by step procedures for configuring the e-mail clients.

Now your Gmail IMAP account will be reflected as a separate folder in your e-mail client. You could now copy and paste or drag and drop, the messages from your other configured emails to your new Gmail IMAP folder. You could also cut and paste the messages too if you do not require them in your original accounts.

Now the Gmail IMAP folder automatically synchronizes the changes in your folder with your Gmail web-mail as well. You could login through your Gmail web-mail and verify it if you like. You could also create corresponding folders to reflect on the labels in your Gmail. This will help you in organizing your emails according to their respective folders.

Please be reminded that Windows Live Hotmail does not provide POP3 mail server support, and therefore, you will need to use their HTTP support for configuring your Hotmail accounts in the e-mail clients like the Microsoft Outlook.

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